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20 Best Sports and Fitness Fonts for Athletic Branding

20 Best Sports and Fitness Fonts for Athletic Branding main article image
Posted on January 23, 2023 by Odyssey Gohain

Now that sports events are coming back after years of watching your favorite team or athlete play from your TV or mobile screen, there’s no better way to show support and camaraderie than by making sports-themed crafts inspired by your favorite sports team or player! As with choosing the design, picking the right font is just as important. You’ll be in a crowded place with other people in their own custom athletic merchandise, so you’ll want something bold, eye-catching, and easy to read. With these factors in mind, here are our choice of sports fonts that you can use for logos, banners, posters, and more.

Best Sports Fonts for Logo Designs

Sports logo fonts are versatile typefaces that you can use in any activity or sport-related craft. From jerseys to team logos, here are our top recommendations.

Houston Sports

Houston Sports Font

Houston Sports by craftsupplyco in Display Fonts

Houston Sports Font Family is a modern and compact solid font that gives a quintessential athletic font look.This font and has a strong sense of sportsmanship. It is suitable for sports logos, game posters, and even marketing materials for sports teams. 

Varsity Team

Varsity Team Font

Varsity Team by DonMarciano in Display Fonts

For a more collegiate look, try the Varisty Team font. It comes with straight and clean lines with bold heads and slab serifs. Channel your school spirit whether you’re a current student or an alum with this typeface on banners, caps, and t-shirts.


Heisman Font

Heisman by HipFonts in Sans Serif Fonts

Heisman is the ideal jersey font that you can also use for headlines, jumbotrons, logos for sports TV or videos, and much more. With its geometrically perfect specs, it is the perfect typeface for most athletic-themed crafts – whether it’s just a small or a big project.


Speed Font

Speed by artyway in Display Fonts

If you’d like something that’s more in the field of competitive car racing and has an iconic appeal, go for the Speed font. Its bold typeface and slanted effect give it a dynamic — almost moving — look that’s perfect for headlines, automotive posters, or sports logos.


Gymer Font

Gymer by alonkelakon in Sans Serif Fonts

Gymer is a strong typeface ideal for athleisure clothing labels or logos, storefronts for athletic equipment, and much more. This font is intense and masculine, with sharp serifs that give it an aggressive edge. Its sharp and boxy look makes it easy to read even when viewed at a distance.

Best Fonts for Sports Banners and Posters

Show your support for your favorite team no matter what sport they’re playing. From the court to a stadium, here are some fonts you can use for creating banners, logos, team flags, and more.


Touchdown Font

Touchdown by Salt and Pepper Fonts in Slab Serif Fonts

For a classic look, opt for Touchdown. Its uppercase characters are textured and eye-catching, while its lowercase letters are clean and crisp. Choose this when designing sports banners, team posters, company jerseys, and other crafts.

Blockehead Nova

Blockhead Nova Font

Blockhead Nova by Headfonts in Display Fonts

Blockhead Nova is a retro-inspired typeface that is characterized by bold letters and unique serifs. Add this to your crafts when making game covers, branding packages for sports teams, and marketing materials for athletic clubs. This Tarantino-esque font is eye catching, and it’s sure to get your attention.


Esporte Font

Esporte by Din Studio in Display Fonts

This one’s for all the e-sports fans out there. Its sharp edges give it a daring look without being too intimidating. Try Esporte when designing your team’s official logo and even merch like caps, shirts, and bracelets.


Broaven Font

Broaven by Typia Nesia in Slab Serif Fonts

Broaven is another racing-themed typeface. This font is intense and masculine, perfect for making a statement. With its innovative slanted look, it is perfect for posters and logo banners, race track signs, sports bar signs and menu typeface, and even fitness gym branding.


Maverick Font

Maverick by in Display Fonts

This eye-catching typeface is the ideal basketball font for team logos, jerseys, and even stickers. Maverick is a bold display font with a modern feel that’s highly legible, which means that you can use it for crafts that are not even sports-related!

Best Vintage Sports Fonts

Feel like you’ve gone back in time and channel the classic rush of your favorite matches over the years. Here are the best vintage sports fonts that you can use for player cards, vintage-inspired signs, and much more.


Redwing Font

Redwing by Vunira in Script Fonts

Starting with a stylish retro typeface, Redwing is a script font with long swashes that gives it a lot of personality. Use this when crafting marketing materials for your team like videos, posters, stickers, and more.


Devgon Font

Devgon by IHD.STD in Display Fonts

Devgon is classic and bold display font. Sporting a textured look with a slightly reflective effect, this font is ideal for sports apparel like caps, jerseys, mugs, and even car bumper stickers. This font is playful and team-spirited, perfect for any project that needs a touch of fun and camaraderie.

