Ribbon and HTV Vinyl Banners

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Posted on May 22, 2021 by Payton Grover

I love to hang banners for every season and just everyday life! I have found that adding ribbons and some cute svg cut files to a regular white banner is an easy way to bring some color and life to a space! 


Here’s what you need to make this project

  • Banner ( I buy these at Walmart in the Tie Dye Section, but you can also make your own!)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Cricut
  • HTV Vinyl
  • Iron
  • Glue gun, Sewing Machine, or Needle and Thread
  • Around 30 minutes


You will want to begin by gathering the supplies listed above! One of the best things about this craft is it has options for putting it together.  I have found that some days I want to use my sewing machine, some days I want to go old school with a needle and thread, and other days I want to just use my life saving glue gun! The fact that this project is so versatile with how you assemble it helps keep me motivated to make it often! Once you have your supplies gathered you can begin to assemble the project.

Step 1: Pick Theme and Colors Scheme

 I love the endless themes and colors I can dream up when creating these banners. I have a Hello Autumn banner, a Christmas banner, a beach themed banner, and have given out quite a few to family and friends! For this blog post I will be creating a banner for a close friend’s toddler! She wanted something to hang that could soften the room and add a little bit of sparkle!

 Deciding what I am going to cut out with heat transfer vinyl is always the most difficult, but exciting part of this project! I usually check and see what colors of each item I have handy and draw inspiration from the combination of available ribbon and vinyl! 

I also love figuring out the font I want to use! There are so many resources for fonts from Cricut itself to Creative Fabrica’s extensive stock. It’s so easy to download a font and I find new ones to add to my library all the time! It is one of those things that if I am not careful is going to fill up all the space on my computer!

 My chosen theme and colors are below.  

  • Theme: Soft Girly Boho
  •       Colors: White, Gold, Gray, Light Pink, Brown
  •       Ribbon: White, Gold, Burlap, Light Pink, Lace
  •   Files to Cut: Love (Alex Brush Font), Wildflowers (Free PNG Line Art)

Once the decisions are made, the fun REALLY begins!

Step 2: Cut and Attach the Ribbon 

I like to lay my banner out on the ground, since it is so long, and start by choosing the ribbon that will go in the middle of a flag. From there I work my way out to the ends. I generally have every other flag covered in ribbon, as you will see in the final product, but sometimes I put a quote or something on the middle flag instead of ribbon using the HTV vinyl. I also like to run a piece of ribbon along the top of the flags that don’t have ribbon. This time I am going to put the word love under the ribbon for the middle flag. So in the end I did 5 separate flags with the ribbon bodies and 4 flags with the ribbon running on the top. So what you will want to do is:

Lay out the banner and figure out the pattern you want. You may want to have different patterns on each flag or you may want to have them all the same. When the pattern has been figured out you will want to measure the ribbons to cut. 

I like to give them a little bit of extra length so I can fold the ends over the top especially if I sew them on so the thread catches on both sides. Sometimes I make them even on the back, but sometimes I don’t. It’s really up to you on that one! Once you have cut the ribbons lay them out in the pattern you want.

From there you can attach the ribbon using a glue gun, sewing machine, or needle and thread. This time I chose to just use a glue gun. All I do is lay the ribbons out and put a spot of glue under each one. Then I wrap the ends around and put glue on the back and glue down the back. 

When using a sewing machine or needle and thread I will lay the ribbons out folded over and pin the ribbons down. From there I will just hand stitch or run it through the sewing machine. 

All three ways are quick and great for anyone just getting into sewing!

For the flags that I have a ribbon running along the top I do the same sort of thing either gluing it down or sewing it along the top of the flag.

Step 3: Trim the ribbons to match the banner shape

Once you have attached the ribbons trim them to match the banner shape. This is just a way to keep the shape of the flag! I simply hold all the ribbons down at once and cut up along the side of the flag to get a neat line. 

Step 4: Cut Out the Vinyl Pieces

I use a Cricut Explore Air 2 and it is one of the best things I have ever purchased. It allows me to quickly cut out paper or vinyl shapes for ANY occasion! 

Use your Cricut to cut out your SVGs on HTV vinyl. I generally use Creative Fabrica, Etsy, or make my own! I like to match up my vinyl pieces starting from the outside and then working in. 

Step 5: Transfer the Vinyl to the Flags

The process of getting HTV vinyl transferred to fabric took me a few tries when I first started. I use an iron, not a heat press, and figuring out what setting to use took some time. I find that the hotter I can make it the better. I also like to put a towel over my vinyl so it doesn’t burn. 

After cutting out the SVG files you will need to get your iron or heat press. I place the cut piece, then a towel, and then use an iron to seal the cut piece onto the flag. I generally hold the iron on the towel for 30 to 45 seconds and then slowly peel the backing of.

That’s it! The banner is finished and you are set to decorate to your heart’s content! 

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I have to try this out with some scrap fabric that I have!

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