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20 Best Script Fonts for Formal and Casual Branding

20 Best Script Fonts for Formal and Casual Branding main article image
Posted on January 3, 2023 by Odyssey Gohain from Creative Fabrica

When it comes to creating a strong and memorable brand, the right font can make all the difference. Script fonts, in particular, are a popular choice for branding because of their elegant and whimsical appearance. 

In this post, we will showcase some of the best script fonts that you can use for your brand’s logo, website, and other marketing materials. From classic and sophisticated to modern and bold, these fonts will help you elevate your brand and make a lasting impression on your audience.

While script fonts are popular for designers and crafters alike, it’s easy to get lost in the pool of beautiful, premium fonts that are readily available to download and use on the internet. To make sure that you get your message across, remember to pick the best script font for your project type. 

The Most Popular and Versatile Script Fonts for All Your Design Needs

It is difficult to say which script fonts are the best as it ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific needs of your brand. You may also want to try out different fonts and see how they look in combination with your brand’s colors and other design elements.

We have listed down our top 20 list of script fonts with a commercial license:


Clattering Font

Clattering is an elegant script font that features freestyle brushstrokes. It can either evoke elegance or casualness on projects, depending on how you’ll use it. It is the ideal font for invitations, cards, and practicing calligraphy. The font is expressive and relaxed, imitating a realistic handwriting rather than an artistic one. 


Barcelony Font

Barcelona comes highly recommended, and rightfully so. Perfect for stationeries and web designs, this script font features a signature-style monoline that catches the eye of anyone. The equally weighted lines add harmony and complement an elegant brand.

Cervanttis Script

Cervanttis Script Font

If you want something more natural-looking, why not try the Cervanttis script font? It has inconsistent lines that resemble real handwriting but is also stylistic at the same time. Use this free-flowing typeface for posh restaurant menus, wine selections, and product packaging designs.


Satisfy Font

As it says so in the name, this is a satisfying typeface for those on the hunt for a feminine script font. Its characters are connected, making them seem authentic to other script fonts. Use this for romantic projects like wedding invitations, Valentine’s day cards, and more. Does your brand start with the letter ‘S’? If yes, this font will definitely make your brand stand out.


Briberra Script Font

Here’s another one for those who like calligraphy-inspired typefaces. Briberra features thick flat brush strokes with stylistic alternates and swashes adding a bold finish to the letters. This is the perfect font for making inspirational quote cards, shirt designs, and postcards with an abstract touch.


Raindy Font

Get in touch with the kid in you with the Raindy font. Its fun loops and curls are suitable for projects such as classroom decorations, nursery stationeries, and more. Use this to bring a level of cheerfulness to any crafting project.


Serendipity Font

Featuring over 90 hand-drawn letters, Serendipity is a delicate script font that allows you to present your individuality in your projects. This typeface stands out for its water color effect which adds a simplicity to its handwritten style. Use this for designing e-mail signatures, building your portfolio, or practicing your calligraphy skills.


Shink Font

Another romance-inspired font, Shink features playful swashes and glyphs that connect one letter to another. Use this if you want to add some femininity to your projects such as embroidery crafts, t-shirt designs, and crocheting.

Alex Brush

Alex Brush Font

If you want a clean-looking calligraphy font that does not distract, then Alex Brush is the font for you. With its neat monoline style, it can elevate the look of any project. We recommend using this for designing cards, signs, and even watermarks.


Noelan Font

Do you want a creepers and climbers effect to your font? Mainly characterized by its curls and fun swashes at the end of its characters, Noelan is more appropriate for casual projects and can be thematically adapted to projects that talk about plants! As a bonus, it also includes various alternates and international characters, so you’re free to use this wherever you are in the world! Perfect for stationery designs, this font is also great for e-mail signatures, letterheads, labels, and more.

Beautiful Bloom

Beautiful Bloom Font

If you want something more creative but still fitting for formal and casual projects, then Beautiful Bloom is the font for you. This versatile typeface has thin strokes connected by glyphs, giving them an organic look. Use this for logo designs, web and video presentations, and posters.


Milkshake Font

Similar to Noelan, Milkshake is another fun script font. It has thick strokes and much more elaborate curls and swashes at the end of its glyphs. Effortlessly timeless, this font is perfect for making logos, packaging designs, and quote cards.


Tahu  Font

Tahu is another script font that utilizes brush strokes, making it look realistic. Make use of this modern font if you want to create inspiring quote cards, signs, and more. Tahu is fun and casual and is great for a brand that caters to a young demographic.


Insolente Font

Let your personality shine with the Insolente font. This script font features human-like strokes, giving it a distinct look from other script typefaces. Use this realistic font for projects such as designing letterheads, videos, websites, and more if your brand has a disruptive appeal.


Jumper Font

The Jumper script font is a classic choice for anyone who loves calligraphy! It features different alternates, glyphs, and ligatures, so it’s perfect for creating posters, cards, and invitations. The watercolor effect adds a handmade effect, which makes it perfect for personalized gifts.


