How To Make Leather Look Clay Earrings

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Posted on February 16, 2021 by Carrie Christenson

Have you seen the new leather effect FIMO clay at your local craft store yet? I first saw it being used by someone I follow on Instagram and I was instantly intrigued, I had to try it for myself! On the next trip to my favorite store, I bought a few colors and decided to make a set of trendy earrings with it.

Leather earrings clay

Roll the FIMO clay thin

The first step is to cut off some of the clay and roll it out as thin as possible, I did mine about 1/8″ thick.  I had laid down some parchment paper and then sandwiched the clay between another sheet and rolled it out with a rolling pin. I found rolling it without the parchment had it stick to my wooden rolling pin and nobody wants that!

leather clay earrings 2

leather earrings 3

Creating the leather look

Now I will confess, the first time I did this I thought I was done and ready to bake the clay.  I didn’t read the instructions fully and thought baking it brought out the leather texture. I was wrong! The correct next step is to pick up the clay right after rolling it out and gently stretching it in every direction.  That’s what creates the leather look!  Here’s a close-up shot showing you the effect:

leather earrings 4

Repeat the process with all of the colors you want to use.  You can preheat the oven while you’re rolling out the rest of the colors to 265 degrees. I used another sheet of parchment to line my cookie sheet and then spaced all of the colors onto it and baked for 30 mins as the packaging directions stated.

leather earrings 5 

Designing the earrings

Once they are baked, set them aside to cool. While waiting you can start designing the earrings in Cricut Design Space.

I’m using this earring cut file from Creative Fabrica for this project. You’ll want to upload the design into the software and open them up as cut files.

leather earrings 6

I’m going to use the design in the lower left-hand corner, so I deleted the other earrings. I also resized it to be smaller.

Hot tip: If you’re not sure what size you want to use I would recommend printing out a few different sizes on paper first and seeing what you like best before cutting the real material.

leather earrings 7

I chose to use 3 different colors of clay for this earring design and if you’re not familiar with Cricut Design Space it automatically will sort your cutting mats by color for you. Then duplicate the design by right-clicking on your mouse to pull up the shortcut menu.

leather earrings 8

Now you’re ready to send it to cut!  Click the green “make it” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

leather earrings 9

This is where you can move the earring parts around on the mat to make sure they are in the right locations with the actual material on your cutting mat.

Secure the clay with tape before cutting

Speaking of your cutting mat. Let’s attach the leather clay to your mat and load it into the machine. Since this material is thicker than most and my mat is pretty well-loved I added washi tape all around it to make sure it didn’t slide around while it was cutting.  Also, make sure your knife blade is loaded into the B tool clamp.

leather earrings 10

Next, make sure to adjust the cut settings.  I played around with several different settings and found this 4-5 oz. garment leather did a great job. I did send it to cut 2 more times before fully unloading the mat though. It will ask you to check to make sure it’s fully cut after each cycle.

leather earrings 11

Assemble your earrings

Now it’s the fun part, assembling your earrings!! I used gold jump rings and earring hooks to complete mine. You’ll also need 2 small pliers to pull the jump rings open and then can slide the rings through the holes and then squeeze the rings again to close them. Repeat this process for each layer.

leather earrings 12

Finally, step back and look at those gorgeous creations you just made!  A beautiful and on-trend set of earrings you can wear or share with loved ones.

leather earrings 13

I’m definitely going to be making more of these in the very near future! I can’t wait to try out the other earring cut files too.

Thanks for following along!!

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February 17, 2021

Nice article!! I've recently tried making my own clay earrings but I always ended up overbaking them.. Do you maybe have any tips on this?

Carrie Christenson's profile picture
Carrie Christenson

February 18, 2021


Thank you! Maybe try checking them about 20 mins in? I know the package says to bake for 30 mins but you might have a hot oven. Good luck!!


February 17, 2021

I really need to try this, the leather effect is really cool!

Carrie Christenson's profile picture
Carrie Christenson

February 18, 2021


Thank you so much!! It's really fun to do, I highly recommend it. :)

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