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Posted on March 4, 2021 by Macario Hernandez

For many, it is not enough to just show pictures of your craft projects on social media. Some of you may want to take your hobby/passion/side hustle to the next level. Video is one way to do that. It just takes a simple internet search and you’ll see the popularity of showing crafty creations on video. The quality and style of the videos vary, but the one thing in common is that people love to watch them. So with all the videos out there how can you make yours stand out? Art and graphics! Some of the same graphics that you use from Creative Fabrica for your projects can also be used for motion graphics for your videos.

Types of graphics in videos

In this post, we will take a look at using Creative Fabrica in your videos. First off let’s talk about places where you can use graphics. Graphics can be used in opening credits and titles. They can also be used to close and end your video. Graphics can be lower thirds/name titles showing who’s on camera. Graphics can be used as place cards separating different sections. They can be used to promote your different offerings and they can be used to post your social media information. They can also be used for demonstrations, graphical breakdowns, and list.   There may be other places to use graphics, but this is a good start. Watch the video below to see examples of how graphics from Creative Fabrica were used. As a bonus, you’ll get the tutorial for a fun crafting project that you can do with your kids!

Choosing your graphics

You’ll want your graphics to be consistent-looking. Do your best to find matching styles of graphics. This isn’t always possible but when you can it helps tie everything together. It’s real easy to find matching themes across Creative Fabrica. When brainstorming types of graphics try to imagine how you’ll place them in your video. Will they be a background? Will they be moving icons? Some graphics may be better suited than others depending on the end result.

Preparing your graphics

Once you find the graphics you want at Creative Fabrica you will download them to your computer. They will likely come as a zip/compressed file. You will need to unzip them to use. On a PC you can right-click on the file and select extract all. Some graphics will be a group of individual images others you need may need to crop and resave them for use in your video. You may also need to convert them into a different type of file depending on what type of editing program you are using. Most editing programs will accept png and jpeg files. For advanced users, you may even want to alter colors in a graphic program to match your overall themes.

Bringing graphics into an editing program

Most video editors allow you to bring in graphics by either dragging and dropping it from your folder to the timeline or project. In Adobe Premiere you can click on the File tab and then the import button, or press ctrl-i. You will want to organize your graphics in a folder in your project to help you keep track of them. If you have projects that are graphic heavy it’s real easy to lose images and files if you don’t organize them well.

Making graphics move – How key frame work

In many editing programs, you’ll be able to adjust graphics settings and positions. Some of the elements that are adjustable in graphics are their size/scale, position, rotation, and opacity. All those elements are key-frameable. What that means is that you can make that setting start at one point and end on another. For example, you can have a graphic that is size 1 to start and scales to 100 percent after 5 seconds. The end result will be a graphic that rapidly goes from being very small to very big. You can also have a graphic keyframed to start at one side of the screen and after a set time will move its position to the other side of the screen. This is the basic principle behind all animation. You tell the computer the starting point and the ending point and it figures out the points in between.

Making a lower third

You’ve probably seen a lower third if you’ve ever watched the news or sports. They are a graphical bar at the bottom of the screen that has someone’s name. The bar will often have a logo or a graphic and various elements to give it more detail. Things like black boxes or drop shadows will also be added to help the lower thirds stand out from the video.  Lower thirds are often animated with different aspects of it building or sliding into the screen.

Making an opening

The opening in the video above was created in After Effects using elements from Creative Fabrica. Various graphics were layered and keyframed to move. Often openings will have lots of layered graphics that will appear in the foreground and background. It will feel like a camera is moving past them. This is all done with keyframes.  For this opening, some graphics had to be cut out and turned into png files.

As you can see there are lots of options for making graphics in your videos. Graphics can help explain topics in more detail. They help bookend your videos with an open and close and they can help make your videos stand out and appear more interesting. So try adding graphics to your next video project. You’ll be glad you did.

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