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8 Creative Ways to Organize your Embroidery Floss

8 Creative Ways to Organize your Embroidery Floss main article image
Posted on January 20, 2023 by Tatjana Iljaseviciute

You know how it goes. You start your creative embroidery journey and buy a couple of skeins of embroidery floss. Then you add some more colors to your stash. Your collection grows in a couple of months, and you find yourself with a tangled pile of colorful floss in a box or in your craft drawer. 

Now it’s time to organize your embroidery floss!

Even if the messy floss doesn’t bother you, there are many reasons why you should organize your embroidery supplies.

The reasons to organize your embroidery floss

Organized floss will save you some money

Have you ever bought the floss color you already have just because you could not find it in your stash? I did. Well-organized floss with color codes will help you avoid this mistake. Also, you will not have to cut out and throw away pieces of tangled or damaged floss. 

Overcome the resistance

If you do not have plenty of time for creating, having all your supplies in order and easily accessible will reduce the initial resistance. Who wants to start their crafting time with an operation “find and untangle the floss”? It is much more pleasant to start your creative break with well-organized supplies.

Safety of your children or pets

If you have small children or pets at home, keeping your craft supplies organized and in a safe place is a must. 

Decorate your crafting space

Some methods of organizing your embroidery floss can be very decorative and give a special touch to your crafting room or angle. 

Embroidery threads organized in a boxPhoto credit: Tatjana Iljaseviciute from Practical Embroidery

Decisions to make

Before you choose your embroidery floss storage system, you should consider some aspects that will help you make an educated choice:

  • How much embroidery floss do you own (or plan to have in the future)? The simple organization will be the best if you embroider occasionally and have less than 50 colors of embroidery floss. But if you own all 500 colors and use specialty threads like metallics or variegated floss? In that case, your floss organization system must be very flexible to accommodate all your threads.
  • Do you use pre-cut embroidery floss or full-length threads? If you cross stitch or do surface embroidery only, you might want to pre-cut your embroidery floss into pieces of the same length so it’s ready to stitch. But if you make friendship bracelets or use embroidery floss for sewing or other crafting purposes, keep the full-length threads and cut them as you go.
  • Do you plan to keep the floss in the original skeins or wind it on the bobbins or spools? Some creators do not like the bobbins as they create a crease on the floss. Others, instead, do not like the original skeins and prefer to wind the floss. 
  • Do you embroider in one place only, or would you like to take your stash with you when you travel? Some floss organizing systems are more portable than others, so keep it in mind when choosing one.
  • Do you want to keep your embroidery floss on display or hide it? Some organizational systems can work as decorative elements for your crafting room. 
  • How much space do you have? Boxes or cabinets for floss storage might take up a lot of space. On the other hand – binders or project bags are much smaller.

Conventional floss storage systems

Now that we know why we should organize our embroidery floss and our preferences, let’s see how we can arrange all that embroidery floss. 

Almost every embroidery floss producer offers branded storage systems – from wooden drawer cabinets to floss binders, from bobbins to door-hanging storage systems. 

You can easily choose a storage system when you know how much floss you have and your preferences.

DMC Wooden Collectors Box for embroidery flossPhoto credit: DMC Wooden Collectors Box from Crafty Critters

Creative ways to organize your embroidery floss

Besides conventional floss storage systems that you can find in craft stores, there are many creative ways to organize your embroidery floss. You can easily DIY your original floss storage system that will work best for you and even save money.

1. Store your embroidery floss in the glass jars

Wind your embroidery floss on the bobbins, spools, or popsicle sticks, write a color code, and place them in the jars with the lid. You can separate the yarn by colors and create an excellent colorful display.

Embroidery floss stored in glass jarsPhoto credit: Tatjana Iljaseviciute from Practical Embroidery


  • This storage system is cheap. You can create it with recycled materials at a modest cost.
  • It keeps your yarn safe from dust and humidity.
  • It can be a beautiful decorative element of your crafting space.


  • It takes up space. You need a dedicated space to store all the jars with your embroidery floss, especially if you have many.
  • It’s not portable.

This floss organization system could be a nice decor element for your crafting space. Choose it if you only embroider it in one place and have enough space to store it. 

2. The bobbins on a key ring

Wind your embroidery floss on the bobbins and put them on a key ring. You can have the rings separated by colors or by projects you are working on.


  • This floss organization system is simple and only takes up a little space.
  • It’s very portable. Just put a ring with the bobbins in your project bag with the fabric and a hoop, and you are ready to travel.


  • This system works well for small amounts of floss only. With a lot of colors, it might get too confusing.
  • You will need an extra box or a bag to protect your floss from dust, humidity, or pets.

This floss storage system will work well for the owners of a small stash of embroidery floss. Also, it’s a great way to carry around the floss you need for one project.

Embroidery floss on a key ringPhoto credit: Tatjana Iljaseviciute from Practical Embroidery

3. In the binders

You can repurpose an old office binder and make a floss storage system. You can use various transparent sleeves to organize your floss inside the binder – from envelope-type transparent sleeves to specialized sleeves made for coin collections. There are special sleeves for embroidery floss storage too. 


