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30 Nautical Fonts for Sea and Sailor-inspired Projects

30 Nautical Fonts for Sea and Sailor-inspired Projects main article image
Posted on January 17, 2023 by Odyssey Gohain

Ahoy! Whether you’re a good swimmer or not, there’s just something about the line where the sky meets the sea that inspires our best creative projects. Whether you’re a beach bum, avid  sailor in your pastime, cruise ship enthusiast, or the captain of your own boat, there’s no better way to show your appreciation of the great waters than by trying your hand at making sea-inspired crafts! Not only will it inspire your creativity, but it means that you can bring the ocean with you wherever you are. Check out our selection of the best sea or sailor-themed fonts on our website.

Best Nautical Fonts for Sea Lovers and nautical-themed brands

These sea fonts will make you want to get on board the crafting boat, from greeting cards, posters, personalized shirts, digital art, and more. Read on to see our top choices.


Sailors Font

Sailors by AMTYPES in Sans Serif Fonts

Sailors is a vintage sans serif font with rough edges that remind you of the 1950s shipping industry. Use it in any of its five styles including regular, rough, condenses, slant, and condensed slant to design labels for crates, marketing posters and signs, sailor-themed invitations cards for parties, and more.

Sailor Girl

Sailor Girl Font

Sailor Girl by Salt and Pepper Fonts in Sans Serif Fonts

For a unique take on the Sailor font, try the Sailor Girl typeface. This slick sans serif font has clean lines perfect for designing large-scale signs, banners, and even nautical map covers. This font is perfect for those looking for a stylistic and masculine option. It’s strong and confident, without being too overpowering. 

Ocean Twelve

Ocean Twelve Font

Ocean Twelve by joelmaker in Display Fonts

Inspired by vintage typography, Ocean Twelve’s non-linear baselines, irregular sizes, and serifs give it an eerie, almost handwritten look. This typeface is suitable for creating covers for books, posters, and even album art. 

El Piratos

El Piratos Font

El Piratos by alexatypefoundry in Serif Fonts

Taking some inspiration from the rustic lifestyle of pirates, El Piratos is a quirky font. It has thin lines and decorative accents that resemble its serif along the letters’ midpoint. Use this for sailor-inspired tattoos, custom cards, and title cards for videos.

Black Flag

Black Flag Font

Black Flag by TypeFactory in Display Fonts

Another one inspired by those in search of Davy Jones’s Locker, the Black Flag is a display font that will inspire you to take on a new sea adventure! This typeface is ideal for logos of pirate-themed restaurants and menus, posters for movies, shows, and even alcohol (especially rum) brand labels.

Sailor’s Grave

Sailor's Grave Font

Sailor’s Grave by unio.creativesolutions in Serif Fonts

This retro take on a sailor font has rough edges and decorative accents that give it a lot of personality. This font is a classic that is very symbolic of a marine adventurer. Take this hand-drawn typeface and use it for crafting party favors like banners, invitations, posters, websites, blogs, and more.


Nautical Font

Nautical by Choirulcreator in Script Fonts

Nautical is one of the best sailing fonts out there. Its sleek design and soft curves closely resemble the movement of the sea, making it the perfect font to use when naming your brand new boat. You can also use this to create invitation cards of RSVP art when planning a boating party or weekend with your friends and loved ones.


Ocean Font

Ocean by Salt and Pepper Fonts in Display Fonts

On a more playful note, Ocean is a fun typeface that is characterized by nautical designs on each letter, including sea animals, divers, corals, and more. This is the ideal font to use for kid-friendly projects like bedroom signs, book covers, and alphabet covers.


Marinha Font

Marinha by Angela Torres in Serif Fonts

For a sophisticated look, try the Marinha font. This font is easy to read because it has a simple design. The letters are evenly spaced and the lines are not too close together. Its characters have a geometric shape that works well in elevating any design for your crafts like restaurant menus, storefront signs, and clothing labels.

