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Introduction to Embrilliance Essentials

Introduction to Embrilliance Essentials main article image
Posted on April 3, 2021 by Ariel Snow

It won’t be long into your embroidering journey before you’re ready to try your hand at customizing designs or adding your own personal flair. Before taking the leap into digitizing your own designs, there are basic programs that allow crafters to resize, edit, and create designs for personalized and beautifully stitched-out projects. Embrilliance Essentials is one of those programs and their customization tools help each project turn out exactly how you wanted.

How to use Embrilliance Essentials

Embrilliance is an embroidery software that allows you to create, resize, or edit designs before stitching them out. Embrilliance has various programs that build on each other for customization of projects and other digitizing needs. This post will focus on Embrilliance Essentials, the beginner software, which has tools that allow for text customization, design resizing, and other great features for embroidery crafters.


In Embrilliance Essentials, crafters have the ability to add lettering to imported designs and create various styles of monograms. Embrilliance is a unique program in that the BX font style can be purchased and uploaded to the program giving easier access to already stitched-out text in the program. Essentials itself comes with 12 free BX fonts in different styles like Block, Bold Cursive, and Stencil! If you are working with a BX font that is uploaded to the software, you can simply type out your text in completion using the lettering feature instead of having to import each individual letter into the software. This is a creative feature that saves time and allows for more customization with text for any project.

Essential Fonts

In addition to the easy creation of text, they then can be resized or converted into different shapes or adjusts to slant, curve, peak, or space out as you like. You can also adjust the style of a text to switch vertically or formatted to fit into different shapes like squares, ovals, or diamonds. Each option for text customization can be easily accessed in the lettering feature with pre-made options or with a sliding bar to edit as you like. Edits made on text can be saved and easily replaces with different words to make projects easier than ever to personalize and stitch out.

Resizing a design

Embrilliance Essentials also makes it easier than ever to resize an already purchased embroidery design to fit the hoop size you are working with. To make this easy, Essentials allows you to save different hoop sizes in your properties to use as a guide for each of your projects.


With your already downloaded design on your computer, you can import it into the Embrilliance software and select the design for resizing. Once the design is selected, simply use the arrow tool to adjust the design to your desired size. There is no need to go back and edit any stitches or make additional changes to the pattern because the stitches are automatically resized for you. It can’t get much easier than that! You can then use the alignment tools to make sure your design is positioned inside the hoop exactly where you would like.

To make resizing even easier; once a design has been altered, the software will tell you by percentage how much of the design you changed. This tool is helpful because some designs have suggestions on how big or how small you can edit them before the original integrity of the design might be compromised. This information should be included in the description of your design purchase. It is important to note that if you have the option to buy different size designs, choose the one that will need the least amount of resizing! This resizing option is great because you have the ability to import more than one design to create beautiful customizable projects.


Other Features with Embrilliance

The already outlined features of Embrilliance are amazing and make it a unique software but there are so many other tools to the program that set them apart!


You can edit existing applique designs through the Embrilliance Essentials software. This is helpful because the software will remove any hidden stitches from a design that is being overlapped. In the software, you have the ability to designate the stitches as position, material, and satin stitch finish to avoid any hidden stitches which makes overlapping multiple appliques easier than ever. You can also use a pattern fill when working with appliques to differentiate the stitch color and position from the fabric.

Color changes

You can change the color of imported designs as well as add colors to any text added to a design. You can also use color sorting to create groups and edit the use of overlapping or stitch order on a project. When working with color in Embrilliance, the software has the color codes to well-known thread companies so you can be exact on which colors you plan to use and visualize how they will look together.

Repositionable Hoop

A repositionable hoop, or multi-position hoop, allows you to work with designs that may be bigger than the hoop size allotted for your machine. In the Essentials properties, you are able to select multi-position and save your hoop size to create your design and Essentials automatically saves it into two separate files which you then upload to your machine. The first file is stitched out while the hoop is in the first position and then you move your repositionable hoop to the second latch and stitch out the next file.


Stitch Simulator

This simple but impactful tool allows you to watch a simulation of how your design will stitch out as if it was already hooked up to your machine. This tool can be used to double and triple-check all of your designs to ensure a flawless project!

Understanding these different Embrilliance Essentials tools take some practice but once mastered, gives crafters many possibilities for flawless projects! Once Essentials has been mastered, Embrilliance allows for the building up of skills with StitchArtist Level 1 where even more customization can take place! However, no matter what level you start with, Embrilliance Essentials has the tools you need to be successful!

Happy Crafting, Friends!

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July 18, 2021

Thank you. This is a very helpful article.

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May 28, 2021

thank you for explaining this program

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