How to Draw Any Image/Portrait & Design it

How to Draw Any Image/Portrait & Design it main article image
Posted on December 20, 2020 by Makram Shehabeddine

We’ve all wanted to draw someone or something and use it for a certain project, print it, gift it to our loved ones, sell it, brand it or do it just as a hobby. Many people have the drawing talent, humbly I have it too, and I sometimes use measurements. But others don’t know how to start although they really love to draw. This blog will help you draw whatever or whoever you want using different techniques whether you are talented or not.

Step 1: Choosing your drawing method

If you are a talented artist then you can draw easily, but sometimes some techniques can help us improve our drawings. The techniques that I will mention below are few tips that can help you draw even if you’ve never drawn before:

  1. Drawing using measurements: First print the image or portrait you want to draw. You can choose the size you want the drawing to be, it’s up to you. Also bring the cartoon or paper you want to draw on. Next, you want to make a grid in both the printed image and the paper you want to draw on. In this case, you can either use a regular ruler but it will be the slowest way to draw the grid and the hardest. So as I prefer sometimes, the fastest way for drawing it is using a T square and square set. This method allows you to draw straight lines for a grid, so you can take measurements fast. For more info about this technique, you can google “How to use T square to draw portraits”.
  2. Use an art tracing light LED tablet. You can then easily trace your image in case you don’t have the talent.
  3. You can buy a tracing paper. Then paste your printed image, the one you want to draw, on a clean window at your home. Next, paste the tracing paper above the pasted printed image. Using the daylight or sunlight you can then trace your drawing easily. This method works best in the morning or noon where natural light is strong enough.
  4. One of the fastest drawing techniques that generates the best results is the Dry Brush Technique, which unfortunately many talented artists do not know it exists!

If you want you can draw the lines or silhouettes of the image and then later on color it on your drawing software on your PC or laptop. In case you want to color it by hand before editing it on you laptop or PC, it’s better to color the whole image in 1 direction. I personally color at 45 degrees direction (you will get used to it with time and do it fast). This helps to create a very harmonious and elegant drawing.

Step 2: Scanning your drawing

Now, we want to scan the drawing so we can import it onto the PC or laptop drawing software. When scanning beware to adjust the brightness and contrast when scanning on the printer software. When scanning your drawing, it’s necessary not to over saturate your colors before saving. Next, when saving your drawing as an image, the PNG format has always a higher resolution than the JPG.

A scanned drawing

Step 3: Importing and editing your drawing onto a drawing software:

I personally use photoshop, but there are plenty of other software that you can use. If you want a free software, there’s plenty online to find.

Now that you are in your drawing software, you can use the Eraser Tool, or Pen Tool to select only you’re drawing in a professional way and erase or get rid of the background and all the spots caused by scanning. Cleaning the edges of the drawing is extremely important for the resolution and printing. In case you use the Eraser Tool in your software, make sure you use a hard edge of the eraser, not the soft one.

Next, you can add layers to design the drawing. First, add a layer for the background where you can add the background color you prefer or even place an image behind your drawing.

I also add a layer when I want to add a gradient, or a text. If you want to take the drawing into the next level, you can add a new layer, and using the Brush Tool, add some colors above your drawing or even some parts of it. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, or exposure of the whole drawing.

Adding colors and gradient to the drawing

Step 4: Usage of your image

Once you’ve done and you’ve saved your drawing, you can use it for any use. In case you want to sell your image, you should have it as a high-resolution image. If you want to know if your image is ready for printing or selling, here’s a small trick: zoom in onto the image at 100% zoom, if you notice that the image becomes very burry or pixelated, then it’s not good for selling or even printing.

The world is your limit. Use your imagination and be creative. You can use the design you’ve made for your drawing to gift it for someone’s birthday or print it as a poster, sticker or even on t-shirt, etc… Enjoy the process!

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Heidi Fust

March 4, 2021

What amazing talent. Your drawings are beautiful!


December 23, 2020

This is so cool 😍 You are so talented!

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December 24, 2020


Thank you so much!

Roemie Hillenaar

December 20, 2020

Love these drawings!

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December 20, 2020


Thank you!

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