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Custom Bitmoji Stickers

Custom Bitmoji Stickers main article image
Posted on June 2, 2022 by Desiree McClung

Sticker making has become a new hobby of mine. I dabbled in the print and cut feature with Cricut a few times when I started with Cricut and was left feeling discouraged after wasting time and materials. When I got an iPad early this year and started using Procreate, I started designing and drawing more. My first project was personalized stickers for the highly capable program at my son’s school.

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

I watched several videos and tutorials and experienced a lot of trial and error in order to hone in on the art of sticker making. In this article, I will walk you through some of my tips and tricks for making your own stickers with the Cricut machine and will show you several types of papers and overlays you can use to make your stickers extra special. For my project examples, I will use the fun and popular Bitmoji images.



-Sources for creating Bitmoji images 

     -App for smart devices 

     -Using your PC/desktop device 

     -Hand-drawing and customizing on Procreate 

-Editing images to create the effect you want 

     -SVG images using the CDS software vs. 3rd party app/website 

     -Uploading full color images to CDS for print and cut 

-3 different sticker options 

     -Printable Holographic Vinyl 

     -Printable Sticker Paper with clear waterproof overlay 

     -Printable Sticker Paper with holographic overlay 

-Tips and tricks 

-Video Tutorials 


  • Device to access the Bitmoji app or webpage 
  • Cricut to cut your stickers 
  • Inkjet printer and ink (I use the Canon MX492. It is literally one of the cheapest printers you can buy.)
  • Sticker paper of your choice 

Sources for Creating Bitmoji Images 

A Bitmoji is a fully personalized emoji you can create of yourself to use on a variety of social media platforms, such as Snapchat, iOS and Android texting, and Facebook messenger to name a few. You can download the Bitmoji app on a smart device for Android and iOS or you can visit the website www.bitmoji.com on a Mac or PC to create an account and create a unique avatar. It is free to use, but Bitmoji does have a store where you can purchase items for your avatar. Once you customize your character, you can use that character across various platforms and social media sites. If you edit the character, for example, the hairstyle or outfits, the change is automatically made to your Bitmoji on all of the platforms.  

During the pandemic, when students were unable to attend school and online learning was becoming inevitable, I began to see a dramatic uprising of the use of Bitmoji characters by students and teachers alike. They’re fun ways to add a personal touch to a website, a memo from the teacher, a profile photo, and more. I made some stickers using .svg images and vinyl that I added to the towel rack in my kids’ bathroom.

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof bitmoji towel rack

Depending on your device type, there are many ways to save a Bitmoji image to use with your sticker making. If you are on your cell phone or tablet, you can go directly into the Bitmoji app, and select the image that you want to use for your projects. Tap on the image that you want to save and save the image on the pop-up screen. It should save to your camera roll depending on your device settings. A fun feature of Bitmoji is the “co-star” option, where you can select a friend from your Co-Star list (which are contacts from your phone) to add to your images too. If you are unable to find the friend you are looking for, there is an option to add them by texting them a link to add you as a Bitmoji friend.  I made a few stickers using this feature with my best friend.  

If you have Snapchat, you can find images with co-stars that are friends on your Snapchat account. If you want to save an image from Snapchat, I found it best to screenshot the image and save it, as there was no direct way to save it from Snapchat the way you could with the Bitmoji app. If you are on the website using a computer, log into your account and click on the “Bitmoji Stickers” button, it will take you to a vast array of premade images from Bitmoji using your avatar that are updated frequently. You can search using the spyglass icon if you are looking for something specific as well. Once you find an image you would like to save, click on the image and select “Download Sticker” to save it to your computer. 

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

Are you looking for something more customized that you aren’t finding in Bitmoji? Draw one yourself on Procreate! I used my iPad and the Procreate app to make a rendering of my husband and me for our wedding anniversary. Since he doesn’t use the Bitmoji, I had to draw an avatar that I thought resembled him and paired it with an image of my own Bitmoji character. Then I drew them together kissing. I saved the image as a .jpeg and printed it from my home printer onto a blank card. I have also created Bitmojis of my 4 kids but since they are all too young to have their own social media, I went into my own Bitmoji app and created renderings of each of them, saved several photos of each of them, then deleted them all once I was done and recreated my own avatar again (so that my kids’ avatars weren’t used in my social media accounts). I hope that soon Bitmoji will have a way to create avatars for other people, like your kids or your pet, that aren’t used for social media.  

