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How to Make A Viral Crafting Video on Instagram

How to Make A Viral Crafting Video on Instagram main article image
Posted on March 16, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

IvyPINK is a the professional multi-crafter, DIYer and enabler, and her goal in life is to inspire others one craft at a time! One of her superpowers is making stunning videos of her creations – so we teamed up with her to make a video of Creative Fabrica’s popular cut file template Pop Up Anemones by designer Patrizia Moscone.

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Tips from IvyPINK: How to Make Viral Crafting Videos on Instagram

We sat down with Ivy behind the account @ivypinkmade to chat about what her secret is to create popular and viral crafting videos!

How to make crafting videos on Instagram

Hi Ivy, you are a multi-crafter and a crafting influencer on Instagram. Can you please tell our readers a bit more about yourself?

Hi, I’m Ivy mom to two little boys from Illinois USA. I have been crafting for as long as I remember and have worked in different fields of the craft industry for over 15 years. It’s hard to choose a favorite craft now but my first love was paper for sure.

Something to expect if you follow me is you’ll see a lot of vinyl, resin and paper crafts.

Your Instagram feed is like a dream, when did you notice you were growing, and what social media strategy did you have then?

Last summer is when I reached 10k around July. I did not really have a strategy I did not start an Instagram with growing a following in mind. I really just wanted a space to show my crafts because it was taking over my personal Instagram account with photos of my kids and family.

Crafting Videos on Instagram

What are your tips in terms of the feed and Instagram stories?

Tips for the feed is to have a good clean quality photo.

Not a lot of distraction just focus on the item you are featuring. A lot of people use a filter to give it the same “vibe”. I edit each one of my photos individually though and do not use a filter. As for stories my tip is to post something each day. It could just be one thing. But if you are consistent your followers will remember to check out your stories.

Your crafting videos are absolutely stunning and have a great reach, do you have any advice for other crafters that want to make similar videos? What should they keep in mind?

Thank you so much! I think Instagram right now is competing with TikTok and are really pushing reels. If you haven’t posted a reels yet, try it. Also don’t forget to add hashtags that are relevant to the videos. When creating a video make sure you have good lighting and keep the ratio in mind. A reel is 9:16 you do not want to be posting a 1:1 video for 9:16 size and vice versa. 

Crafting inspriation

What are your tips when filming the videos? Preparation, type of project etc?

I definitely prep all the pieces in advance. Having a tool to help me hold my camera and phone is helpful to keep it steady.

Which video would you say is the most popular and why do you think it was so popular?

You can check Instagram Insights for your most popular posts and get stats, I just checked, it’s an ornament video and it has 127.7k views. I think it’s popular because it is an easy craft to make but also it shows using a product out of the box with new material. 

Do you have any other advice for all crafter looking to grow their social media account?

Be consistent and be present. If you want your followers to like and comment do the same for their posts. Be consistent and create a posting schedule. I try to post M-F and take the weekends off. I also like to mix up content between a photo, a video and reels. It’s a lot of work. Create projects that you enjoy and are proud of and it will show through to your audience.

Check our IvyPINK’s Instagram account and get inspired!

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Nicoleta Liana

March 18, 2021

Ivy makes amazing things. I like her inspiration and her craft works. Congrats Ivy!

Creative Fabrica
Linnea from Creative Fabrica

March 18, 2021

Creative Fabrica

Her crafts are absolutely amazing!

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