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How to Choose the Right Web Font for Your Nonprofit Website

How to Choose the Right Web Font for Your Nonprofit Website main article image
Posted on March 15, 2021 by User

Typography is one of the elements that website designers are guilty of overlooking. When developing your website, you need to remember that choosing the right web font is vital. Sometimes, the web fonts indicated in brand guidelines do not work when creating the actual site.

Thankfully, the web nowadays has a wide variety of web fonts you can use on any website. Every nonprofit organization aims at choosing a font that reflects its image. Web developers will most of the time use desktop fonts that aren’t good for the web; thus, you need to choose a different one.

This article will look into what you need to do to find the best web font for your nonprofit website. You’ll find the factors you should consider before deciding that a font meets your website’s requirements and needs.

Here’s all that you need to know.

The Basics

There’re so many fundamentals to look into before settling on a specific web font. The first thing you need to look into is whether you’ll go with a serif or sans serif font. The latter is more popular among web developers and will perfectly fit your nonprofit website needs.

Besides, you need to keep an eye on 3 other vital elements – tracking, leading, and kerning. These terms refer to different kinds of spaces that you’ll find in web fonts. For instance, tracking is the space between group dos characters. Leading is the space between lines while kerning is the one that surrounds the text.

Before you settle on any font, determine whether there’s enough of each space mentioned above. Space between words or letters shouldn’t be too big but also not too small to make the text look cluttered. The overall amount of space should be enough to make reading easy and convenient.

Legibility vs. Readability

These two go hand in hand whether you’re talking about nonprofit web fonts or any other. For novices, legibility is how well individual letters appear to the reader. Readability means how easy body text on a web page is to read as a block.

You cannot talk about legible texts without mentioning readability. You need to do something if your text misses either element. In general, your font shouldn’t look too decorative and distractive. As a nonprofit website owner, you need to ensure that the font attracts readers.

If choosing multiple fonts, be careful not to choose more than three different ones. A combination of two typefaces is perfect as it makes your text look more legible. You should use one font for headlines and another for body text. You can use the third one for calls to action to make them distinct.

How to Choose the Right Web Font

Your web font affects how efficient and productive your nonprofit digital marketing becomes, depending on your choice. Poor design and font choices will leave a bad impression on your nonprofit site visitors and potential supporters.

The first step should be determining how the font you choose will look alongside other website design elements. But then, there are also other things that you should check regarding the fonts.

Here are the top 5 things to consider.

1. Think Contrast

Contrast is never a factor to overlook when looking at a font. Your website visitor won’t be able to read your content if there’s not enough contrast. Texts are readable only if there’s enough contrast between them and their backgrounds.

Many factors will determine whether the contrast is right for your nonprofit website. For instance, you should check the background color, font size, spacing, etc. You’ll get enough contrast if you get a good balance between these elements.

2. Consider Size

You know how font size can affect the legibility of your writing. You must ensure both body text and headline fonts are of the correct sizes. You should ensure heading fonts are larger than body fonts to make them easily visible.

Remember, website visitors can click away from your site just because they didn’t enjoy reading your text. Your font size could be too small while your competitors use easy-to-read fonts. You’ll lose most of your traffic and attract fewer volunteers and donors.

3. Consider Tone

The tone you want to achieve with your nonprofit website content also determines the font. If it’s a serious tone, you have lots of fonts that will help you achieve that. Other fonts reflect somberness and many other moods.

You should read the message you’re going to communicate in your content before deciding the best tone for it. However, being a nonprofit website, you’ll need to go with a very professional web font.

4. Consider Readability

Your website visitors will stick to your website if they find the text readable. You should ensure that the font you choose is easy to read. Readers looking to scan through your page without going word by word should also find it convenient. Making the text look easy to read as a block should be your main target.

5. Remember Alignment and justification

Consider how well the font you choose will align on different screens. You also need to look at how justified your text will look if you use a certain font. These two aspects mostly affect large blocks of text that may not sometimes display correctly on smaller screens. That’s why it is vital to test the font and do it again before choosing it. 

What to Choose

It’s vital to choose a web font carefully, especially when doing so for a nonprofit website. You need to market your nonprofit website to volunteers and donors using awesome and convincing content. Your font is a critical element that will determine how well you pass the message to your target audience.

Consider the factors mentioned above when choosing the right font. Besides, ensure that you test the font you choose to determine if it displays correctly on different browsers and devices. The tips in this article will help you find the best web font for your nonprofit website. Weave them into your nonprofit web design strategy to get the best results.

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How to Choose the Right Web Font for Your Nonprofit Website

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