Make a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag

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Posted on September 24, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

Every Halloween, all of my kids used to grab either pillowcases or plastic grocery bags to collect their sugary treasures. Nowadays, that’s not only inconvenient but a plastic bag is also wasteful to the environment.

Why not make their very own trick-or-treat candy stash bag? This project is sure to add to the Halloween fun, and the heavy cotton canvas will last for years to come! 

Sublimation on Glitter HTV: Make a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Designing
    • Print Then Cut
  • Cricut EasyPress
    • Prepare Your Tote Bag
    • Pressing 
  • Finishing

Supplies Needed

  • Blank cotton canvas tote bag
  • Sublimation Printer (I converted the Epson Eco-Tank 2720)
  • Digital products: Halloween Trick-or-Treat SVG
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Butcher or parchment paper
  • Lint roller
  • Sublimation paper (I used A-Sub)
  • White glitter HTV (I used Siser)
  • Cricut Cutting Machine (or another machine)
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 (or other heat press)

Digital Products

trick or treat graphic

One of the many things that I absolutely adore about Creative Fabrica is the subscription plans! They offer four differently tiered plans: Graphics, Fonts, All Access, or Crafts; and each one is specific to your own personal and/or business needs. This Halloween Trick-or-Treat SVG is part of the Crafts Subscription, which gives you access to 45,966 cut files with commercial licenses – all for only $12 for 3 months! 

subscription plans

The trick-or-treat cut file is perfect for a canvas bag, and you can edit the colors easily in Design Space to add a little more vibrancy to your sublimation!

Download the cut file to your computer, extract it, and then open up Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space


Once you have a new canvas open in Design Space, click the upload button on the left menu (laptops), and locate the file on your computer. Choose the “non-black” version of the SVG and then open it. The file is already formatted to be a “cut”, so you can simply click on “Upload”.

Insert the file into your canvas and you are ready for editing!

trick or treat graphic in cricut design space

While I love the colors that the designer chose for this cut file, I wanted to make them a touch more vibrant for sublimation. To do this, simply select the items you want to change from the layers panel at the far right of your canvas.

layers panel in design space

When it comes to choosing the colors that you want, the world is your oyster! You are only limited by the HEX codes available – and they are seemingly endless! The Color Hex site is extremely helpful in finding the color that you want along with its associated HEX code.

To change the colors, click on the “Material Colors” box directly beside the Operation dropdown box at the top left of your canvas. In the bottom box, type or paste the HEX code of your chosen color.

changing hex codes in cricut design space

If you would like to use the same colors that I used, enter the following codes in the box:

Purple (“trick-or-treat” texts, candies): #6c10a5

Red (lollipop tops, candies): #d21c1c

Orange (“or” text, candies): #f75a09

Green (candies): #15ca37

Blue (candy): #1160dc

Yellow (lollipop sticks): #f3dc01

graphic printing and cut file

When you are happy with the vibrancy and colors of the image, you can adjust the size to fit your canvas tote. Next, duplicate the cut file, and with the copy selected, change the entire group to white. This will become the cut for your glitter heat transfer vinyl.

Print Then Cut

Now the real “hands-on” work begins!

Select the colored “trick-or-treat” graphic and from the operation menu, change it to “Print Then Cut”, and with it still selected, attach it. Attach the white copy as well to keep everything in the correct position for pressing – making sure the operation is set to “basic cut”.

  • 🔔 Important! For this sublimation project, you MUST remember to MIRROR your design! Otherwise, all of your texts will be sublimated backward and nobody wants that!

After ensuring that your design is mirrored, click “Continue”, then “Send to Printer”.

  • 👉 Sizing Tip: If you want to print larger than the 6.75” x 9.25” allowance that Design Space permits, simply adjust the graphic to fit those parameters and choose “Print to PDF”. Then, open the file in another photo editing program (I used Photoshop) and adjust the size accordingly, and print directly from there. Just make sure that both the printout, as well as the glitter HTV are the correct sizes, and that you adjust your sublimation paper settings!

When the print setup screen pops up, make sure that the system dialog button is active and the bleed is turned off. Also, make sure you choose your sublimation printer! I hate forgetting that part and wasting my expensive sublimation ink!

Also, make sure you choose the correct printer settings for your type of sublimation printer and paper. This is extremely important so that you get the absolute best results on your printout! If you discover that your printout has white dots or lines, this might be a sign that your prints heads need cleaning or alignment.

After it’s printed, and you are allowing the ink to fully dry, you can go ahead and mirror, then cut your glitter HTV. Weed as per your usual techniques and set aside.

glitter htv and sublimation printout

When your sublimation image is fully dry, use your paper trimmer or scissors to remove the black border that Cricut Design Space prints around the image as you will not be cutting the printout with the Cricut. 

Cricut EasyPress

Prepare Your Tote Bag

It’s very important to properly prepare your tote bag before jumping into applying the HTV and the sublimation. Failing to do so might result in flaws caused by any dust, debris, and/or moisture. 

Heat up the EasyPress (or other heat press) and pre-heat the tote bag for 5 seconds to help remove any moisture. Refer to Cricut’s Heat Guide for the correct temperature settings for your particular brand of HTV.

Next, use your lint roller over the area that you will be applying the HTV to – this will help to clean off any stray hairs or threads that could interfere with the application. 


Center the weeded glitter HTV on the tote and press. Remove the mask, then place your printout on top, aligning with the glitter as evenly as you can. Alternatively, place the printout slightly off-side of the HTV to create a white glitter “shadow” effect as I did.

Use small pieces of heat-resistant tape on the edges of the paper to make sure that it will not move while you are pressing – reducing the risk of ghosting. Just be careful not to cover the ink with the tape as this could interfere with the transfer.

Cover the design with two layers of parchment or butcher paper and press the sublimated printout as per your heat temperature guidelines. 

  • 👉 Temperature Note: In case you are using the same products that I did, I pressed the Siser HTV at 270 F for 30 seconds. Then I pressed the sublimation at 365 F for 45 seconds. 


Once the paper is cool enough to touch, remove the paper layers, tape, and the sublimation printout. 

Voila! You now have a reusable trick-or-treat bag that your kids are sure to fill up this Halloween! 🍬 🍭🧡

Happy Halloween! 👻 🎃

Keep on Crafting! 💖

finished trick or treat bag cricut

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Make a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag

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