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Organize Your Craft Space on a Budget

Organize Your Craft Space on a Budget main article image
Posted on August 14, 2021 by Jennifer Carroll

I don’t know why they don’t name tornadoes. I feel like they should. And they should call them all Jennifer. Just a brief overview of my organizational skills. I have good intentions. I really do but I’m a creator and I’m productive and I’m messy sometimes. So, I know you’re wondering why I feel qualified enough to tell you how to organize your craft space on a budget. You’ll just have to trust me on this and keep reading.

Separate Spaces

If you have the ability to create separate spaces in your workspace that’s a great place to start. I craft in a two-car garage so this isn’t a problem. Our garage also came equipped with wrap-around workbenches and that was a good beginning.

Workspace one

On one wall I decided to hang a pegboard. They’re pretty inexpensive at your local hardware store and I see them on Facebook Marketplace a few times a week. The hardware and brackets you need to hang your tools can be found at Walmart or your local home improvement store. I used scrap wood to create a few shelves to hold my smaller paint containers. This is where I do my painting and sanding. It keeps the mess confined to that area and I have a better chance of containing the cyclone phenomenon. I covered my workbench with contact paper from The Dollar Tree and when it gets too messy I just change it out. I also hung a backsplash just to give my space a more finished look. I work in our garage and it’s very functional but not exactly pretty. The tiles helped. They’re just peel and stick squares I picked up at The Dollar Tree.

To soften the space a little I added a 5’x7’ carpet in front of this workbench – I got it at my favorite thrift store for $1! I spend a lot of time standing here and the carpet saves my feet, and it gives my audience of three dogs a place to lounge. I also keep a small handheld vacuum under this bench to keep it tidy while I paint. I even have a TV mounted so I can watch my favorite creators or just catch up on Netflix.

Workspace two

My second workspace is in the center of the garage and consists of two nine-cube organizers and a sheet of one-inch plywood.

I know I promised you organization on a budget, and to be fair when I built this table, lumber was still affordable. My strategy for buying wood today consists of checking the 70%-off cart at my local Home Depot. There’s almost always something useful there. I just used wood screws to attach the plywood to my shelves and of course, I drilled pilot holes first. If you use your power tools to create, just be careful and wear your safety gear. I shopped around for the least expensive cube organizers I could find and the best option I found was at Bed Bath & Beyond. I used the 20% off coupon I get in the mail. If you get them too, they’re a good thing to hang on to because they don’t expire. I used containers that I bought at my favorite thrift store to fill my cubes. I have thoughts of making labels for them but for now, it’s just a thought. I keep my paper crafting items over here along with beads, stamps, molds, and all sorts of small items that can be stashed in small containers.

Speaking of small containers, The Dollar Tree has small plastic drawers that are excellent for storing and organizing little things like beads. I use hot glue to hold these together and keep them stacked neatly. The mini crates from The Dollar Tree or Michael’s are another favorite organizational item. I use three of them along with two long scraps of wood to make a little shelf system. They’re held together with staples and if you look at the picture it’s pretty easy to see how I constructed them. Another item I love to use for organization is vintage suitcases. I find them often at my favorite thrift store and they’re such a great DIY project. But we’ll save that for another post.

Workspace three

I have a third area for creating and this is where my power tools live. My husband is insistent that I need the right tools for the job, and he is so correct. If you’re intimidated by the thought of using power tools – don’t be! Be respectful and use safety gear. A few power tools will expand your ability to create in ways you haven’t imagined yet. Anyway. I keep mine on a separate bench near a window and my husband also installed a shop light over the bench for me. Good lighting is important when you’re crafting in general but even more so when using power tools.

I’m not comfortable keeping my Cricut machine and printer in the garage where we don’t run the AC all the time, so they live in the guest room. My favorite thrift store had the perfect desk for $10. It’s a drop leaf on wheels and it was cheap. It fits perfectly in the closet and when I’ve created my product and the coinciding mess, I can just roll it back into the closet and close the doors.

Before I took the time and effort to create these dedicated spaces for crafting, I had little messes everywhere. The kitchen peninsula, the living room couch, or wherever I landed. Turning my hobby into a career required me to take my crafting much more seriously and having a space to do it in makes going to work every day a real thing. If you’re crafting for your own pleasure or you’re a working creator, make a space to do your thing and keep Tornado Jennifer out of your space. Until next time – happy crafting!

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