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Easter Egg Shaped Gift Box with the ScanNCut

Easter Egg Shaped Gift Box with the ScanNCut main article image
Posted on March 25, 2023 by Natalie Ballard

Easter is a time when family and friends get together to celebrate. And what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than by giving them a custom-made gift? In the article below, you will learn how to create your own Easter Egg Shaped Gift Boxes with the ScanNCut.

With the ScanNCut, you can easily create custom-shaped gift boxes that are sure to impress. Best of all, you can personalize each box with your own message or design. So whether you’re looking for a unique way to say “Happy Easter!” or you want to show off your creative side, the ScanNCut is the perfect tool for the job. They are great for gifts that are beyond chocolate too…but more on that later.

This project stretches the designs in your ScanNCut as well as using SVG files. You’ll be surprised when you look at how many of these elements are created with just your machine. 

Creating the template

You can choose from a variety of templates to help you create a professional cut file. You can create the based box for this project using this Easter Egg Gift Box design but skipping the decorative cut panel. Once you have finished downloading your file, you can use it in a range of formats to suit your cutter. We chose the Egg Shaped Box with the settings below.

For ScanNCut users, it is only the SVG file you need to download. A pop-up window will appear but your file is still downloading in the background.

Multiple page files

Some files download as 4 12×12” pages into one SVG file. If you don’t have the option for Tiling or oversized artboards in your cutter software, you will need to work in third-party software to extract the cut lines for importing into your cutter software. 

As I have Tiling, in CanvasWorkspace (Desktop version only), I set my artboard to 1240×310 and imported the downloaded SVG file.

Next, remove any non-cutting elements like images, details you don’t wish to use, etc., and move the eggs and side piece onto two sheets of 12×12”. Set any score lines either to draw or to a perforation line. You can then go to Premium Functions –Tiling and export the FCM files.
To send these via Wi-Fi, you will need to start a new document and import the first sheet. Send this to your machine and cut. Repeat this process for sheet 2. I’d recommend using two different colors to keep the assembly simple.

Assembly of the box

Fold the small tabs along the long edge of your first strip away from the front. Leave the end tab unfolded. Perforated lines make this super quick.

Working with the front side of the strip outwards, take the smaller egg from the same sheet and place it upwards on your desk. Apply glue to the back of the first five tabs of your strip, working from the tab end, and slide these beneath the egg. Press and hold until they are set in place. With a good quality PVA, this will be very quick – I use Stix 2 Anything 3D PVA. Less is more – it really takes only a little dot of glue at this stage.

Work your way around the egg in sections of 5 tabs. Glue the end tab and align the end of the strip to the perforated line. Repeat this process for the other sheet.

Next, glue the remaining egg shapes onto the respective bases front side up. Once you get used to this process, you can create with a contrasting liner, reinforce the sides and so much more.

Decorating the box

Now for the fun bit – personalization and decoration. To make this process quicker, I’d recommend using self-adhesive cardstock such as the one from Craft Store Direct. You can use half-cut if you wish, but I used full-cut for these elements.

Grass panel

  1. Starting with the background, I wanted to create a grassy horizon. To do this, first, measure the width of your Egg Lid at its widest point, and then the height from this line to the bottom. Add a semi-circle BA-A055 from your machine and size it to these measurements.
  2. Then, add the grassy border BO-A020 and scale this down to a slightly narrower than your semi-circle. Unlock the ratio and adjust the height if necessary.
  3. Rotate the semi-circle and position the grass piece so the lowest point of the grass does not cross the semi-circle outline.
  4. Weld these two elements together into one shape. There will be small corner points sticking outside the circle profile, but we can trim that by hand once in position.
  5. Cut this from your adhesive cardstock and adhere it to your box. Trim as needed, and reset your machine.

Easter Bunny

There are several rabbit designs on your ScanNCut machine (or you can download one from Creative Fabrica such as Rabbit by PerfectDreamArt).

  1. Choose your preferred rabbit design, I used AR-O108 which has cut-out details. This design influenced the following process so you can skip or change this if your design needs it. Size it to your preferred dimensions. I made mine relatively big for the size of the box due to the amount of detail in the design. Your smallest element for cutting should be no less than 1mm.
  2. Cut the design from brown self-adhesive cardstock (or other rabbit colors). Stick this element to a contrasting card.
  3. Stick this sheet back to a cutting mat (still on its protective backing) and use Direct Cut with an offset. On machines without a scan function, do these steps the other way around – cut out the offset and then stick on the rabbit.
  4. You can then paint on any details using acrylic paint pens or gel pens.
  5. Place it onto your box.

Grass layers

  1. Moving back to your green self-adhesive cardstock, cut another two grassy borders at the width of the circumference of your base. You can measure this from your offcut rather than using maths 🙂. One of these you can cut using BO-B001 to create a ribbon border and a shallow grass piece for applying to the sides.
  2. The full strip we are going to layer on in sections onto the front panel. Before sticking these down though, you can ink up to help create contrast between the layers.
  3. Stick down the first piece along the bottom of the bunny, and then set the rest to one side for the moment.

Easter Eggs

  1. In the Holiday section, there are two Easter Egg designs that are great for scaling right down for detailed panels. At larger scales, you can draw patterns onto these with the border designs (if you can’t find a rabbit you like, for instance). These are AR-I024 and AR-I025. Add them as the group option.
  2. I scaled mine right down to roughly 10x15mm before ungrouping them and cutting them from offcuts of the self-adhesive card. You can use Background Scan to help you position the shapes or use the mat grid on other platforms.
  3. Assemble these in position on the box, interspersing them with the grass pieces to build the scene.

Once finished, you can leave the box as is or add personalization using vinyl, a banner with drawn text or a printed sticker. If you can’t find a design in your machine, look up sentiments on Creative Fabrica and you can find designs for printing, print &
cut and much more.

Other ideas

Shaker style lid

A shaker is a great way to add a little bit of pizazz to any box. By following a few simple steps, you can create a shaker that will add a touch of class to any project. First, cut a slightly larger version of the lid pieces; but you will need to cut a hole in the top of the box. Offset can help you do this easily – your offset amount needs to either be equal to or greater than your tab length. You’ll also need to copy this for the outer panel too. Cut another egg shape that is larger than your aperture from acetate for your shaker window. Assemble this around your original lid adding sparkles before fixing in your acetate between the liner and outer egg shapes.

Adding a sentiment panel

You can use an offset version of your liner egg shape to create a verse or sentiment panel. Draw or print your message and cut to the shape. Insert this inside the lid, base or on the bottom of your box.

Create a stand

You might want to create a stand for your box so it can be displayed. You can use the measurement from the grass panel to inform this. Subtract it from a stand design of your choice to support your box. Make this from 300-600 gsm card for maximum stability for your piece.

Create a mini album

Originally I wanted to turn this into an explosion box, but instead, you could add an accordion album. Use a 12×24” mat and join an offset of the smallest liner egg to create the pages by welding multiple copies which are overlapping together; use distribute to keep your pages equal. Cut from 140-160gsm paper and fold at the joins accordion style. Cut two of the smallest liner egg from the 450-600gsm card for the covers. Adhere the covers to the first and last eggs of your accordion.

The cover can be decorated in the same design as the box using the steps above, or you could go for different designs, for example, you might put the front view of the bunny on the front of the album, and then the back view on the back cover. You could also add a ribbon hinge so the album is more of a book.

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