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Decorating a Wizard’s House

Decorating a Wizard’s House main article image
Posted on September 10, 2021 by Fernanda Rafagnin

Hello to all and welcome to another blog post at The Artistry!

For people all ages, from different generations, magic has been a topic of fascination. The enchanted world of wizards, witches and mythical creatures have been created and recreated in books, movies, plays, games and pretty much everywhere.

I personally have always been fascinated with the magical world. As a kid, my favorite fairytales contained their fair share of witches, spells, potions, dragons, and all kinds of magical beings.

As I grew up, I distanced myself from the magical world for a while, until a certain wizard with round glasses and a lightning-shaped scar came into my life by the time I was in college. Potter sucked me into that world again, in the best possible way.

This love for magical stories stayed with me ever since, and I have been able to pass it on and share this love with my daughter, who is now 11 years old (time for the letter to arrive!) and loves the fantastic stories almost as much as I do.

At this age, the Frozen decorations on her bedroom walls are getting a little too childish for my pre-teen, so I thought it was time to change things a little and that inspired me to do this article. Nothing too drastic, just some easy printed designs on simple frames that would make a difference for my little witch in the making. And now I get to share with you how I used the designs to make these cool decorations.

The projects I made here were a 3-in-1 bundle with the same elements and a separate frame with a wizarding diploma. I hope you like them!

Supply list:

Witch/Wizard Diploma design

Watercolor Wizard Elements Clipart Set design

– Layout software (Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape or whichever you have and feel comfortable using)

– A4 printing paper

– Printer (inkjet or laser, make sure it is suitable for the type of paper you choose)

– A4 frame

Wizard/Witch Diploma

wall and table with a diploma in a white frame

There are two designs to choose from, one has a white background, which is best if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of printer ink. The other design looks like an old parchment, with lots of details, which is the one I chose to use for this.

This design is pretty much done, all you will need to do is fill in the name of the recipient of the diploma. You can even do it by hand if you wish. With a nice handwriting, it will become really special.

Watercolor designs

desk with books in front of a wall with three frames

For my other projects, I chose a watercolor clipart set, which has 9 different elements. It’s very cute looking and it’s good because you get to be creative with what quotes you want to use, and how the elements will be put in the layout. I made three different ones with the same set, font and colors.

I used CorelDraw to make the designs, but you can choose the one you prefer, even Photoshop. Just make sure you are using a proper software when you print, because of the size of the layout. If you don’t have a paid software, Inkscape is a nice alternative and very easy to use. It has less tools if you want to do something more professional, but for quick and easy layouts it’s a great alternative.

Wizards Only

design with wizard, broom and owl

For the first one, I used the wizard as the main element for the design, with the broom and tiny owl on the side. The broom is used horizontally and the text is used both over and under it. “Wizards only” over and “no muggles allowed” under. I made the text in different sizes in order to fit the space between the drawings and give emphasis on the words “wizards” and “muggles”.

You can choose any whimsical font you have, one that resembles magical elements, or just a fun font that isn’t too serious. The one I used on all the designs is called Wonder Night. Since the details on the drawings are in purple, that’s the color I chose for the font.

You can also use the transparency tool to put some of the elements in the background and fill the space if you don’t want it to be all white.

Since I chose a white frame, I put a simple border on my design using the colors of the watercolor elements (brown and purple). To make them, I created a purple rectangle filling my whole space, then a smaller purple rectangle on top of it, and finally a smaller white rectangle. I grouped the three rectangles and sent them to the back layer and then put the rest of the elements on top of it. Everything ready to be printed!

The World Is Full of Magic

design with brooms, wizard hat and candle, with quote about magic

For this one, I chose “The world is full of magic, you just have to believe in it”, which is a quote from one of my favorite TV shows of all time, One Tree Hill. The show itself doesn’t have anything to do with witches and wizards, but the quote is very special, and it fit the theme, so I decided to use it.

The word “magic” is right in the middle and significantly larger than the rest. I decided to play with it and change the A for a wizard’s hat, and the I for a candle. For the rest of the text, I used purple. You can also leave just the center word in purple and do the rest in brown, but since I was only using brown elements from the watercolor set, I thought it needed a little more purple.

Again, I wanted to add a frame inside the design because the frames are white. Since I didn’t have too many elements in it before, I chose to do something new, a broom frame. To make it, you just need to take the broom watercolor, cut it in half and replicate it, putting one on each side of the frame. It looks really good!

Finding Magic

poem about magic and books, surrounded by the elements in the wizard set

For the last design, I used all of the elements in the bundle, some more than once. To make a design like this, you just need to spread the elements all around, it works better if you use the more vertical ones on the sides or corners. I used all elements to form a frame, aside from the actual frame, which is very simple, just some rectangles around the design.

In the middle of the design, I put a little poem that I wrote. You can personalize this design with a quote that you like, or maybe the name of the person you will be gifting it to (or your own). Again, I chose the same colors for the text: brown and purple. Most of the text is brown, and the purple is there for emphasis on the words “magic” and “book”.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and get inspired to make something for the wizards and witches of your life!

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