Our 18 favorite Christmas Fonts

Our 18 favorite Christmas Fonts main article image
Posted on November 26, 2019 by Hannah Sill

What would Christmas be without crafting? We don’t even want to imagine. And to add your personalized messages to anything you might want to create, here’s a list of our favorite fonts that will inspire the Christmas spirit in you and your loved ones.

1. Holly Days

Beautiful swashes and bonus Christmas clipart!

This is Christmas in a font. And if that isn’t enough for you, check out the beautiful holiday clipart that is included as a little something extra.


2. Christmas Vibes

Baubles and Santa hats on your glyphs!

Do you want your letters to look like Christmas ornaments themselves? Look no further, this font has got you covered!


3. Warm Winter Wishes

Swirls for days

This font will make you feel all cozy and warm inside; carrying the Christmas spirit from your crafts to your heart.


4. Christmas Present

Christmas trees included!

If you think fonts don’t usually come with enough Christmas trees, this one’s for you. There’s Christmas tree and snowflake swashes included for all your Holiday font needs.


5. Magic Winter Trio

Swirls, swashes, doodles – what’s not to love?

This font is truly magical, as it not only includes playful and festive swirls and swashes, but also holiday doodles.


6. Christmas Story

For that classic Christmas movie look

Sometimes, everything needs to be more like Christmas movies. Well, this font can help with that!


7. Lintingdaon

Swirls, swirls, swirls

This delicate and elegant font is perfect for the holidays.


8. Christmas Mystery

Whimsical and fun

This font family offers everything you could wish for under the Christmas tree, with beautiful classic Christmas glyphs and a good bit of fun to go along!


9. Agustin

Elegant, yet playful

This font would look beautiful on gift tags or Christmas cards. Elegant and readable, yet evokes a sense of wonder.


10. Star Light

There are stars on the glyphs!

Regular glyphs never come with enough stars on them. Good thing Star Light is here to rectify this!


11. Calington

So elegant, so classy, so holiday

This font feels right at home under the Christmas tree and looks just right in red and gold.


12. Winterbean

Charming and wintery script font

This lovely font will add a little holiday charm to whatever you decide to use it for.


13. Gingerbread

 Illustrations and heart swashes included

This beautiful script font does not only look lovely on its own, but also in combination with the illustrations and swashes provided.


14. Merry Christmas

Colorful, mistletoe, Christmas defined

This color font is a perfect fit for the holiday season with its wintery, colorful charm.


15. Winter

Beautifully illustrated

This stunning color font really speaks for itself. Not much needs to be added to create some amazing Christmas designs.


16. Christmas Mono

The font to create your own monograms

This font not only includes the necessary glyphs for monograms, but also several wreaths and illustrations to make your own perfect monograms.


17. Wintery

Classy and classic Christmas

This beautiful font will look wonderful on your Christmas cards, gift tags, or anything needing a strong, stunning font.


18. Christmas Dingbats

 It’s dingbats, it’s out there, it’s festive

‘Tis the season to use this beautiful dingbats font and add some fun to your Christmas crafts.


Wondering how to use all these beauties? Don’t fret, we have some ideas to get you started! How about some customized Christmas ornaments or personalized wall art? You could also create your own Christmas mugs, shirts, cards, gift tags, tumblers, wrapping paper… The possibilities truly are endless!

Has this inspired you to craft something? Let us know and get in touch at [email protected]! Happy Christmas Crafting!

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Wendy Boulay

January 31, 2021

Great fonts! I especially love the "Holly Days" font!

Sharon Wilkinson

December 17, 2020

thank you I love these Fonts.

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