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35+ Free Embroidery Patterns

35+ Free Embroidery Patterns main article image
Posted on November 10, 2021 by Carrie Christenson

Hello fellow crafters!  Have you ever tried embroidery?  You don’t need a fancy expensive machine to make fun embroidered creations!  All you need is a pattern, a hoop, fabric, needles, and embroidery floss/thread.  For you lucky souls with a machine, you can make gorgeous intricate designs with a few button clicks.  Here is a list of over 35 free embroidery designs for you to make gorgeous creations with.  These designs are geared more for the machine users but can easily be used as a template for hand embroidery.

35+ Free Embroidery Designs: Let’s Get Stitching Right Now!

Are you ready to get stitching?!?! Here’s a quick overview of the types of designs listed:


1.  Medical Themed Embroidery Designs

    • Awareness Ribbon
    • Be Your Own Hero Stay Home
    • Spread Kindness Not Virus
    • Stay Safe
    • Stomp MS
    • Suicide Awareness
    • Coffee Scrubs Rubber Gloves
    • Diabetes Awareness Ribbon
    • Face with Quarantine Mask
    • In Hoop Pleated Face Mask

2.  Holiday Themed Embroidery Designs

    • American Eagle Flag Stylized
    • Gold Snowflake
    • Halloween House
    • Small Christmas Sock
    • Eagle Monogram Red White and Blue
    • Falalalalala Llama
    • Merry Christmas in Spanish

3.  Kid Themed Embroidery Designs

    • Bath Time We Love
    • Cat with Glasses
    • Cute Fox
    • Llama Embroidery Design
    • Smiling Apple
    • 3 Cats
    • Baby Bunny
    • Monkey with Heart

4.  Nature Themed Embroidery Designs

    • Butterfly
    • Earth Love
    • Flower
    • Mechanical Butterfly
    • Poppy Flower
    • Sunglasses and Flowers
    • Choose Hope
    • GoldFish
    • Hummingbird

5.  Gift Themed Embroidery Designs

    • Heart in Hands
    • Home, Sweet Home
    • It’s Never Too Late
    • Always Be Kind
    • Bar Bell
    • Dad
    • I Smile Because
    • Mom

6.  Basics for Embroidery Designs

    • Circle Applique ZigZig
    • Eyelet

Medical Themed Embroidery Designs

To all of you medical hero’s out there, Thank you for all you do!  Here are some amazing and not to mention FREE medical-themed designs.  These would make perfect gifts for the medical people in your life.

1. Awareness Ribbon

heart shaped awareness ribbon

This adorable heart-shaped ribbon is perfect for any awareness event, you can easily change the color of the thread to match any theme.  

2. Be Your Own Hero Stay Home

be a hero and stay home embroidery pattern

Here is some great advice for all of us to remember during these crazy times.  If you don’t need to go out, just stay home instead, stay safe!  

3. Spread Kindness Not Virus

spread kindness not virus embroidery pattern

Another design that we never expected to need before the year 2020!  LOL, this is great to make for anyone you know because everyone loves kindness and no one wants germs.

4. Stay Safe

stay safe embroidery pattern

You’re getting the idea of this theme!  This design would be fun to add to your homemade mask or as a patch to add to a book bag.

5. Stomp MS

stomp MS with a high heel embroidery pattern

This is an embroidery design that was created to raise awareness for a special cause.  

6. Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness embroidery pattern

A beautiful way to show support to an important cause.  This has been an incredibly tough year for millions of people and we all need to be there for each other now more than ever.

7. Coffee Scrubs Rubber Gloves

coffee scrubs and rubber gloves embroidery pattern

Here is a unique embroidery design that is perfect to celebrate nurses, doctors, and every healthcare profession.

8. Diabetes Awareness Ribbon

diabetes awareness ribbon

This is a cause near and dear to my heart.  I have several family members with this disease and I had gestational with both pregnancies.  The struggle is real managing your diet to keep your levels correct so virtual hugs for anyone dealing with this.

