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It’s Christmas Crafting Season! ♥

Check out the newest community crafts&get inspired!

We simply couldn’t to deny you the diverse and great projects of our community & hope that they inspire you as much as they inspire us!

Especially on these wintry (for some) rainy  days we like to spend our time at home and let the creativity run free!

One or more creative projects could inspire your Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones.

Get inspired and craft!🦄



This glamorous wild&nature advent calendar is created by the talented Rebecca from Austria🍂 where it is a tradition to give your loved ones a calendar to count down with 24 little ‘doors’ to Christmas eve.

These are often filled with little sweets, presents or peanuts.




This self-made wrapping paper is from the creative German blogger creativ.wifey🎁 With just some creativity she individualized her Christmas presents in the most beautiful way!

Definitely a must-do this year!


This chic and practical cosmetic bag was crafted by amazing  Katia from Mexico.💄 She is one of our most fashionable crafters, and she knows, how to make the most unique piece out of everything.


This cute romper was created by Sassy and Arbee from Australia.🌈 To design your own children clothes is not just fun, it also allows you to choose the best materials for your youngster

and is super eco-friendly too!


These cute wall posters were designed by Becky from Germany.🐰

She clearly knows the best ways to decorate the play room and personalize it for little ones,  little costs & little effort. We just love it!



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