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Fun Mandala Craft Design Ideas

Fun Mandala Craft Design Ideas main article image
Posted on January 12, 2021 by Sylvia Wu
Mandalas are popular to use in crafts. The word Mandala, which means “circle,” in Sanskrit, symbolizes the universe in certain cultures, like Hindu and Buddhist cultures. The patterns are found to be meditative and relaxing.

The repeating patterns are also a way to showcase math, which can make the creation or use of mandalas an educational activity for children as well.

Lastly, the mesmerizing patterns are a lot of fun to make and look at on display as wall art or on a t-shirt.

With limitless opportunities, you can really exercise your creativity with mandalas! The versatility of this pattern can be made suitable for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. And luckily, there are many exciting patterns to try as you’ll see in these fun mandala craft ideas.


SVGs for Cricut and Silhouette crafts

This designer features a whole collection of eye-catching free mandala SVG files to use with your cutting machine, including an array of animals like birds, dogs, farm animals, and more.

Coloring pages

This is a classic activity that people of all ages enjoy and find therapeutic. Festive pages for holidays would make for the perfect quiet-time activity at parties or gatherings.

For example, this artist has a collection of Halloween-themed mandala coloring sheets, including sugar skulls, witch hats, spiderwebs, and other creepy graphics.

Or for 100 Christmas-themed mandala coloring pages, grab this beautiful ornament collection featuring holly, bells, snowflakes, and other winter symbols.



This vibrant mandala crochet pattern will certainly make a statement in your home. This floral mandala is a challenge that has the wow factor of home decor.

Embroidery designs

Here, you can find intricate mandala embroidery designs within Zodiac symbols to sew into your apparel of choice. Pisces and Virgo are especially gorgeous.

Try your hand at any of these fun mandala craft designs! There are so many ways to enjoy these patterns all over the crafting world!

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