Making Halloween Designs: Tips and Tricks

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Posted on September 5, 2021 by Giada Buccarella

We do not want to rush you but … autumn is near, and for digital content creators times are running faster and faster. If you are looking for ideas and ideas for your next works, this is the article that can help you, we will talk about some ideas, suggestions, and inspirations for one of the best seasonal moments which is the processing and design of products. entirely dedicated to one of the most fun, imaginative and interesting moments of the year.

Let’s talk about Halloween! Our advice is to propose products (crafts projects, digitals, printables) dedicated to Halloween, and this for at least a handful of good, if not very good reasons, for example, Add depth and credibility to your brand.

Our followers expect to find products for their needs. This means that we cannot fail to meet their expectations. We have a Halloween every year, and our customers expect to find something to help them fill a need.

Seasonal products are an excellent earning opportunity, especially if prepared well in advance! Do not worry you are still on time so read this article to the end that will help you find some more ideas for your Halloween 2021 works!

Let’s talk for a second about the background of Halloween and how it is celebrated in the world and various areas of the world.


Halloween is a festival celebrated in various parts of the world, with different declinations and interpretations depending on the geographical areas and cultures.

The basic origin of this celebration is the homage to the spirit of the dead who, according to tradition, return to earth for a day. The origin of this holiday seems to be of Irish Celtic derivation, known by the name of Samhain, despite the historical roots already in Roman times. At the basis of the celebration, there is always the theme of homage to the deceased and those who have left us.

This holiday then spread to North America and became very popular.

With the introduction of a society increasingly dedicated to industrial and commercial/consumeristic development,  Halloween has developed into themes and symbolisms with certainly more varied connotations.

Currently, the Halloween-related industry is a sector that generates about 3.5 billion dollars in the United States alone.

Starting from this first summary of information that makes us understand how this holiday is rooted in modern culture.

 Let’s go now to see what its symbolisms are and what type of iconographic research is more suitable, if, you too are thinking of producing something themed ” Halloween “.

The pumpkin

The central and recurring liturgical symbol is that of the pumpkin. There really can’t be a Halloween without traditional pumpkin carving.

It is thought that pumpkin carving was already a common practice in the Irish regions and therefore already known.

The liturgical symbol of the pumpkin also carries with it the narration of the story of Jack-O’-Lantern, the story of a greedy and cunning blacksmith who is forbidden to enter hell to atone for his sins committed in life; the devil, who did not allow him to enter, took pity on Jack who was forced to wander in the darkness of the night streets, so the Devil threw him a burning ember which Jack placed in his carved pumpkin (or turnip). From that day on, legend has it that Jack has been wandering relentlessly only with his little flame burning.


It is nowadays widespread practice to choose pumpkins every year before Halloween in the “pumpkin patches” and there is no doubt that the pumpkin has become an element of furniture and decoration in every form, color, and variant. Not just orange but golden, pink, polka dots, striped, painted, white or black pumpkins!


Costumes and masks

Undoubtedly that of the Halloween-themed costume is a strong presence on the market that moves several billion every year. The connotations of the masks are often macabre and grotesque, certainly different from what we are used to seeing during other masked parties there and for example the carnival.

The presence of frightening and in some ways terrifying elements is a fundamental and recurring element.

Everything that revolves around the paranormal, the alien and demonic world such as zombies, aliens, extraterrestrials, witches, sorcerers, ghosts but also scary and creepy characters.

Flora and fauna

In the animal kingdom, we find the symbol of the cat, kore often the black cat, a sacred and mysterious animal in the history of Egyptian civilization but also damned because it is a faithful companion of witches in classical literature and history.

Not only cats! Being a mainly nocturnal party, the bat finds its stage of excellence on Halloween, as well as all the typical animals of the night such as owls, but also mythological creatures such as dragons.

In flora, on the other hand, the symbology follows everything that represents the “magic” such as healing and notoriously sacred plants such as sage, or terrifying plants such as carnivorous plants or grotesque-looking flowers.


Impossible not to mention orange as a fundamental color on Halloween but also green that draws on the alien and science fiction world, in conjunction with purple.

Purple considered the color of the occult and for a long time fought by the Christian church as the color of witchcraft, draws precisely from the world of witches and shamans but also the whole metaphysical and “magical” universe, the Wicca culture, and all the mystical variant: magic potions, crystals, strange and miraculous plants, lucky charms, pendants, and mystical and celestial symbols such as stars, constellations, the moon!


Let’s see together now some possible ideas to offer Halloween-themed products for 2021!


Illustrations are always easy to sell, especially on Creative Fabrica, and don’t think that just one type of illustration is enough! Every year there is a new Halloween and your followers want to have a new Halloween set created for them just by you! Every year they look for the novelty, the new, the original! So the advice is: create new things if you can, every year, even if the holidays are the same every year!

Party Printables

As you know, the party and events industry has experienced a drastic decline since the pandemic began. Fortunately, the vaccination campaign that is underway all over the world has made it possible to relaunch this sector, and it is plausible to think that many people will find the opportunity to meet and organize parties! It is the perfect opportunity to think about everything that can be printed and used for Halloween parties: cake toppers, chips bags, popcorn boxes, favor bags, wall decorations, and much more!


The prints on t-shirts are always a must: simple and printable with a not excessive expense, we think for example of those who do not want to wear a Halloween costume but prefer to wear a t-shirt perhaps to go around the neighborhood asking: “Trick or Treat? “

Tumbler Graphics

One of the most interesting marketing items is the tumbler! An eco-friendly choice and an object always at hand! It could be ideal as a gift for a friend.

Planner Printables

Needless to specify more, all journaling and planning enthusiasts love to decorate their diaries with stickers, washi tapes, dashboards, and more, so we can create all this for them!


A graphic designer never has enough fonts! Fonts are a primary resource for anyone! Halloween-themed fonts are ideal for creating social posts, advertising material but also SVGs and invitations!

Digital Invitations

Digital invitations, which can be sent simply from your phone or PC, are a fantastic idea to offer to your followers! We must always keep in mind that Halloween is an opportunity to meet at a community and family level, and today more than ever our smartphones have totally replaced almost every high-end device, especially all correspondence. Digital invitations are currently used a lot, but remember to create invitations that are editable by users, where everyone can insert their own text!

We really hope you enjoyed this article and that it brought you a good dose of inspiration! remember that the ultimate goal of our work as designers and creatives is to give others what they need, to serve gold in a responsible but also fun way!

If you want you can leave a comment below, if you have any questions or advice do not hesitate and write down everything you have in mind!

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