9. Face with Quarantine Mask

smiley face wearing a mask embroidery pattern

The classic smiley face donning a face mask!  It’s an adorable reminder to mask up and stay safe out there.

10. In the Hoop Pleated Face Mask

pattern for making a mask with an embroidery machine

This in the hoop (ITH) embroidery machine design allows you to make a pleated mask with a pocket. The pocket can be used to add extra filtration material. This versatile design also includes instructions for using elastic, bias tape, or ribbon to secure the mask to your face. There are also optional instructions for making the mask mold to the shape of your nose. Full assembly instructions are included

Holiday Themed Embroidery Designs

‘Tis the season to stitch up some holiday goodies using these free embroidery patterns to download.  This includes the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas.

1. American Eagle Flag Stylized

american eagle flag design embroidery pattern

Here is a gorgeous eagle design in the colors of the American flag.  This is perfect for the Fourth of July or anytime you want to show your American spirit.

2. Gold Snowflake

gold snowflake embroidery pattern

This lovely snowflake was designed with an old-fashioned mind, perfect to create doilies, embellish cushions, clothes, or make the loveliest ornaments.

3. Halloween House

halloween house embroidery pattern

A fun Halloween house that would fit in perfectly in a spooky design that the pumpkin king or the Addams family would love.

4. Small Christmas Sock

simple xmas stocking embroidery design

A cute little stocking that could easily be used as a hand embroidery pattern.  It would be perfect to add to a plain slipper sock to make it more festive.

5. Eagle Monogram Red White and Blue

eagle monogram embroidery pattern

All you need to do is add your initials to make an all-American monogram perfect for the Fourth of July.

6. Falalalalala Llama

llama with fa la la la la embroidery pattern

This adorable llama will add holiday cheer to anything you add this to.  How fun to add this to your little one’s winter hat?

7. Merry Christmas in Spanish

feliz navidad embroidery pattern

I dare you to read this and not start singing the famous Christmas carol.  You can’t can you?! 

Kid Themed Embroidery Designs

These eight different free embroidery patterns are perfect for making gifts for any kid in your life.  I know my boys love anything personalized just for them and show them off proudly to anyone they can.

1.  Bath Time We Love

bath embroidery design

This design screams to be added to a bath towel for your kids. How fun to dry off with a customized towel!

2. Cat with Glasses

cute cat with glasses embroidery pattern

When I was a little girl I would have LOVED having this cute cat stitched onto a shirt.  I mean, look at those adorable glasses!

3. Cute Fox

boho fox baby embroidery pattern

If you know anyone who is having or just had a baby girl then you need to download this free embroidery design.  Add it to a minky blanket as a quick and special gift that any new mom would love.

4. Llama Embroidery Design

llama embroidery pattern

Who doesn’t love a cute llama design?  This is perfect for any llama lover in your life, especially for Cinco de Mayo!

5. Smiling Apple

smiling apple embroidery pattern

This cute as a button smiling apple would be so adorable for any kid design.  A perfect patch to add to their book bag or over a hole in their jeans.

6.  3 Cats

3 cats embroidery pattern

You need to make something with this fun cat design right meow!  You probably know a cat lover who would be thrilled to have this design peeking out of a shirt pocket.

7.  Baby Bunny

baby bunnies embroidery patterns

These designs are perfect for newborn bibs, kid’s clothing.  Cute Easter Bunny machine embroidery perfect for spring napkins or handkerchiefs.

8.  Monkey with Heart

monkey holding heart embroidery design

Your little monkey would love this design, especially on a cute Valentine’s outfit or a stuffed toy.

Nature Themed Embroidery Designs

This theme is for all of you nature lovers out there.  Bring a touch of outside to any project with one of these free embroidery patterns.

1. Butterfly

butterfly embroidery pattern

A beautiful butterfly that can flit into any project you can dream up.  Personalize it with any color scheme to add some life to it.

