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Posted on June 7, 2021 by Desiree McClung

Father’s Day is just around the corner, falling on Sunday June 20, 2021 this year. Most people have someone in their life that they can call Dad or have a significant other that they share children with. Often, picking out a gift for Dads can be tough. I have put together a list of a few fun and simple DIY gifts for the Dads in your life.

For the new dad

What better gift for the new dad in your life than a onesie for the newest member of the family? I thought that a clever baby onesie with a Father’s Day would be a funny gift for the new dad. You can start with a onesie in the size that you need for your baby and select a color or pattern that you choose. Walmart had a great selection of Gerber organic onesies in a variety of colors and striped patterns for under $4 each. If you are wanting a basic white onesie, multipacks are also available and will lower the cost but for this project, I really wanted something other than white, so I opted for grey. I made this design in Cricut Design Space with 2 fonts: Simple Signature Font by Letterpen · Creative Fabrica and Sweet Lover Font by Aqeela Studio · Creative Fabrica. I made it a simple single layer HTV project that I pressed for 20 seconds, warm peeled, and re-pressed again with a Teflon sheet for another 15 seconds at 300 degrees.

For the dad with a toddler

Toddlers can be messy creatures when it comes to crafts, but a scribble mug is an interactive Father’s Day gift perfect for your toddler to help you create. You will start with a blank mug. Dollar stores sell ceramic mugs but this one was from Target that I had left over from a previous project. I did pick up a new pack of Sharpie Permanent Markers, and if your toddler is anything like mine, they will destroy the markers with this project! In Cricut Design Space, I created the lettering “Best Dad Ever” using the Brandon Bromley font , which is currently FREE to download here: Brandon Bromley Font by DUMADI · Creative Fabrica . I also wanted some “confetti”, so I found some tool confetti on Cricut Design Space that I added to my design. I cut the image onto Cricut Removable Adhesive Vinyl. I selected a color I didn’t care for, since it was going to be discarded anyways. Before applying the design to the mug, I wiped the mug down with isopropyl alcohol. Once the design was in place, I let my toddler go to town coloring the mug with permanent markers. I let the mug dry for an hour before removing the vinyl. I would recommend using a weeding tool to remove the vinyl, as I tried using my fingers and felt like I was damaging the paint job a little.

For the simple dad

If you want to make a simple, elegant gift for Dad, try a framed “DAD” cutout for pictures. It couldn’t be easier to make this project. I selected a 12×12 piece of black cardstock and an 8×10 picture frame from IKEA that cost $2. In Design Space, I typed the words DAD in all caps using the font Nate’s ABC’s from Cricut. I welded the image and used the contour button to remove the center cuts from the letters.  I wanted an outline of the word with space in the center. I sized the image to 9×6” and centered the image on the mat before cutting it on machine. I centered it so that you can trim the excess off easily and insert in your photo frame. If you cut it at the default position on the Cricut (at the top left of the page), the image will not be centered when you insert it into the frame. Once inserted into your frame, you can add photos of your family or children inside the letters. For the purpose of this project, I didn’t add photos in the frame.

For the sweet dad

All dads have a favorite sweet treat and a personalized candy jar just for Dad is another great gift that doesn’t have to take a lot of time to make. I purchased a glass jar with lid at the Dollar Tree and used Cricut permanent vinyl. I prepped my glass jar with isopropyl alcohol before applying the vinyl. In Circuit Design Space, I selected a mustache image from Cricut All Access. For the words, I used the font New Moment Font by Situjuh · Creative Fabrica. I welded the image and words together and cut it on the Cricut Explore Air 2. Fill it with Dad’s favorite treat, maybe even add some ribbon, and it’s a great little gift for Father’s Day.

For the dad that’s a little extra

I saw a design recently and I thought “I have GOT to make that for someone I know!” When I realized that Father’s Day was just around the corner, I knew it was the perfect excuse to finally make a shirt for a special dad I knew would laugh about how pun-ny it was. I used the font Aloma Island Font by dixietypeco · Creative Fabrica. It’s a simple design but I did use the slicing technique for the words “Dad Bod” and “Father Figure” to add some visual interest. I cut the image on Cricut HTV in white. The shirt I selected was a 100% cotton heathered green shirt from Wal-Mart. I pressed the shirt for a few seconds to remove any moisture before pressing my image. I made this image 10×10 and pressed it in 4 sections with my Cricut Easypress on 315 degrees for 20 seconds. I also re-pressed it for 15 seconds with a Teflon sheet over the top after I removed the carrier sheet. I think it is a hilarious gift for that special dad.

For the dad with the teenage daughters

A shot glass can be a fun gift for Dads (especially ones with teens). I picked up a few shot glasses at Dollar Tree and cleaned them before applying my vinyl. The one I created says “Dad calls the shots” and was made using the font Knucklehead, which you can download currently for free here: Knucklehead Font by Creative Fabrica Freebies · Creative Fabrica. I think some other clever sayings could be “Dad Juice” “Because Teens” “Because Pre-teens” and “Hot Shot Dad”. It would also be fun etching the glass with Armour Etch. I originally tried FolkArt Glass Etching Cream from Michaels for this project, but after leaving the cream on for 15 minutes, it did absolutely nothing. I tried again and left in on for 30 minutes, and it barely etched an outline of my wording. I was disappointed in this product, so I purchased Armour Etch from Amazon and will try again using that product.

I hope that you can use these ideas to inspire you to create something fun and meaningful for Dad this year. Even if you are putting something together last minute, most of these projects are made with items you may already have or ones that can be easily purchased. They are simple projects that can be easily duplicated in a relatively short amount of time.

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Definitely making craft number 5 for my dad! 😂

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