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Bullet Journaling 101: Great Journaling Prompts

Bullet Journaling 101: Great Journaling Prompts main article image
Posted on April 27, 2021 by Melika Jeddi

There are many ways to use a journal, but this article will focus on a unique concept – prompts! Prompts come in a range of forms, but regardless of the type, the purpose is to encourage you to write something that you otherwise might never have written. They can serve as a great tool to release your creativity, do some introspection, or make plans for positive changes in your life. Pretty much anything can be turned into a prompt, and so there is no finite set of categories, but most prompts will fall into either reflective, speculative, lists, or creative.


These are prompts that make you think about who you are, and who you want to be. They can be about things you like, things you dislike, things you’ve done that you’re proud of, things that you’d like to change. Anything that encourages introspection about a serious topic would fall into the reflective category. Reflective prompts are great for people who like to use journaling as a tool for self-growth and self-awareness.

Some examples of reflective prompts that you could write about in your journal are as follows:

– Who are the people that have a positive impact on my life?

– What skills am I talented at?

– What skills would I like to learn?

– What was my favourite holiday?


– What do I want to be doing in 5 years’ time?

– What are some kind things that strangers have done for me?

– Where is my happy place?

– What have I accomplished this week?

– What actions make me feel loved?

– What am I grateful for this week?

As you can see, even within the category, there can be plenty of variation in the theme of the prompts. Some focus on existing traits in yourself, some focus on potential future traits. It’s also great to focus on your own accomplishments, and the things in your life that you’re grateful for. It can help give you a positive outlook, and to be more productive and motivated throughout your day.


Speculative prompts focus on potential scenarios, and can be either silly or more serious. They can help you learn a lot about what you value, and what you want from life. They can also be fun to write, and allow you to escape into an alternate reality for a while. Speculative prompts get your imagination going, whilst still being somewhat based on real feelings. The list below is only a few examples of potential prompts you could use, and the great thing about speculative prompts is that there’s no limit on what you can write about. Why not come up with a few of your own as well?


– If I could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

– If I could visit anywhere in the world, where would I go?

– If I could visit one historical moment, which would it be?

– If I could be any animal, what would I want to be?

– If I could watch any movie again for the first time, with my memory of it wiped, what would it be?

– If I won the lottery, what would I spend the money on?

– If I could resurrect one dead character from a book, TV show, or movie, who would it be?

– If I could live in my perfect house, what would it look like?

Perfect House

– If I could change one past decision, what would it be?

– If I had one day left to live, what would I do?

Some are also reflective in nature, but they fit under the speculative category as they pose imaginary scenarios. These kind of prompts require you to really think about them, and can be more time consuming than other categories.


The good thing about lists is that they don’t necessarily require very much effort, and they also don’t need to be done in just one sitting. You can think of some list topics, and add to them every time you open your journal. Of course, you can also fill out each list in one go, depending on what works for you. Lists can be a great way of remembering things you’d thought forgotten, for planning ahead, or even just for a bit of fun.

– What are my favourite movies?

– Which historical landmarks have I visited?

– If I got a new pet, what could I name it?

– What are my favourite foods?

– What are the things I’d like to do before I die?

– What tasks do I need to get done this month?

– What are the best feelings in the world?

– What were my favourite childhood TV shows?

– What are my favourite books?

– Who in my life would I like to get back in touch with?

Lists can be as long or short as you like, and can be to serve a purpose, or just to kill some time. The important thing is that they can help to get you using your journal, without the pressure of having to write long paragraphs.


Creative prompts are useful if you like to let your imagination run free, or if you consider yourself a writer/ artist. They can allow you some free expression, and can liven up your journal. Bullet journals are often used for writing and tracking habits, but there’s nothing to stop you using it for art. Maybe try to draw a picture in response to some of these prompts, instead of writing an answer?

– Write about a character who wakes up to find they’ve lost their memory.

– Imagine a world where robots are everywhere. What kind of things would they be used for?


– Describe an exciting day out to somewhere I’ve never been.

– What kind of delicious food would be in the world’s best bakery?

– Fill this page with things I love.

– Write a poem about nature.

– Write the diary entry of someone from 100 years ago.

– Write about a day that goes horribly wrong for someone.

– Choose a character you love. Write/ draw a scene that might have happened to them.

– Invent a brand new app.

Prompts can be about anything and everything. If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not go to the Creative Fabrica website and browse through the graphics on the site? Maybe you’ll find a picture that makes you feel motivated to journal. Try printing out various graphics, and taping them into your journal as inspiration.

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