Moscato Font

If the name doesn’t give you enough of a hint, the Moscato font is ideal for wine labels, sommelier manuals, and elegant restaurant menus. With its expertly-designed lines, this unique script font adds luxury and sophistication to any project.


Belaris Font

Belaris is the perfect font if you want your project to feel free-flowing, casual, and inviting. It features different ligatures, stylish alternates, and international characters—ideal for global commercial and personal use! Use this font for thank you cards, wedding invitations, and more.

Wild & Brave

Wild & Brave Font

For something more rustic, choose the Wild and Brave font. It is characterized by rough brush strokes, resembling freshly painted letters. It is great for contemporary designs of logos, posters, and quote cards speaking about adventure and nature.


Allura Font

For that unrivaled sophistication, go for the Allura. This script font has elegant, thin lines that appear clean yet bold. This is the ideal font for branding and advertising projects for luxury brands. If your product caters to a female audience, this font is meant for you.


Mallicot Font

To cap things off, we have the Mallicot font. It is a unique typeface with varying baselines and strokes, making your craft stand out from the rest. Use it for display projects like logos, posters, labels, and more.This font attracts the quirky and the stylish and complements simple illustrations and animations  

How to download Script Fonts on Creative Fabrica?

Like what you see in this list? Here’s how you can get it yourself:

  1. Hover over FONTS until you see the drop-down menu. Choose SCRIPT FONTS.

  1. Click on your chosen script font. This will take you to a new tab. Click either ADD TO CART or ACTIVATE FREE TRIAL. 

Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and enter all your necessary details. Once finished, you’ll be free to download and use your chosen script font!

Frequently Asked Questions about Script Fonts

What are script fonts?

Script fonts capture the essence of calligraphy. They are often made by hand using a pen, brush, or marker. Script font styles are elegant, delicate, versatile, and they have the perfect balance of professional and casual.

What are script fonts used for?

You can use the script fonts for formal invitations or when you need your name written out with embellishments. If you’re feeling artsy, try our free script fonts that feature various types of brush strokes that you’ll love.  These are ideal to use for projects like stationery, logo designing, invitations, cards, and more.

What does the script font look like?

Script fonts appear handwritten, whether in cursive or block script. They are often characterized by varying brush strokes or monolines with different baselines to make them look more authentic.

What are the different styles of script fonts?

There are many forms of script fonts. Here are some common types:

  • Formal – Resemble text written using classic calligraphy pens. Mostly used for formal invitations, cover letters, and letterheads.
  • Casual – Includes more swashes and stylistic ligatures to appear more laidback. Perfect for event decorations, book covers, and advertising projects.
  • Handwritten – Inspired by real handwritten characters, they often have inconsistent baselines and stroke thickness. Ideal for websites, blogs, and packaging designs.
  • Novelty – Similar to display fonts, these are best used in large-sized projects due to their stylistic natures. Ideal for logos, posters, billboards, and more.

When to use script fonts?

Use script fonts for any crafting project that needs a bit of human and feminine touch. For example, they may be used on wedding invitations, certificates, or other formal documents. 

Script fonts can also be used in advertising or marketing materials, in logos or branding to create a unique and distinctive look.

When should I not use script fonts?

Script fonts should not be used in situations where readability is a top priority, such as in long passages of text or in small sizes. They can also be difficult to read on screens, so they may not be the best choice for use in digital design projects. 

Due to its stylistic nature, it is not recommended to use script fonts where a formal or serious tone is needed, like in legal documents and professional brands. It is also not wise to mix two script fonts for one project as they can make the text difficult to read and can create a cluttered or chaotic look.

Are script fonts legible?

Script fonts are legible as long as they are used properly. Script fonts are best used for short-form text projects, so it’s better to use them in simple crafts rather than in documents that require the reader to take in large chunks of text like books, magazines, and online articles.

What font size should a script font be?

It depends on the size of your project and the style of your script font. If you have a small project like cards or invitations, use 12-16 points. For larger projects, we recommend using 18-36 points or even bigger. Make sure to leave enough white space in your design to allow your readers’ eyes to breathe and relax. 

What is the difference between slab and script fonts?

Slab serif fonts have strokes at the end of each letter. However, these are usually small squares, giving them a sturdy and block-like appearance. They also give off a formal and authoritative look. Slab serif font styles are often seen in university logos, establishment sign boards, posters, and more. Meanwhile, script fonts are handwritten-inspired, and appear less digital compared to slab fonts. They also don’t have sharp edges at the end of their letters, but they may have curls and swashes instead.

What is the difference between script and decorative fonts?

Decorative typefaces are usually themed fonts as they often include shapes and elements of things, events, and even places that they want to resemble. Because of its loud characteristics, they are ideally used for casual displays, branding designs, and more. Meanwhile, script fonts are more legible and have a higher readability level than decorative fonts as they feature less accents. Decorative fonts also almost always only have capital letters, while script fonts have both small and capital letters.

If you want to learn more, read our article about different font styles and how to use them

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Sandra Bartsch

January 17, 2023

Which font was used for the theme picture on top? (The one withe the titel)

Creative Fabrica

Hi Sandra, I used the Baby Giovani font :)

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