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When Passion Becomes Your Job

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Posted on January 11, 2021 by User

When passion becomes your job

When I was still at school studying Art for 6 years, never in a million years did I think that this would lead me to create my own business. As a year 11 student my teacher didn’t teach us from the textbook. Instead, he told us stories of his travels and the places he had seen. He painted graphic pictures of the Louvre, the Great Pyramids, the Guggenheim Museum, the Sistine Chapel, the columns that held up the Colosseum, and the many statues of David. 

Not having travelled myself, his stories conjured images of grandeur that we had only seen and read about in books. The mysteries of how the Pyramids were built with such precision, the many years of painting on a ceiling, and the intricate workings of the many statues and Friezes on cathedrals. All this fueled my interest in Art and travel to one day see them for myself.

When my job became my business…

It wasn’t until my sister’s boyfriend introduced me to the world of Signwriting and this, in turn, opened my eyes to gold leaf, fonts, screen printing, and creating something truly beautiful for everyone to see. I would often walk down the street showing off my creations and even to this day there are still signs that I have done that have stood the test of time. Remember this was a time when we used paint!

Then came the era of digital printing and vinyl lettering and this opened Pandora’s box and a whole new world of imagination. Not only could we create a 3D picture that was a true representation of the original but we could add backgrounds, groovy fonts, and brilliant colours all in a day!! We could apply these to cars, buses and other vehicles, buildings, clothing, mugs, pens, floors, flags, banners, and almost everything else. Imagine the possibilities.

And now we get to search online for graphics, pictures, fonts, and even a tutorial on how to do things. Sometimes they are free which helps us struggling artists achieve our dreams.

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