The best alternatives to Procreate

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Posted on May 22, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Do you like to draw on your tablet? If that’s the case, keep reading! For today’s post, we have curated a selection of five apps that allow you to create funny doodles and beautiful drawings.

We’ve selected apps that are not exclusive for a specific device. All the tools that we have included are free or offer a free version, so you can give them a try. We hope you have fun!

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Adobe Fresco
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Medibang Paint
Tayasui Sketches




WeTransfer launched Paper for those who like to doodle, but would not call it “art.” This app is an excellent tool for simple drawings and sketches, not an advanced tool for professional illustrators. It’s a simple, user-friendly app. If you visit the Paper Store, you will find a lot of tips and tricks that will improve your experience in the app.

Anybody can download the free version, which is pretty resourceful. To have access to all the tools and perks, you have to upgrade to Paper Pro ($11.99 at the moment this post was released).

The user interface of the app is clean and fun. The drawings are stored in virtual journals, emulating paperback sketchbooks. You can choose if you want to have all the tools on display, or if you prefer to hide them while you are drawing. In the Pro version, you can customize the journals and create your color palette.

Adobe Fresco



Fresco is a painting tool from the Adobe family. It’s a professional app, and it’s available in a freemium model. You can give it a try with a free plan and upgrade to a paid version later. You can also get Premium access through the Adobe Photoshop Single App Plan and the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan.

Adobe designed Fresco to be used in iPad with the Apple Pencil. Anyway, some Windows devices also support the app. You can check the official list here. By the moment this article is published, the app is not available for Android.

The user interface in Adobe Fresco is sharp and professional. The different tools allow you to turn your sketches into high-quality art pieces. The effect that you can get with the watercolor brushes is one of the most realistic.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro



Autodesk Sketchbook Pro allows you to turn your initial sketch into final art. The fully-featured version of this app is free. There is also an enterprise plan that will enable companies to buy multiple licenses for multiple users.

This app is excellent for professional projects. You can use it on multiple devices, not only your tablet. You can also export your artwork in different formats, including PSD. When you export a PSD file, the app will fully preserve all the layers and their details (names, groups…). It’s also possible to import PSD files and edit them again.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro incorporates a big catalog of tools for digital illustration. You can also make use of some “secret” features to smooth lines and correct shapes.

Medibang Paint Pro



Medibang Paint Pro is a Japanese app for those who love to draw. It is available for iPad and Android, and there are versions for iPhone, Mac, and PC. It’s completely free. You can find more information about the different versions on the software’s official page.

This app is a prevalent choice among manga lovers. The tool includes unique features to create your comics. Users have access to a library of comic-book fonts and graphic resources to boost the aspect of the drawings.

Medibang Paint Pro allows you to store your drawings in the cloud. This way, you can open, save, and edit them on different devices. It’s also possible to enable group projects and work with teammates in the same document.


Tayasui Sketches



Tayasui Sketches is a free tool with a simple, elegant user interface. It’s perfect for simple sketches, and also for more elaborated artwork. This app is fun to understand and easy to use.

This software is available in AppStore, in the Mac App Store, and Google Play. It allows you to work with infinite layers, and it has smart, realistic brushes. You can incorporate gradients and patterns into your drawings. You can also blend different colors for the perfect mix.

As the majority of these apps, Tayasui Sketches is freemium. You can have access to the necessary features for free, but if you want to enjoy the full version, you’ll have to pay.

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