How to Make Hand Cut Felt Flowers

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Posted on March 10, 2021 by Sara Douglas

Nothing says “Spring is here!” like beautiful soft flowers in all the different colors of the rainbow. Whether your view outside right now is looking green and budding or covered in frost and snow these lovely little blooms will look bright and inviting on your front door either way! This project is endlessly adaptable, no matter where you’d like to use these easy to make felt accents. Beautiful Easter headbands and other arts and crafts are all perfect projects for them as well.

  • Felt: For this project we’ll use 8 different colors, two shades of yellow, two shades of pink, two shades of purple, one shade of baby blue, and one shade of green for the leaves. I purchased 2 of every color and had a little extra at the end.
  • Very Sharp Scissors: I absolutely can’t stress this enough. Felt is thick and fuzzy and anything less than brand-new sharp scissors, or incredibly sharp fabric scissors just won’t work. I purchased a new pair specifically for this project and was glad over and over.
  • Hot glue: I don’t recommend trying to use low temp hot glue guns while working with felt, they don’t hold well at all.
  • Wreath form: For this project we’re using an 18” grapevine preformed wreath.
  • Needle: In my demonstration I’m using a yarn needle, but any sewing needle will work.
  • Thread: Any color of all-purpose thread will work, it’s only used in this project on the bottom.

Please read all instructions completely before you begin

Getting Started

Cut a strip of felt about a half inch wider than you’d like your flower to be and fold it into thirds in an “S” shape. You should be left with pretty close to a square shape, if it is too rectangular trim a little more from the side until it is mostly the same length on all edges. After threading your needle take your felt square and put one stitch in the middle, starting from the bottom and threading through each layer up and then back down, ending back on the bottom. Tie the stitch off with a secure double knot underneath and cut away the excess. Once the layers are secured together, take your scissors and cut the two curves of the “S” that were connecting the 3 parts to each other. If you’re using finger caps to protect yourself place them on your hand now. Starting with the top piece of felt fold it in half and bring one edge toward the middle, creating a cone shape. Apply hot glue to the folds at the bottom to help hold the flower center together. Use caution because the glue will stay hot for a few moments and if you apply too much it will escape onto your skin.

Once the glue has set repeat for the other edge of the first felt square by gluing it at the bottom, towards the middle.  The second layer of felt should be folded around the finished first layer and secured at the bottom as well. Balance out the overall shape of the flower by turning the flower while you’re working and not putting too many folds on top of each other. Repeat these steps for the bottom layer too, holding firm pressure on the bottom of the flower until the glue has set completely.  Using gentle pressure, round out the shape of the finished flower by working the felt in your hands until you’re happy with the look of the petals. Reapply any glue to the bottom of the flower in any of the folds that look like they need it. You can stop at this step, but if you’re looking for a more natural appearance continue by taking your sharp scissors and eliminating any straight lines and sharp angles that you see. There aren’t any straight lines in nature, no perfect edges either, so don’t stress too much about getting the curves perfect. It’s more important to start with a little off the top of each petal. You can always take more off, but you can’t put it back, so don’t remove more than a little felt with each snip. When you’re happy with its overall look set it aside to finish letting the glue cure until you’re ready to apply it to your project.   

Using your very sharp scissors, cut roughly half inch strips from your felt (Laying horizontally) starting at the far short side and working towards the middle. You can measure and make very light pencil marks to guide you, but it’s not necessary for them to be absolutely perfect. To make the first petal, take one strip and fold it into thirds. Cut on the folds and set one of the thirds aside. Take another full strip and fold it in half, cutting it on the fold also. Set one of the halves aside. Make the two remaining thirds into loops and set them on top of each other, with their open sides lined up on one end. Taking the single half strip, sandwich the two loops inside the single bigger one. Adjust your grip on them by placing your forefinger and thumb on the top and bottom of the whole sandwiched petal away from the bottom. If you’re using finger caps to protect yourself, put them on now. Hold the shape together by using only a small stripe of hot glue between the layers at the bottom, squeezing them together as you go. Be sure not to over apply too much glue, your petals will look too messy if it’s spilling from between the edges.

Repeat these steps to create the second petal, this time using the single half and third pieces of strip from the first steps and cutting another full strip into thirds to use in this petal and the next one. Continue until you’ve created enough single petals to combine into the final flower shape (This flower has six petals). Place them together and apply a small amount of glue between each one to connect them. Apply gentle pressure at each section to assist the hot glue in bonding them together. Using a complimentary shade of felt, cut a very thin strip and spin it into a circle then glue down on top of your flower in the center.  When you’re happy with the overall look of your flower, set it aside to finish letting the glue cure until you’re ready to use it.

This is the hardest to execute by hand, but the finished look is so pretty I think it’s work trying:

Take a full sheet of felt and using a Sharpie and a very light hand, draw a simple spiral shape like the one in the photo. Starting at the outside end of the spiral, begin cutting out a wavy petal shape using very sharp scissors following along the top side of the spiral and following it towards the center. Make each petal slightly larger than the one before it. Remember that you can always remove extra felt if you make a petal too large, so don’t be afraid to cut them just a little bigger than you think might look good. Once you get to the center begin cutting out the bottom of the flower shape, following along the bottom edge this time until you have the whole shape cut out. Beginning with the outside end start rolling up the center of the flower and continue until you’ve finished and tucked the last bit under the base of the petals. Apply hot glue underneath to secure the rolled shape, being careful to not burn yourself or apply too much. Finish your flower by trimming down any petals that stand too tall and then set aside to cure until you’re ready for it.

See before and after below.



Butterflies, leaves, and banners can all be whipped up easily with leftover pieces of felt scraps. I also used a small length of the green garland wrapped around the wreath before adding the other embellishments to give the bare branches a little more life. There’s no wrong way to do it! Show me in the comments here or on my Facebook, and let me know where you used your beautiful hand cut felt flowers!

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1 Comment
Wendy Boulay

March 10, 2021

I have been wanting to try this for a while and you make it seem so easy. Now I will definitely give it a whirl!
Thank you!

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