AZ Sailor Tattoo

AZ Sailor Tattoo Font

AZ Sailor Tattoo by Artistofdesign in Serif Fonts

Inspired by pre-World War 2 tattoos, the AZ Sailor Tattoo font is the quintessential sailor-inspired typeface. Use this when designing your next vintage tattoo, tattoo logo, sign, social media posts, and more. This font is sure to attract the history buff.

Best Fonts for Nautical Posters and Other Print Projects

Land ho! Just because you’re using sea-inspired typefaces doesn’t mean that you can’t have maritime fonts for the crafts that you make on land like printables such as posters, greeting cards, calendars, and more. Here are our recommendations:


Nautical Font

Nautical by KtwoP in Decorative Fonts

Starting off with a unique decorative font, use Nautical when designing invitations, thank you cards, and stationery. This fun and quirky font is perfect for any design that needs a touch of personality! With just one look, anyone will fall in love with its unique marine-decked characters!

Drunken Sailors

Drunken Sailors Font

Drunken Sailors by bywahtung in Display Fonts

Drunken Sailor is a unique bold display font with soft shadows and stripes along the letters’ midpoint to give it a striking look. Use this head-turning font for branding designs, headlines, calendars, and more.


Ship Font

Ship by 18CC FONTs in Script Fonts

Ship is simple yet fun with its soft curves, resembling the classic Comic Sans font. This font is playful and cute, and it’s perfect for writing short messages or titles. It’s also a great choice for kids’ projects. This typeface is suitable for crafts you can make with kids like activity books, school projects, and even bedroom door signs and wallpapers.

Play Sail

Play Sail Font

Play Sail by GraphicsBam Fonts in Decorative Fonts

Another one for kid-friendly crafts, check out Play Sail with its characters enclosed in a boat! Use this when creating birthday cards, navy projects, and fishing tool labels.

Coastal Animals

Coastal Animals Font

Coastal Animal by Creative Fabrica Fonts in Decorative Fonts

Embrace the coastal life with this typeface. It features adorable sea designs like jellyfish, squids, and seaweeds that attract any kid or kid-at-heart. Coastal Animals is ideal for designing children’s posters, apparel, and posters.

Waves Pattern

Waves Pattern Font

Waves Pattern by Minimalistartstudio in Decorative Fonts

If you want something more subtle, try the Waves Pattern. It is a decorative font that is characterized by gentle waves that make up each character. This font is inspired by modern art movements. It’s clean and abstract, perfect for any design that needs a minimal, stylish touch. Since it may not be the most readable font, this typeface is more suitable for large-scale projects like billboards, logos, and signs.

Beach Sea

Beach Sea Font

Beach Sea by Balak Bendol in Script Fonts

For beach parties and friendly volleyball tournaments, try Beach Sea. Its soft lines and swashes are inviting — perfect for making event posters, flyers, and event signs. This font has a youthful and playful vibe that makes it perfect for any project that needs a touch of fun.

Pirates Rum

Pirates Rum Font

Pirates Rum by Fractal font factory in Display Fonts

Apt to its name, this dynamic display font adds nostalgia to any design. With its distressed look, it is the perfect font for designing rum labels, pirate-themed establishments, and even shipwreck attraction signs.


Lighthouse Font

Lighthouse by BB Type Studios in Display Fonts

Lighthouse is a playful font that is sure to make a splash! It has extended lines and irregular curves that give it a playful and inviting look. This is the ideal font for resorts and seaside hotel marketing materials, publications about marine life, and beach signs.


Ocean Font

Ocean by naulicrea in Display Fonts

Ocean is a unique font in a way that it has clean lines with subtle waves that serve as a nod to the great big blue! Use this typeface to elevate the look of your notebooks, journal covers, and even calligraphy projects. This font is one of a kind and has a handmade feel to it as it indicates a flow-like movement. 

