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Australian Crafters to Discover ASAP

We've curated 5 spectacular crafters, designers and all round creative Aussie minds that we just HAD to share with you. Keep a look out for these up-and-comers, and don't hesitate to support them too!


Visit her website

Being a self-described ‘Nap Queen’ is something that you wouldn’t necessarily assume about this Melbourne based DIY crafter, as her cute and fun designs show the kind of detail and care that one simply can’t do in their sleep!

When she isn’t teaching Art and Design to school students, Adelle graces her online followers with cute, stylish party bags and designs to suit any occasion, event, or requirement. Maybe, it’s a hankering for a DONUT PARTY? Unsurprisingly, she has us covered on her blog, and if you take a scroll through her instagram account, it’s sure to brighten your day!

And by the way – all her products are sustainable! *swoons*









Jennifer Frost

Visit her website

The state of Victoria seems to have something special about it, if you consider the amount of great crafters, artists and creatives that reside there. Jennifer Frost is a local of Bendigo – Country Victoria, an inspiring Paper Crafter who sits in the top 100 Cardmaking Channels on Youtube! We’ve learned a lot from her visually stunning videos and we can’t wait for the next one to come.

You too can learn from her great tutorials here, or attend a craft class in person. With Christmas and the silly season just around the bend, its good to know that crafters like Jennifer are out there to help!
You can find even more on her instagram page here.


Here We Sew Again

Visit the web store

Full points for the name here! This family business comes all the way from Far North Queensland, in the tropical town of Cairns. The owners Emilie & Tribe not only manage to provide a vibrant fabric sewing service that showcases quirky and arty designs,  but also a small army of 5 young kids! It really doesn’t get much cuter than showcasing unique designs on a little munchkin with a beaming smile.

If you want to support a small local business with a knack for the funny side of designs, then take a look at their Instagram, or go straight to the web store here. Our favourite pattern: Espresso Patronus!

Emma & Betty Young

See their Website

This Perth/Berlin-based mother and daughter duo combine the talents  of Emma (Graphic Design Guru)  and Betty Young, who take their inspiration from the beautiful native flora of Australia and applying it to their creations in the form of distinctly unique women’s wear, accessories and home-wares. They also create swimwear, which Emma has tirelessly ‘Surf-Tested’ for our benefit. We are a little jealous, yes. Here’s the team below doing some diligent quality testing:

The process behind the prints is a marriage of Betty’s wonderful water colour paintings, which are then digitally realised and printed into a collection of repeat prints by Emma, and hand-sewn into gorgeous garments. On a special note; each and every design has a description of where you can find the species,  their family, genus and even their Latin names.

We really love that Emma and Betty collaborate together between Europe and Australia, and hope that their business continues to blossom! Take a look at their Etsy Store or Instagram here.

Happy Little Crafter

Facebook | Instagram

Dannielle, A.K.A the Happy Little Crafter is a veritable Cricut Wizard from Brisbane that you should definitely check out. We love how much she is raising the bar on what can be created using a Cricut machine and a generous helping of clever inspiration.

This Vinyl Gin Bar decoration (below) was designed in the Cricut Design Space and then adhered to a chalkboard using a the Cricut ‘Maker’, adding even more effervescence to her sparkly drinks party! We think being told “You are the Gin to my Tonic” is a very welcome addition to any table top setting, and one we definitely can’t argue with.

With the festive season creeping ever closer, these Christmas Card designs that Dannielle brought to life are yet another reminder of the exceptional talent that this Island-Continent holds!

And, she has even made a handy tutorial with Cricut Australia & New Zealand for the Spring Carnival season which you can find on her Facebook page here.


Spring has well and truly sprung which means that Spring Carnival is in full swing! Check out Happy Little Crafter’s flowery headpiece tutorial to keep you looking fabulous not only at the races, but all Spring long!

Posted by Cricut Australia + New Zealand on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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