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The Importance of Having Your Own Creative Space

The Importance of Having Your Own Creative Space main article image
Posted on November 7, 2022 by Miles Oliver

If you have taken a love of art, crafting, drawing, sculpture, or anything that fuels your creativity, then you probably know how rewarding those acts can be for your body and your soul. Now, imagine being able to do what you love in your own private space. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

The point is that even if you are low on options, you can make space in a room, the garage, the attic, or even an outdoor patio. By creating your own area, you can hone your creativity and improve your chances of staying organized and on task. If you are on the fence about making your own creative place, then we have some tips and benefits that will make it an easier decision.

Spark Your Creativity in Your Own Space

If you love your craft but feel like you are stuck sometimes and can’t come up with the next move, then you could benefit by creating your own artistic space. Sometimes, if we paint or do our creative endeavors in the living room or bedroom, it can be easy to get distracted. When there are creative roadblocks at home, we may not take the process as seriously as we may like. When you work in your own special artistic space, you can dedicate all of your attention to your work and get amazing results. 

When you have your own space, you can modify it accordingly in order to be as creative as possible. You can do anything you like here. Put up some inspirational photos or pictures of family or friends that can fill your heart with happiness so you can do your best work. You should also consider a space where you can get a lot of natural light. We get many benefits from natural light, including more vitamin D, which helps us to stay active and healthy. Light also helps us to stay focused and intent on creating our best work.

If you have your own personal creative space in your home and your family is aware of the purpose of this area, then you can also work without the worry of being bothered. Advise them that this is your own personal space where you not only create art but also sit with your thoughts and work out your problems. After an hour in your special room, your mind could be more at ease, and that positivity will extend to your time with your family. 

Creating Space for Storage and Organization

While having your own space will undoubtedly help with creativity, you can also boost your organization. Organize the area in such a way that you have a place for everything. When we are working out of a tight space or feel cluttered, then it can be hard to focus, and our work could suffer. 

Look around the room and think about storage solutions that could make your life easier. For instance, you might add a shelving unit for your paints and brushes or an area where you keep the easels. Every craft tool in the room should have its own place, and you should try to return everything back there when you are done. Also, consider putting silicone mats on the floor to prevent damage from stains.

If you have a smaller room that doesn’t afford a lot of wiggle room, then consider taking a multifunctional approach to storage. That might involve adding an ottoman or bench to your room that allows you to sit and also store stuff inside. You could also consider rolling storage containers that you can move out of the way whenever necessary.

The only option may be to get a storage locker so you can keep your paintings and projects in a safe place. If you go with this option, then you will want to ensure that these belongings stay out of harm’s way. You can do that by padding your work in newspaper or blankets, so stored items aren’t damaged during the move. You should also consider cleaning all of your items before storing them away so they cannot be damaged by prolonged dust.

How To Make Your Own Room

Now that you understand the importance of having your own creative space, you can start to think about where you can create that area in your home. Of course, the best scenario would be if you have an extra room in your home that you can transform to your heart’s desire. If you have that option, then choose the room with the most natural light and possibly extra closet space for your belongings. 

Some people also opt to turn their garage into an art studio. If you do, make sure it is inhabitable during the colder seasons by adding extra insulation and by sealing the perimeter of the windows, so you don’t feel a draft. Since many garages only have one light that turns on when you open the door, it is a good idea to add some shop lights for extra illumination. Go for lights that provide a 5000k color temperature, which is similar to the look of daylight.

If you plan to turn your attic into an art studio, then the same principles apply. Patch any holes or spaces between ceiling tiles, so you don’t get cold in the winter. You can get rid of the clutter you have up there by recycling or donating what you no longer need. It will also be essential that you have a subfloor installed, so you don’t fall through spaces in the joists below you. Finally, paint the walls to make it a complete room.

As you can see, if you truly love your art or your other creative endeavors, then you can breathe new life into your work by making your own space. Consider the tips mentioned here, and you can truly thrive.

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