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9 Perfect Embroidery Accessories for Crafters

9 Perfect Embroidery Accessories for Crafters main article image
Posted on January 16, 2023 by Melissa Galbraith

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your stitcher, crafter, and maker? Finding just the right gift to say, ‘I love you,’ ‘I was thinking of you,’ or ‘I got this for you just because’ can be tricky. Especially so because crafters often have all the craft supplies and then some. So, if you’re stumped on what to get, check out this list of hand embroidery accessories your stitcher might not have yet.


Photo credit:  MCreativeJ Sun Needle Minder

Needle Minders

Are your needles prone to getting lost? Then you might want to a needle minder! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost an embroidery needle or sewing pin in the sofa, the carpet, and a few times in bed (trust me, it’s not good!). No one wants to find a needle the hard way. Needle minders are the perfect way to hold your needle in place while crafting. These small double-sided magnets hold your needle in place without damaging your sewing project.

So, how do you use a needle minder? It’s easy!

  1. Just place the design on the front of your embroidery, with the black back touching the fabric.
  2. Then, place the magnet on the underside of your fabric, using the magnetic piece to sandwich around your project.
  3. Then, when you’re ready, drop your needle on either side and the magnet will hold it in place.

Needle minders are helpful for when you’re working or when you set your project aside. It securely holds your sewing needle until the next time you pick up your craft project.


Photo credit: Needle Book from CorinneLapierre Etsy shop

Needle book

Along with needle minders, needle books are another great way to store sewing needle and pins. As a crafter, you’ll probably have a wide variety of needles and pins that you won’t need to use for every project. A needle book is a secure way to store these items in between uses. These soft fabric books are designed to have felt or fabric pages that can easily hold all your needles. This is very helpful if you’re prone to losing a needle, are using different sized needles for your project, or just want something cute to hold the needles you’re not currently using.


Photo credit: Embroidery Hoop Stand from CuteFunCraft Etsy Shop

Hoop Stand

If your hands or other body parts tend to cramp up from holding an embroidery hoop, then you might want to try a hoop stand. Hoops stands hold your embroidery hoop for you while you stitch. They come in a variety of different styles. There’s a floor stand that is placed on the floor and holds your embroidery hoop in front of you at lap height. Similarly, there’s a seated embroidery stand. For this stand, you sit on the bottom portion and the stand holds your embroidery project in front of you at lap height. My favorite is a tabletop stand. This stand can be placed on any table and holds your embroidery project in front of you while you stitch. They even make stands that clamp on to a table or other hard surface. Some hoop stands come with a fixed embroidery hoop, while others are adjustable to varying hoop sizes.

Rabbit Floss Bobbins-RavenWorksCoPL

Photo credit: Rabbit Floss Bobbins from RavenWorksCoPL Etsy shop

Floss Organizers

You’ve probably seen a thread box. These are usually some sort of plastic box with dividers to hold bobbins of thread. Most crafters have these and even use them to store other craft supplies like beads, jewelry bezels, and other small supplies. Inside my thread boxes, I wind my thread on plastic bobbins that are labelled with the thread color. I usually use the plain plastic bobbins ones found at most craft stores. And while practical and functional these can be a little boring. If you’re feeling like you want something more fun, you can also find thread bobbins in all sorts of fun shapes and animals. You can find adorable designs like hedgehogs, cats, elephants, dogs, dinosaurs, llamas, and more!


Photo credit: Square Embroidery Frame from Modern Hoopla Etsy shop

Hoop Frames

Hoop frames are a beautiful way to finish your hoop art. These unique frames lend a modern sensibility to your finished embroidery project. They’re perfect for hanging on the wall, placing on a bookshelf, or setting on a desk.

Many hoop frames slip over your project in its embroidery hoop so that the frame covers the hoop and will hang flush on the wall. I love these because there’s no glue necessary. Simply insert your hoop and it’s good to go.

MCreativeJ Mojave Blend Thread Gloss

Photo credit: MCreativeJ Mojave Blend Thread Gloss

Thread Gloss

Thread has a habit of tangling, knotting, and getting all sorts of twisted. If you’ve ever wondered how to avoid that, then let me introduce you to thread gloss! Thread gloss is like conditioner for your thread. It’s a beeswax, coconut oil, and scented blend that coats your thread and keeps it from tangling, knotting, and even helps with threading the needle.

To use thread gloss:

  1. Simply open the top of the gloss container.
  2. Choose the number of thread stands you want to stitch with and align the thread end so that they’re even.
  3. Then press the end of the thread into the gloss container.
  4. Now, gently pull the thread across the gloss so that it’s lightly coated. Much like conditioner for your hair, you probably won’t see it on the thread, but it’s still working.
  5. Now thread your needle like normal and stitch away. Trust me, you and your thread will thank me later!


Photo credit: Mini Embroidery Hoop from HoopsNMore Etsy shop

Mini Hoops

Isn’t there a rule that everything mini is always cuter? Well, the same is definitely the case when it comes to embroidery hoop. You’ve probably seen the standard embroidery hoops that are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, inch sizes. Those are the most common. But have you seen 1- or 2-inch embroidery hoops? These itty-bitty embroidery hoops are perfect for making pins, keychains, ornaments, and other small decorative ways to display your hand stitching skills.


MCreativeJ Stick and Stitch Patterns

MCreativeJ Tropical Plants Peel Stick and Stitch Patterns

Stick and Stitch Patterns

These patterns are like water soluble stickers. They make it easy to transfer an embroidery design as well as to embroider on garments, dark fabrics, and patterned fabrics. No matter if your new to embroidery or have been stitching for a while, stick and stitch patterns are easy and fun.

Here’s how to use stick and stitch patterns:

  1. Choose the fabric you want to embroider and patterns you want to use.
  2. Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop.
  3. Lay the patterns onto the fabric to decide on the design. Patterns can overlap and be trimmed as needed to create your desired design. Be sure not to put the patterns too close to the hoop, otherwise they’ll be hard to stitch.
  4. Once the design is set, peel off the pattern backing and press it sticky side down onto the fabric.
  5. Then stitch over the patterns using any kind of thread or stitches you’d like.
  6. When the stitching is complete, remove the fabric from the embroidery hoop and rinse the fabric and patterns under hot water. The patterns will dissolve.
  7. After the patterns are completely washed away, lay the fabric flat to dry.

MCreativeJ Embroidery Scissors

Photo credit: MCreativeJ

Embroidery Scissors

What crafter can have too many pairs of scissors? I’ve never met one! A playful pair of scissors always makes embroidery and crafting in general more fun. Plus, the little size makes it easier to cut small threads away from your projects. Embroidery scissors come in all sorts of fun shapes, colors, and sizes. From traditional stork scissors to rainbow unicorns, flower scissors to ones with heart handles, along with floral scissors and designs for any holiday. You can really find anything for any crafter! My own collection of embroidery scissors has steadily grown throughout the years. My favorite pair of scissors has to be a gold pair of unicorn scissors. They always make me smile whenever I use them.

Peruse these selections of embroidery accessories to help you out with your next embroidery project.

For more embroidery project ideas, patterns, and supplies, check out more blog posts on The Artistry.

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