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How to make a DIY Wedding Cake Topper

Learn how to decorate your wedding cake with this super cute craft.

How to make a DIY Wedding Cake Topper

In today’s post, we have partnered up with Megan, the crafter behind Oh You Pretty Things to show you how to make a rustic wedding cake topper.

Megan knew she wanted a statement cake topper. But she was not prepared to fork out a small fortune for a piece of wood. That is why, being a crafty and thrifty bride -as she is- she decided to make her own.

Do you want to know how she did it? Keep reading, and learn how to make this stunning DIY Wedding craft.

The final aspect of Megan's sign.
The end product of Megan’s sign.

Supplies needed


Pencil/ pen.




PVA Glue.

A bowl.

A wooden letter design. Megan did not have the supplies needed to cut hers, so she bought a pre-made one here. (https://confettiprint.com/product/hexagon-style-wooden-names/) You can always skip the purchase by cutting the wood yourself.

Wooden skewers: You can use any wooden/long material to glue to the cardboard. Megan used the leftovers from a barbecue, but two pencils would even work!

Wire cutters: They will make cutting your wooden sticks easier. Some scissors may do, but some won’t be sharp enough.

Spray paint.

Fishing wire.

Glue gun (and glue sticks).

Assorted flowers.

Step by step


1. Draw two 5 inch circles onto your cardboard. Cut them out with the scissors. You can use any round item to draw the circles. Make sure the width of the topper is not more prominent than the cake itself.

2. Pierce a hole in the middle of the circle. Cut a smaller circle out of the center of the cardboard. Leave half an inch around the outside. You can trace a cutout circle into the other. This way, you will have the same or similar dimensions. Glue both circles into the other. This way, the structure will be more stable.

3. Take four skewer sticks and make a mark on each, roughly halfway down. Line them up and cut at the same point on all four sticks. Glue two sets of sticks together. Do the same for the other set of two.

4. Glue your two sets of skewer sticks onto both sides of the circle, with the pointed part facing down. Now we have the basic cake topper structure.

5. Pour a generous helping of PVA glue into your bowl and add water. Mix with a spoon.

6. Dip torn pieces of newspaper into the bowl and wrap them around the cardboard rings. Cover the whole rings. Keep building up layers as you go. Make sure you cover three-quarters of the sticks, too.

7. Leave to dry overnight. When it is dry and hard, spray paint in a color of your choice.

8. Now you have your basic structure, all that’s left to do is decorate! Take the wooden letters you have bought or made. Paste fishing wire to the back of the structure with the hot glue gun.

9.  Paste your flowers to the ring. Do it the way you want. Megan wanted to add a rustic charm.

Why not give this craft a go for your own wedding? Match the faux flowers to your theme and color scheme to tie the look into the rest of the decoration. Or perhaps go for something completely unexpected. It’s really up to you!

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