Editing Images to Create the Effect You Want  

Now that you have your images saved, what’s next? Well, depending on what you want to do with the image, there are several ways that you can edit the image and upload it to Cricut Design Space (CDS). If you want to use the print and cut feature and want the image to be full-color, just like it was on the Bitmoji app or website, then you don’t need to do anything. First, pick the images to load to CDS, then select as a Print and Cut image (not a Cut image), rename it, and save.  

If you want to have your Bitmoji as a black and white image because you want to print it on holographic paper, as I have done in one example, you have to convert the image to an .svg (scalable vector graphic) image. If you also want to use your Bitmoji images with vinyl, you also want it to be an .svg image, which should be saved as a “cut” file, not a “print and cut” file.  

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

There are several ways to create an SVG image to be used with your Cricut. I traditionally use two options, a 3rd party website or using the CDS software. There are many websites available that convert an image to an .svg for free, but my go-to is picsvg. It is free and simple to use. You upload your image and it will take a few moments to convert the image to a black and white .svg image. I find that with most images, the website creates a very rudimentary .svg with sub-par details.  

In CDS, when you upload one of your saved Bitmoji images, you can create an .svg by uploading the image, selecting complex for image type, and on the edit page, select “automatic” on the background remover feature. If your image still needs cleaning up, you can use the “select” or “erase” feature as well. The eraser size can be changed depending on how much of the image or background needs to be removed and you can zoom in on your image to edit small details. If you are creating an image for a cut file (.svg), then you can hit Preview Cut Image on the top of the screen and see what your image will look like before you save it as a “cut” image. This option produces much better .svg quality than the 3rd party option, in my opinion, but does require more time as well.  

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

Sticker Options 

Holographic Stickers 

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

I have been in love with Buttercraft Holographic Sticker Paper since the moment I saw a TikTok video showcasing it. It does everything I want it to do: works well with my inkjet printer, shows color beautifully, the ink doesn’t smudge, and it cuts well with the Cricut. The holographic rainbow appearance makes black and white images look incredible, but also shows colors and patterns very well too. For this project, I used three Bitmoji images saved in three different ways (1 full color saved as a print and cut, 1 saved as an .svg cut image from a 3rd party website, and 1 saved as an .svg cut image edited on CDS) to create the stickers. I wanted to show how different each looked on this paper depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

When you are creating any print and cut design, you have to make sure that you design the image, have a background, and flatten them together. With a print and cut image, you don’t need to add a background because the image is the background. But if you add a cut file to your canvas, it doesn’t have a background. You can tell there is no background because you can see the grid lines behind your image. If you print and attempt to cut that image, your machine is being told to cut each and every one of those lines in the image out, not an outline, which is what we want with a sticker. One thing I like to do is create a box so that you can work within the colored box, so you can see the “outline” of your images and create the shape that you want your sticker to be. I have created several options so you can see the variety that you can create. I have used the offset feature to create a shadow around the image.

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

Once you have the outline from the offset, you can render it a different color, or make it white (which won’t print any color, so you will see the holographic shimmer instead. I made some of my stickers have a white offset and some have a black offset, I really like how both looked once they are printed. Once it looks the way you want, you have to flatten the image by selecting all of the layers for that sticker only and flatten them together. On the righthand side of your canvas, you will see that the image shows as flattened. 

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

You can also make the background/outline of your sticker a shape, as you can see in my example with a circle and a rectangle. I even have an example showing my Bitmoji flattened with a Cricut heart rainbow pride image, which I thought was fun. Each individual sticker needs to be selected and flattened. I made a total of 9 different stickers on this sheet. This paper is pretty thin, so I used to printable sticker paper setting. It worked well but I think it could have used two passes, or my blade may need to be sharpened as the cut wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, but I have used this setting before and it worked well. 

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

White Sticker Paper 

If you don’t want to use holographic paper, you can also use matte or shiny white sticker paper. I use Buttercraft Glossy White Sticker Paper. Like their holographic paper, it works great for printing evenly and drying quickly. Plus, it cuts well with my Maker. For this sticker, I took the Bitmojis I made of my four kids’ faces and created a small rectangle-shaped sticker with their faces and their names. I added the words “Our Crew” and changed the text from “cut” to “print and cut” on the operations menu in Cricut and changed it from a color to a pattern fill and selected a fun camo green print. I flattened the image together and printed and cut one cool sticker for their dad.  