2. Earth Love

love with earth as an o embroidery pattern

A unique embroidery design that represents the love for this planet and can be used to celebrate Earth Day.

3. Flower

floral embroidery design

Here’s a pretty filigree flower design that can be used for any occasion.  They would make pretty cloth napkins to use for special dinners.

4. Mechanical Butterfly

mechanical gears and butterfly embroidery design

The mechanical butterfly is a gorgeous design to sew onto your curtains. Let your imagination fly with this unique embroidery design.

5. Poppy Flower

poppy flower embroidery design

This pretty poppy flower would be beautiful to add to a coat lapel or as a piece of art in a hoop to hang on your wall.

6. Sunglasses and Flowers

sunglasses and spring flowers embroidery design

If you want to add some spring happiness to your project, this free embroidery pattern will fit the bill!

7. Choose Hope

choose hope earth embroidery pattern

Here is an inspirational reminder that you have a choice every day when you wake up.

8. Gold Fish

goldfish embroidery design

The color of the fish chosen plays a big part in Feng Shui aquariums. Goldfish is a type of carp, and carp are very lucky in Asian cultures.

9. Hummingbird

hummingbird embroidery design

This cute, high-quality embroidery inspired by the smallest migrating bird will bring a unique touch to your creative project. For crafters that love birds!

Gift Themed Embroidery Designs

These designs are great for pretty much any occasion and would make wonderful handmade gifts for your friends and family.  

1. Heart in Hands

heart in hands embroidery design

Here is a great universal design that can be used for several different occasions. 

2. Home, Sweet Home

home sweet home embroidery pattern

Do you know anyone who just bought a new home, this would make the perfect housewarming gift.

3. It’s Never Too Late

its never too late embroidery pattern

This is a great motivational gift or reminder to everyone.  Make it as some artwork to hang in your workspace or home.

4.  Always Be Kind

always be kind embroidery pattern

Another great reminder that we all need to follow.  Sometimes it’s better to use too much kindness over anger, especially these days!

5.  Bar Bell

bar bell embroidery pattern

This is for the fitness lovers in your life!  You could add it to a gym towel or a workout bag as a great gift.

6. Dad

dad embroidery pattern

This Dad embroidery design has been created with a vintage and detailed font.  You can use it for Father’s day or as a gift for a new dad.

7.  I Smile Because

i smile because embroidery pattern

This could be a fun gift idea for someone you know.  Maybe you have an inside joke that would make your friend smirk every time they see this.

8. Mom

mom with floral o embroidery design

What moms don’t love flowers?  You could make a beautiful mother’s day gift with this free embroidery pattern.

Basic Embroidery Designs

1. Circle Applique ZigZag

circle zigzag embroidery pattern

Here is a staple design that you’ll definitely want to save for your collection.  There are unlimited uses for this free embroidery template.

2. Eyelet

eyelet embroidery design

The eyelet embroidery is a very useful shape to add to your sewing crafts, make sure to save this one as well!

Are you looking for more free embroidery designs?  If so, head to this link to see if there are any other options that will work for your next project.  There is also a big library of embroidery designs here where you can purchase files.

If you’re a crafter looking for more free files, here is another blog post full of ideas to spark your next project.  If you’re like me and also love electronic cutting machines and heat transfer vinyl, then this one is for you. 

Are you new to embroidery and want to learn more about how to use your machine?  This is a great post showing you step by step how to upload a design and stitch it.  

Do you want to learn more techniques about hooping or floating with pros and cons to both processes?   Then you’ll want to head here to read all about it.

Finally, here’s a really fun project that is great for everyone with kids and a car.  I know I could use a few of these cute baskets for my car to use as little trash cans.  I would use a small plastic bag as a removable liner so it doesn’t get ruined by half-finished snacks.

Happy sewing everyone!!

-Carrie Christenson

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