Create Your Own Whiskey Glass Etching

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Posted on March 17, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

We all have our guilty pleasures, and over the past year, I think we can all admit to indulging in a few of them from time to time! While I am more of a wine lover myself, my husband does enjoy having a glass of Irish whiskey every once in a while. This etched glass project makes a fantastic gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your life – for any occasion!

Supplies Needed

  • 2 Blank whiskey glasses (or other glass)
  • Stencil vinyl (or removable vinyl)
  • Etching cream (I use Rustoleum Tub & Tile)
  • Old paintbrush
  • Protective gloves and goggles
  • Digital Products: Impressive 333 in 1 SVG Bundle
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Transfer tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Weeding tools
  • Cricut cutting machine (or other) and mat
  • Timer

Let’s Create Your Etched Whiskey Glass – Prepare Your Workspace

Preparing your workspace and gathering all of your tools/supplies before starting to create your project is something that I always recommend. This is especially important when working with caustic chemicals such as etching cream. Make sure that you have protective gloves and goggles for this project; I just use a pair of latex gloves and my soaping goggles.

When you have everything prepared and ready to go, download and install the Impressive 333 in 1 SVG Bundle from over at Creative Fabrica. This bundle contains 333 quotes for a multitude of holidays and occasions! I absolutely adore the styles and humor of some of the quotes within this bundle and it is perfect for creating the messages on my whiskey glasses.

Cricut Design Space

Once the designs are installed, open up Cricut Design Space and start a new project.

Upload the quotes of your choice, but remember to keep in mind the size of your glasses. You will have to resize them to fit your glasses and you definitely don’t want to risk cutting too many tiny details that the Cricut will struggle with.

The designs that I chose to use for this project are the “I don’t give a sip” and the “This is me adulting” SVG quotes. Not only are they funny, but the details are perfect for etching!

Next, measure your glasses to determine what size you will want your design. My glasses are fairly small so I sized mine to 1.9” in height. When you have your size, insert a square shape and adjust it so that you have about a half-inch border around your design. As you will be making a stencil, you need this space to protect the areas of the glass that you do not want to etch.

If you haven’t already, move the square to sit behind your design and then center the SVG and attach.

At this point, all you have to do is click on that “Make It” button. Be sure you use a stencil or removable vinyl; permanent vinyl could leave a residue behind and it is more difficult to reposition on the glass.

Weeding and Application

This is where you need to remember that you are using the negative of the cut. I often forget this as I am so used to creating decals etc. In opposition to the standard weeding techniques for decals, this time you will be removing the letters and leaving their centers. Place your transfer tape, clean your glasses with the alcohol wipe, and apply the stencil.

  • Application Tip:  If you are using round glasses, place a roll of masking or packing tape on both sides of the glass – now you can lay the glass on its side for easier placement and application!

Once the stencil has been applied, carefully burnish and remove the transfer tape. Again, after removing the transfer tape you will want to smooth over the entire stencil. The key to a seamless etch is ensuring that your stencil is completely smooth and free of any and all air bubbles.


  • Safety First! It is absolutely necessary to protect your hands, skin, and eyes for this project. Etching cream can easily burn your skin! Be sure to wear gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and safety goggles.

When you have successfully applied the stencil, grab some masking or painter’s tape and place it all around the edges. The goal here is to protect the glass even further from the etching cream and any drips that may happen as you apply the cream.

At this point, you want to grab your safety gear and put on your gloves and goggles.

Position the glass on its side (see application tip if you are using round glasses) and using an old paintbrush, scoop up a dollop of the etching cream and place it on your stencil. You will want a fair amount of cream covering every part of your etch area in a fairly even coat.

Now that your cream has been applied, all that is left to do is to time it! While the instructions on my etching cream recommend leaving it on for 4-5 minutes, I discovered this is just not enough time for the nice vibrant etch that I prefer. I always leave it on for 20 minutes with regular glasses. Of course, this time could vary depending on your material.

Rinse and Finish

After the timer rings, grab your gloves and you are ready to rinse! One of the great things about using etching cream is that it is reusable, so before you rinse your etch, simply scoop as much of the cream as you can back into the container with your paintbrush, and then continue on to rinsing.

Keeping your gloves on, rinse the glass under a running tap – using your fingers to really rinse off the cream (don’t worry…you cannot “rub” off the etch) and remove the tape and stencil as you do.

The etch is always less noticeable while it is still wet, so don’t worry if you can’t clearly see it yet. When all of the cream, tape, and stencil is off, you can now wash and dry the glass before you use it.

Grab your whiskey bottle to celebrate your etching achievement!

Cheers, and Keep on Crafting!

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January 14, 2022

Great project, did you use Tub and tile refinishing kit? I couldn't find eching cream

Mostafa Sahlani

April 8, 2021

شكرا جزيلا انا اول مرة اكتشف هدا العالم

Great article! I have a laser but can't do glasses. I am totally going to do this with your fabulous instructions!!

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

March 24, 2021


Thanks so much! I’d love to see a pic of your finished glasses!

Naomi Garcia

March 18, 2021

Very nice! I love the files and the etching is so crisp.

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

March 24, 2021


Thank you so much!

A Lilley

March 18, 2021

Really lovely blog, I really loved it. I need advice on the best cutting machine to buy. I want to do tshirts as well. But thank you.

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

March 18, 2021


I'm so glad you liked it! As far as cutting machines, I cannot really recommend a brand as I only have Cricut machines (Maker, Explore) but I can tell you that I use them for my business needs as well as home crafting - and the machines have always worked flawlessly for me :) Happy shopping!


March 17, 2021

I got to make this one for my dad for his retirement! He will love it 🥃

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

March 18, 2021


That’s a great idea for a gift!

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