Create Your Own Cute Embroidery Baskets

Create Your Own Cute Embroidery Baskets main article image
Posted on January 28, 2020 by eva palme

Look what we’ve got!

These super cute baskets are made by our friend KlaraFall Vernaeht. These aren’t just extremely cute, they are handy as well! Use them to create order in the playroom, sort out your make up or to organize your crafting supplies. 🧵🧷

Read through our step-by-step tutorial on how you too can create these cute Embroidery Baskets at home!

1. First, you have to choose an Embroidery design, which can be difficult as they all are just too cute.  Choices… choices!

2. Then you need to cut two rectangles of a fabric of choice in your desired size, 1 for the inside fabric, and 1 for the outside.

3. Embroider the outer fabric in the middle with the desired Embroidery design.

4. Then place the outer fabric and the inner fabric right on each other and sew the outer edges left and right together with a seam allowance of 1 cm.

5. Cut out a rectangle of 4×3 cm at the bottom corners. Form the corners, clamp and seam them together.

6. Now tuck the inner and outer fabric into each other, and sew them together (seam allowance of 1cm) while leave a curved opening of approx. 10cm open.

7. The inner fabric portion can now be pushed (gently) through the curved opening. Your cute embroidery basket will begin to take it’s shape!

8. Stitch the upper edge just below the top edge, this will also close the curved opening.

…and done!❤️

                                                                                                              Happy crafting ✂️

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