Best Fonts for Nautical Crafts and Home Decor

Looking for fonts for your new sailor-themed restaurant? Are you hosting a sea-themed party? Surprise your customers, guests and family members with nautical crafts and decorations spread throughout your home using these naval fonts that work well with projects like door signs, wallpapers, linen stitching, and more.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island Font

Adventure Island by Pasha Larin in Display Fonts

Greet guests with the Adventure Island font. This duo font is perfect for crafting custom welcome mats, front door signs, and even entertainment rooms dedicated to your love of the seven seas. This font has a very simplistic design which is typical of fonts used for sea-themed projects.


Seaman Font

Seaman by Vozzy Vintage Fonts and Graphics in Display Fonts

Seaman is a bold display font that features soft swashes and serifs in its letters, giving it a balanced masculine yet feminine look. Use this to design your man cave room door sign, custom book stand, and more.


Unmoor Family Font

Unmoor by Anastasiia Macaluso in Colorful Fonts

If you’re a knot nut, then Unmoor is the perfect font for you! Showcase your knotting skills in a subtle way with quote cards using this typeface. You can also rope in some of your friends for a fun time with a custom clock with its numbers in Unmoor design.


Longshore Font

Longshore by Hustle Supply Co. in Display Fonts

This versatile font has a natural look that fits both modern and vintage themes. The Longshore is ideal for your pool sign and safety reminders, kitchen labels, and even bedroom quote cards.

Manic Sea

ManicSea Font

Manic Sea by sabanovicid in Decorative Fonts

Loosely inspired by mythical creatures like mermaids and sea sirens, Manic Sea is a decorative font that features unique designs in each character. This means that it is best appreciated in large-scale designs, making it suitable for bedroom signs and wallpapers.

BD Matrose

BD Matrose Font

BD Matrose by Büro Destruct in Display Fonts

This simple yet unique font will make any design stand out. BD Matrose has thick, bold letters with some characters resembling some naval items. This makes it perfect if you want to make a subtle ocean-inspired wall tapestry with your favorite sea quote, family name or address mailbox sign, and more.


Maritime Font

Maritime by jehansyah251 in Sans Serif Fonts

Maritime has tall and thin lines, giving it a versatile effect. This font is perfect for creating an attention-grabbing headline. It’s also a great choice for any project that needs a strong, masculine feel. In fact, you can use this typeface for projects that don’t involve the sea! Otherwise, use this when crafting frames, gallery wall labels, and even custom coffee mugs.


Captain Font

Captain by inferno.type3 in Display Fonts

This minimalist font with thin lines and extended lines is the ideal font to use when creating a custom gift for the captain of your home! Some examples are journal covers, coasters, and personalized beer mugs.

Captain Tall Shipwreck

Captain Tall Ship Font

Captain Tall Shipwreck by Alphabet Agency in Blackletter Fonts

Despite its name, this typeface isn’t a total shipwreck! Captain Tall Ship is a unique blackletter font that even Captain Jack Sparrow would love. With its rustic design and rough aesthetic, this is suitable for wine cellar signs, custom decanters, and beer labels. 

Blue Captain

Blue Captain Font

Blue Captain by 24Design Studios in Display Fonts

Yo ho ho! This boating-inspired font is sophisticated yet rough around the edges, giving it a fun look. Its irregular lines make it ideal for making crafts for adults and kids alike! Use this to create photo clipboards, statement walls, and canvas prints for your shelves.

How to Use these Nautical and Maritime Fonts

Use these nautical and maritime fonts to create inspired print and digital designs. From cards, posters, and sea stationeries to website headers, blog designs, and video transition cards, these nautical fonts are incredibly versatile! You can even use many of them for your projects that cover themes other than the ocean.

You don’t have to walk the plank if you’re hesitating to purchase these typefaces for your projects. Try our free fonts and practice some designs on them until you’re confident enough to try our entire sea font library! Sign up for our subscription plans that start at $19/month for font-only access. If you want more resources, read about the different types of fonts and how to use them.

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