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22 Free Monogram Fonts for Cricut and Silhouette Users

22 Free Monogram Fonts for Cricut and Silhouette Users main article image
Posted on February 2, 2023 by Joon Parker

Free Monogram Fonts for Cricut and Silhouette

A Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine makes monograms completely customizable and accessible. You can monogram items that can’t be embroidered by using adhesive backed vinyl, heat transfer vinyl or cardstock. Cricut Project ideas include stationary, car decals, makeup bags, shirts, throw pillows just to name a few. Monogrammed items make fabulous personalized gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birth of a child, presents, or just because.

What is a Monogram?

A monogram is a decorative design created using the first letters of a person’s first, middle and last names; used as an identifying mark on possessions. Monograms became most prominent during the Victorian period. They were a symbol of prestige, nobility, wealth or social status. Monogramming one’s possessions has remained popular to this day. 

Initials VS Monograms

Initials and monograms seem to be interchangeable by many, but there is a difference between the two, which is the order of the initials. An initial is the first letters of the person’s first, middle and last name in the order it is read. A monogram is the person’s initials arranged in a fancy way with the last name initial slightly enlarged and between the first name initial and the middle name initial. 

What is the Proper Order for Monogram Initials?

Lots of people get confused by the order of initials for the different types of monograms. The order of the initials depends on the style of the monogram and the person it is for. Below are some of the common monograms with initials order. 

What are the Different Types of Monogram Styles?

Monograms come in several different styles ranging from single letter monograms to single letter split monograms. Each of the monogram styles listed below have a certain air to them. Some are more sophisticated than others. The monogram style is not the only thing that makes a monogram, it’s also the font. 

  • Single letter monogram is the person’s last name initials. Most any font can be used. Great for anyone.
  • Block monogram is the person’s initials of how the name is read and the letters are all the same height. Great for men and boys.
  • Traditional monogram is the person’s last name initial in the center and is slightly larger than the other two initials. Great for boys, girls, women and couples.
  • Text monogram is the person’s name typed out. For adults use their last name and for children their first name.
  • Stacked monogram is the person’s first name initial stacked on top of the middle name initial placed to the left of a larger last name initial.
  • Interlocking monogram is the person’s initials in a flourish script font where each letter overlaps into the next letter.
  • Circle monogram is the person’s initials in a circle frame.
  • Split monogram is the last name initial that is split in the center. The full last name goes in the split. It usually uses a decorative font for the initial.


How to Create a Monogram Using Free Fonts in Cricut and Silhouette?

Creating monograms on a cutting machine is quick and easy. There are premade monogram fonts and regular script, serif, and sans serif, and decorative fonts can be used. Once you find a font you like you’ll need to download and install the font to your computer, here are step by step instructions for Windows and Mac computers.  

Premade monogram fonts are great for beginners. All you have to do is:

  1. Add a text box to canvas.
  2. Select the premade monogram font you want.
  3. Type the letter(s).
  4. Send to cut.

If you want even more creative rein use a regular font. Using a regular font you can add to it and make it what you want. To do that: 

  1. Add a text box to canvas. 
  2. Select the font you want to use.
  3. Type in the letters.
  4. Ungroup letters.
  5. Adjust letters to the chosen monogram style.
  6. Add decorative elements.
  7. Select all and weld, that way it stays how you designed it.
  8. Send to cut. 

Let’s Explore Free Fonts for Monograms

Using free fonts for monograms is a great way to learn how to create monograms and how to choose fonts that will cut nicely. Here is a list of free fonts and examples. After exploring the following free monogram fonts be sure to explore more fonts for inspiration and cut worthy potential. 

Script Fonts

Script fonts make beautiful interlocking monograms.

  1. Wedding is a handwritten modern and classy calligraphy font. Its characters are full of flourishes. Would be great for weddings.
  2. Nouradilla Script Free Version is a beautiful elegant handwritten font. Use this script font to give anything an elegant vibe.
  3. Butterfly Wish is a modern calligraphy script font. All capital letters have flourishes which will create a unique monogram.
  4. Rouge Script is another elegant handwritten font. It has a vintage script vibe with its unique flourishes.
  5. Splendis is a fancy semi formal script font with thicker lines. It has nice simple flourishes. 

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts make for classy monograms.

  1. Nestcology is a vintage-inspired font with exuberant style, and as a result, it matches a wide variety of designs. Great for men that like a bit of vintage.

  2. Bricktown is a serif font with swashes for some of the capital letters. The swashes dress up a serif monogram nicely without having to use a script font.

  3. Mick Caster is a handsome decorative serif font. The capital letters have some sort of swash, which makes for interesting monograms.
  4. Miles Hunt is a serif font that has an art deco look with its inline decoration and boxy letters. It might be boxy, but it’s stylish.
  5. Cosiris Cure has a distinct design making it a fancy modern serif font. The capital letters and some of the lowercase letters have decorative curlies. 

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are a little more playful and not as classy or elegant as script fonts and serif fonts. 

  1. Bilang Kangen is a cute and quirky sans serif font. It would make fun monograms for children.

  2. Almonte is a vintage inspired and bold sans serif with character. It looks nice in all caps and is easy to read.

  3. Dream Orphans is a condensed sans serif with curves. It has a classic look with readability appeal.

  4. Legacy is a modern sans serif that is reminiscent of a vintage sports font. It’s boxy yet a condensed font.

  5. Court is a strong all caps sans serif font with a retro vibe. It’s a simple font with lots of potential.

Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts can really add a lot of pizzazz to a project without all of the fuss.

  1. Hello Florida is a delicate decorative font featuring beautiful flowers on each letter. Use it as a single letter monogram or block monogram.

  2. Marly Tail is a chic, trendy and thick lettered decorative font that is cute and playful. The cute letters with mermaid tails can be configured in a few different ways.
  3. Mona Flower is a lovely decorative font with delicate flowers. Each letter has a lovely arrangement of flowers.

  4. Dino Mode is a dino-mite decorative font. This dinosaur themed font is all caps and each letter has a dinosaur or dinosaur related image.

  5. Karina Monogram is a lovely circle single letter floral monogram font. It can be used as a single initial or three initial monograms.

  6. Olive Monogram is a vine design that has two styles of monogram – circle monogram and a split monogram. The split monogram will pair well with a serif or sans serif font.

  7. Mussaenda Monogram is a beautiful floral single letter split monogram font. Most any script font will pair well with it.

  8. Sweet Flower is a pretty font duo that has a split letter monogram and a lovely script font. A serif or sans serif font will pair well with it.

Tips for Choosing Monogram Fonts for Cutting Machines

Truth be told, almost any font can be used for monograms, but that doesn’t mean your cutting machine will cut the font without issue. To help save your sanity, here are some attributes to look for in a font that your cutting machine will cut well it.

  1. Choose thick script fonts.
    Thin script fonts with a lot of flourish elements will get thinner when scaled to a smaller size, which will result in the mangling of the material being cut. 
  2. Cut decorative fonts at larger sizes. 
    Decorative fonts are best cut at 3 inches or larger. The more fine details the font has the bigger it needs to be. 
  3. Look for fonts that are not “distressed”. 
    Distressed fonts, which are usually referred to as rough, are not ideal cutting machines. The machine will cut out every tiny spot of distress, resulting in very long cut times and possible mangled materials. 

Now go forth and be like the Victorians and monogram everything! 

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