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10 cute embroidery designs for baby clothes

10 cute embroidery designs for baby clothes main article image
Posted on February 18, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

The arrival of a new baby is the perfect occasion to personalize some cute pieces of clothing. Machine embroidery is the ideal technique to do so: it is fast and clean, and it always brings good results. We have made a selection of ten embroidery designs that will look amazing on baby clothing. Take a look!

Rainbow colored dinosaur

We like this colorful dinosaur a lot. Embroided on a bodysuit or in a bib, it looks funny and awesome.

Get this design here: Rainbow colored dinosaur.
Get this design here: Rainbow colored dinosaur.

Girl power

We should empower our little ladies from the start. They are capable of doing what they want and making their own choices. That is what this design is all about. Isn’t it cute?

Baby Feet

Baby feet are unique. So tiny and chubby. We can cover them with beautiful little shoes, but we can also use them as a design to decorate some tiny clothes.

Get this design here: Baby feet.
Get this design here: Baby feet.

Mom and baby elephant

This cute embroidery design shows a mommy elephant with her little-big child. It is full of feelings and tenderness. So sweet!

Get this design here: Mom and baby elephant.
Get this design here: Mom and baby elephant.

Nursery turtle

Here we have a super cute turtle, perfect for both boys and girls. Funny animals are perfect for making a simple piece of clothing pop. This one is perfect for a bodysuit.


Unicorns are everyone’s favorite magical creatures. Surrounded by mystery and fantasy, they fascinate children. With this embroidery design, we can personalize our baby’s apparel and add a bit of magic to their routine. It is so eye-catching!


Here we can see a penguin hugging its little child. Isn’t it sweet? This design is perfect for decorating blue or grey clothes. Suitable for both boys and girls!

Get this design here: Penguin.
Get this design here: Penguin.


This smiley dolphin is the perfect centerpiece of any composition. We can embroid it on clothes, baby blankets, bedsheets or cushions. If we use an embroidery font to sew the child’s name beside it, the result will be stunning.

Sliced lemon

This beautiful embroidery design shows a fresh lemon cut into slices. It is shiny and colorful! We can use it to create a composition with different fruit designs. With a little help from our embroidery machine, we can create a beautiful summer piece.

School uniform with tie applique

There is still a lot of time left until our little ones have to go to school. Anyway, it can be fun to make their clothes look like a school uniform. This design is perfect for that. With its little tie, it will help us get an elegant result.

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Aida González Vázquez

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