  • It can be a cheap way to organize your floss if you use the material you already own.
  • It’s portable – take a binder with you when you travel.
  • It does not take up a lot of space.
  • It keeps your floss safe from dust, humidity, and pets.


  • If you need to buy specialized sleeves, the cost may go up.
  • If your floss collection is vast, you might need more than one binder.
  • Depending on the sleeves you choose, you might need to use bobbins or stitch bows to wrap your floss for storage.

Floss storage in the binders might be a great solution if you already have the materials you can repurpose. It works well for medium size floss stash and is simple and portable.

4. In a box, winded on bobbins

Wind your embroidery floss on the bobbins, write a color code, and store them in a plastic box with small departments. You can use the boxes from a hardware store or buy a container for floss storage. Also, you can make bobbins that will fit the compartments of your box.


  • Organizing the floss by color or code is easy in these boxes.
  • It’s not expensive (especially if you make your bobbins and reuse the boxes you have).
  • The floss is well-protected from dust, humidity, and pets.
  • It’s easy to scale as your stash grows. You can have separate containers for different colors.
  • You can also store other tools like scissors or needles in the same box.


  • You will need to wind your embroidery floss on the bobbins.
  • If your stash is huge, it might get difficult to carry the boxes with you when traveling.

Floss storage in a box on the bobbins is the most popular way to organize the embroidery threads amongst embroiderers, as it’s simple, scalable, and affordable.

Embroidery floss organizerPhoto credit: Tatjana Iljaseviciute from Practical Embroidery

5. On wooden clothespins

Wind your embroidery floss on the wooden clothespins, write a color code and store it in jars, plastic boxes, bags, or drawers. Also, there are some creative ways to make a colorful display with clothespins. For example, you can clip them on a pants hanger or create a floss display in a frame and hang it on a wall.

On her blog, Ameroone Designs teaches how to make a beautiful embroidery floss organizer using clothespins.

DIY embroidery floss organizer by Ameroone Designs Photo credit: Ameroone Designs


  • It’s cheap and straightforward.
  • It can become a beautiful decorative element for your crafting space or a colorful prop for your photos.


  • If you have a lot of embroidery floss and store your clothespins in the box, it can become bulky, and hard to find the color you need.
  • You need an additional storage container for your clothespins to protect the floss.
  • If you put the clothespins on display, they can get dusty.

6. Store your yarn in a photo album

Suppose you have a photo album with transparent pockets and no longer use it. In that case, you can repurpose it for your embroidery floss storage. Simply place the embroidery floss into the pockets, and add a color code. You can use this storage system for both full skein floss and floss winded on the bobbins.


  • It’s a very straightforward way to keep your floss organized.
  • It’s cheap, and you can reuse what you already have
  • It’s portable and only takes up a little space.


  • Organizing a big stash of embroidery floss with this system is challenging.
  • With a lot of floss inside, the album can get bulky.

Embroidery floss stored in a photo albumPhoto credit: Tatjana Iljaseviciute from Practical Embroidery

7. In the plastic or mesh bags 

Just place your embroidery floss in the transparent plastic bags divided by colors and place the bags in the box. You can choose simple, transparent ziplock bags or colorful mesh bags with a zip for storage.


  • This system works for both full skeins of floss or the floss winded on the bobbins, spools, or clothespins.
  • It’s cheap.
  • The yarn is protected from dust or humidity.
  • You can separate the thread by colors or color codes, so it’s easy to find the color you need.


  • You will need an extra box for the storage of the bags.
  • Finding the color you need can become challenging if your floss stash is big.

8. Pegboard with hooks

One more beautiful way to display your yarn is to place the skeins of the embroidery floss on a pegboard with hooks. 


  • Fast and simple. No need to wind the floss on the bobbins or spools.
  • You have all your yarn on sight when choosing a color.
  • It’s a decorative way to display your floss.


  • The yarn is not protected from dust.
  • Depending on the pegboard you choose, it can be expensive.
  • You need a dedicated space for a display wall.
  • This storage system is not portable.

Organizing systems for pre-cut floss

If you use pre-cut embroidery floss, there are several creative ways to store it.

  • Braiding your embroidery floss. Measure the right length of thread, cut it, place it on the ring and make a loose braid. Store the rings in plastic bags, in a binder, or hang them on a pegboard with hooks.
  • Use thread drops. Thread drops are usually made from sturdy cardboard or plastic and have two holes in them – one to place the floss and the other one – to place it on a ring. You can make your thread drops from scratch or buy them.
  • Project cards in a binder. Project cards for embroidery floss are made from sturdy plastic and have holes for the floss and a binder. Just loop your pre-cut floss through the holes, write the color code above and keep them safe and protected in a binder.

Wooden Embroidery Floss Organizer from LonjewPhoto credit: Oval Wooden Embroidery Floss Organizer from LONJEW

I hope this overview of the creative ways to organize your embroidery floss will help you find your perfect floss storage system and inspire you to creatively manage your embroidery floss stash. 

What is your favorite way to organize your embroidery floss? Please share it with the community of The Artistry in the comments!

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