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

If you are going to be printing stickers that you want to be waterproof, I highly recommend that you use an overlay to protect the printed image before you cut it with your Cricut. I use Scotch single-sided laminating sheets. To apply these sheets, you print your images onto the white sticker paper, and then, starting with one corner, you carefully peel the backing slowly and you press out all of the air so that you don’t have any bubbles between your overlay and your sticker sheet. Once you have transferred the full sheet, you are ready to cut. Since there is a sticker overlay and a sticker sheet that you have to cut though, I used the custom Cricut setting called foil kraft board-holographic, based on a recommendation from Well Crafted. It cuts in 2 passes with a cutting force of 350. It worked like a charm to cut through all of the layers cleanly. I used this setting for a die-cutting effect, where the entire sticker pops out of the paper after it is cut.  

White Sticker Paper With a Holographic Overlay 

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

I used the same Buttercraft white glossy sticker paper to make some fun colorful Bitmoji stickers of my best friend and me. I also created a hand-drawn Bitmoji of myself with a Harry Potter coffee mug on Procreate. I printed them with my printer and added a holographic overlay to give it a different effect than the holographic sticker paper I used before.

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

I cut it on the Cricut using the holographic kraft board setting again as I did with the clear overlay. The overlay that I used was called cracked ice holographic overlay, which was purchased on Amazon, and there are designs to choose from depending on the effect that you want for your project. I did these as kiss-cut stickers, cut using the stencil 0.04 setting on Cricut Maker.

cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

Tips and Tricks 

  • Make sure that you calibrate your machine each time you do a print and cut, as even the slightest bit off can ruin your entire sheet of stickers 
  • If your holographic paper causes difficulty reading the black guidelines on the print and cut sheet, use matte transparent tape (I used Scotch magic tape) to cover the lines so that they read easier 
  • If your machine doesn’t read the lines properly and begins to cut, the cut can be way off. Watch it carefully when the machine is reading the registration lines, you can tell if it is reading the lines way off 
  • If you are using a holographic overlay, cut the overlay to just a bit smaller than the size of the registration box on your sticker sheet so that it doesn’t go over the black lines. This will make it easier for the machine to read the lines and cut correctly
  • You can also add more or less light to your machine to see if that helps with reading the registration lines 
  • The maximum size for a print and cut sheet is 6.75”x 9.25” or 6.51”x 9.93” (however, I have seen workarounds for this, but have never tried them myself) 
  • If you create a box on your canvas that is the size of your print and cut, you can arrange the images and quantity of stickers inside the box to maximize the number of stickers you fit onto one sheet. Cricut doesn’t do a great job of maximizing space for print and cut. You want to ensure that you remove the background box first and then select all of the images and attach them so they aren’t rearranged when you go to print them  
  • Check the sticker before you unload the mat to make sure that the sticker was cut through completely. If your sticker has not been cut through all of the way, hit the “C” button on your machine again to recut it before you unload your mat. If you unload your mat and try to recut later, your lines may not be perfectly aligned 
  • Standard sticker paper and holographic sticker paper die-cut well using the printable sticker paper setting 
  • Laminated waterproof or holographic laminate over the top of your sticker paper works well for die cut using the foil kraft board-holographic setting  
  • Laminated waterproof and holographic sticker paper using the kiss cut technique cut well on the stencil .04 setting

Video Tutorials 

I have seen a few good videos with additional tips and tricks that I recommend checking out. 

Make Your Own Holographic Stickers! 

I love this very thorough tutorial by Angie Crafts on YouTube about using holographic overlays on your stickers. 

How to Make Print Then Cut Stickers With Your Cricut 

Kayla’s Cricut Creations does a great job explaining her process from start to finish, including how to do a kiss cut technique with your machine. 

How to Make Waterproof Stickers on a Cricut 

This is a great video with Daniel and Jaycee from Just Might DIY which explains how to use the offset feature in CDS to make your print and cut stickers. 

How I Make Waterproof Stickers 

I love this video to show how to design stickers on Procreate to save and upload them to CDS. 

 cricut diy print and cut sticker paper craft holographic paper overlay waterproof

I hope this article gives so clarity on how to make your own stickers and how to use Bitmojis. There are so many endless options and they are so fun and cute to make. Drop a photo in the comments of stickers that you have made so we continue the inspiration. Happy Crafting! 

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Custom Bitmoji Stickers

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