Tips to create your embroidery library

Tips to create your embroidery library main article image
Posted on August 21, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

If you are trying to create your embroidery library, this post is for you! We have made a list of tips that machine embroidery lovers must take into account. Take a look and learn how to curate embroidery designs most efficiently.

To learn more about Machine Embroidery, you can check our Ultimate Machine Embroidery Guide. To find unique designs for your Machine Embroidery projects, check our growing library. 

We hope you get inspired!


Get -at least- a great embroidery font


An embroidery font is a versatile resource. You only have to download it once, but you can use it for countless projects. Being able to create beautiful letterings is vital to develop personalized embroidery pieces.

Nowadays, the majority of embroidery machines include some digitized fonts. Fonts are also a common feature in machine embroidery software. Make sure you add some of them to your embroidery library.


create your embroidery library
You can download this design here.


Choose hand-digitized embroidery files


Two types of files host machine embroidery designs. You can find hand-digitized designs and auto-digitized designs.

To create a hand-digitized design, an embroidery expert develops the file manually. All the essential details, like thread colors and jump stitches, are set up by a professional embroidered.

Auto-digitized embroidery files are the result of processing a digital design with some digitizing software. The details are not filled in manually: the software creates a new file automatically.

Our advice is to prioritize hand-digitized designs. Even though both types provide excellent results, hand-digitized designs are often better optimized for embroidery machines.


create your embroidery library
You can download this design here.


Pick embroidery designs with different topics


If you want to curate a good embroidery library, you must add designs with different topics. This way, you will be able to accomplish a wide variety of projects and topics.

Machine embroidery is on-trend, and nowadays, you can find a lot of different designs. Fairy tales,  nursery designs, wild animals, and family quotes are just some examples.


create your embroidery library
You can download this design here.


Respect intellectual property and embroidery licenses


Every embroidery design is the result of a creative process that must be respected. If you are going to use a digital pattern for your machine embroidery projects, you must make sure to have a license for personal use. If you plan to sell your artwork once it is finished, you must have commercial permission as well.

If you do not respect these rules, you could get into legal trouble. If you’d like to learn more about embroidery licenses, you can do it here.

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