Courage Union

Courage Union Font

Courage Union by invasistudio in Slab Serif Fonts

Courage Union is a slab serif font that’s vaguely inspired by classic university typefaces. Use this to design football team banners and logos, school signs, hoodies, and other athletic merchandise you might want.


Norwill Font

Norwill by Din Studio in Display Fonts

Similar to Courage Union, Norwill is a bold slab serif display font with thicker characters, making it ideal for bigger crafts like banners, stadium or basketball court signs, and even jumbotron texts or branding designs.

Vintage College Dept Pure

 Vintage College Dept Pure Font

Vintage College Dept Pure by Fontsandfashion in Slab Serif Fonts

Vintage College Dept Pure is the archetypal typeface when most people think about vintage sports fonts. It is a clean slab serif font that’s often seen in letterman jackets for universities and high schools. Use this font when crafting retro-inspired jerseys, alum merchandise such as shirts, sweaters, and caps, and even designing the varsity or sports section of your yearbook.

Bonus: 5 Free Sports Fonts for Sporty and Athletic Designs

Let your creativity flow with these athletic fonts that you can use for any type of sporty crafts. Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or a die-hard fan, feel free to try these free fonts for your projects.


Volley Font

Volley by Minimalistartstudio in Slab Serif Fonts

Score compliments with the Volley typeface. Characterized by thin and thick characters, it is an ideal font to use when designing posters and flyers for sporting events, particularly summer sports. You can also use this for designing team shirts, jerseys, tote bags, mugs, and more.

Bhineka Script

Bhineka Script Font

Bhineka Script by IklazStudio in Script Fonts

Bhineka is a sporty baseball font that has both cursive and print letters. and bold script font. This font is suitable for baseball team logos, banners, player cards, and other types of baseball-themed crafts.


Barbatrick Font

Barbatrick by Typodermic

Barbatrick is a free racing-themed typeface with decorative speed lines that give it movement. This all-caps font is perfect for branding videos and moving image posts on social media. You can also use this edgy typeface when designing marketing materials for sports apparel shops, race track signs, and more.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit Font

Team Spirit by Freebies in Script Fonts

Nothing says support other than showing up to your favorite team’s game with a sign using the Team Spirit typeface! It is a thick and playful handwritten font created by Nick Curtis that’s ideal for crafting other sports merchandise like sublimation t-shirts, sports announcement posters, banners, and headlines.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix Font

Grand Prix by Freebies in Display Fonts

Another design by Nick Curtis, Grand Prix is a modern drop shadow font. This creative display typeface is characterized by bold characters with natural-looking shadows that are perfect for large-scale projects like banners, jumbo vision screens, and even billboards that are meant to show support for national and local sports teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about the specific uses of sports fonts? Keep reading to know our design experts’ answers.

What is a sports font?

Unlike other types of fonts like serif and sans serif fonts, there is no exact and official definition of a sports font. Rather, a sports font is any typeface that is commonly used in crafts that are sports-related addressing team spirit and sportsmanship. This means that you are free to use decorative, display, sans serif, or even script fonts for athletic projects like jerseys, logos, banners, letterman jackets, and more.

What are the most popular sports fonts?

As it says so in the name, the Sport font is one of the most popular sports fonts used by many designers and crafters. Others also enjoy using the baseball font for sports-related projects as it has a versatile yet classic look. 

What is the most common use for sporty fonts?

Sporty fonts are most commonly used for athletic crafts. These are fonts that fans, athletes, and sports companies alike use for marketing materials, branding designs, and commercial or homemade merchandise.

What Cricut font is good for sports?

The Varsity Font is a Cricut font that’s good for sports and athletic crafts like shadowboxes for your sports nook or as decor for a sports bar. Another common use for Cricut fonts for sports is when designing custom sports jerseys for any sports, tumblers, caps, and more. 

What is a sport typeface suitable for football team logos and university posters?

Varsity Football Team is a sport typeface suitable for football team logos and university posters. It has the typical look of high school and college letterman banners, jackets, and yearbook covers. Another option is the Courage Union font that we previously mentioned in this article which has characteristics that resemble the Varsity Football Team font.

How to Use these Sports and Athletic Fonts

These sports and athletic fonts can be used in a variety of ways. From small crafts like stickers, pins, caps, and team jerseys to larger projects such as banners, posters, football club logos, basketball scoreboards — and everything in between! Learn more about the different fonts and how to use them on our website.

Much like how professional athletes train and practice every day, it’s important for designers and crafters like you to hone your skills in order to score that winning shot with your customer or client! Download any or all of the fonts from this article by availing of our fonts subscription plan which starts at $19/month. You can also get all access to everything in our digital resource library including fonts, craft guides, graphics, and more at only $29/month.

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