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How to have an aesthetic Instagram account

These are the best tips to be a digital curator.

how to have an aesthetic instagram account


For today’s post, we have made a list of seven tips to create an aesthetic Instagram account.

Follow these simple guidelines and make the best out of this great creative opportunity.


Plan your Instagram feed


Planning your posts is vital for curating an excellent aesthetic. There are some different apps that you can use to create a grid and preview how it will look. Preview, Unum, and Planoly are some examples.


how to have an aesthetic instagram feed
We’ve created this cool grid with Canva.


Some of these apps allow you to schedule your posts and automate the process. If you prefer to use a more traditional solution, you can create a grid in Canva and fill it with all your upcoming pictures.


Stick to a color palette


Your pictures will portrait different people, objects, and scenarios. An excellent way to align these captions through a familiar aesthetic is to stick to a color palette.


how to have an aesthetic instagram account
You can try this Color Palette Generator here.


When your pictures’ colors align, the aspect of your Instagram profile is more pleasant. You can create a fresh color palette for your profile with tools like Canva Palette Generator or Coolors.


Use the same filter on every picture


Presets are a fantastic mechanism for generating an everyday aesthetic. If you edit your pictures with Adobe Lightroom, you can access a massive variety of professional presets.


the best free fonts for your instagram posts
You can find this stunning preset here.


If you are going to use third-party filters, you must make sure to have a license. Here you can find a growing library of Lightroom presets with consent for personal and commercial use. Do some research and see which option works best for you.


Stick to a font style on your Instagram


As we’ve already explained in this article, fonts are a great resource to boost your Instagram posts. The best thing you can do is to stick to one or two fonts styles. These fonts will become part of your visual identity. If you are consistent, people will soon associate some lettering styles with your account.


how to have an aesthetic instagram account
You can download this free font here.


Once again, you must have a license to use third-party fonts. Here you have a catalog with 35.000+ fonts that you can use for personal and commercial purposes.


Use patterns on your Instagram posts


A good pattern can be a great resource for those days when you don’t have anything to post. If you download a bundle of designs with the same aesthetic, you can turn them into a recurring element in your gallery.


how to have an aesthetic instagram account
You can download this stunning pattern here.


Find a collection of patterns that aligns with your color palette. If you use a vectorial file, you’ll be able to rescale your designs as much as you want without losing quality.

Patterns are also useful for Instagram Stories. You can use them as a background for any message you want to share. You can find our growing library of digital patterns here.


Create nice thumbnails for your highlighted Instagram stories


Instagram allows you to highlight collections of stories at the top of your feed. This mechanism is great to drive the attention of your viewers to a different type of content.


how to create an aesthetic instagram feed
You can download these icons here.


To make these highlighted stories more attractive for your visitors, you can create a thumbnail for every project. If you don’t know how to design icons, no worries! Here you can find some thumbnail designs with a license for personal and commercial use.


Add frames to your pictures


This advice does not have to work for every profile and occasion. It’s just a tip to fit pictures with a different aesthetic on your profile.


how to have an aesthetic instagram feed


You can add these frames with a simple tool like Canva. This resource is an easy way to give a familiar aesthetic to different graphic elements.

We hope you’ve found our tips insightful. Good luck with planning and creating unique feeds. Enjoy the process!

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