Creating Stickers with Brother ScanNCutDX

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Posted on March 3, 2021 by Ashli Pitre

Cute stickers are everywhere – from online deal boxes to print your own journal sticker sites. But ordering online and even printing your own can be time-consuming and cost a fortune.  Why not create your own cute stickers for your journal, your kid’s class, or just to play with? 

What you’ll need to Complete this Tutorial:

  • Brother ScanNCutDX Machine (It’s important to have the scan mat feature for this tutorial)
  • Brother Canvas Workspace (Digital or Downloaded Version)
  • Color Printer
  • Sticker Paper (Ideally, a matte letter-size sheet.)
  • Sticker Design File (We will create this.)
  • Photo Editing Software (We used the free version of Gimp available online)

Making your own stickers from graphics

There are a couple of ways to go about creating your stickers. The first is to buy or download a predesigned sticker sheet.  Many predesigned sheets for sale now come with an SVG to load into your machine to cut your stickers. You could also start from a template such as the ones available on Creative Fabrica: Sticker Templates or Ultimate Planner Sticker Template Bundle. The final way would be to use drawings or clip art to create your own images.

Stickers for children’s chore chart

We’ll be making our own with simple graphics as reward stickers for a children’s chore chart and some school stickers for a journal. First, decide which stickers you want to print. You can see below that we’ve used several different designs from different files to create a full page of stickers. The cute school supplies were from a resource that was free from a printable website. Since we are not selling these stickers, we can use them for personal use.  he chore icons and emojis can be found on Creative Chore Chart Graphic; 780 Free Emojis.

We just cut the items we needed using our photo editing software. We also duplicated the little school supplies and emojis to print multiple copies. The school supplies were colorized two at a time to give a variety of colors. There are many tutorials on how to change the color of items for each photo editing software, so just look at the ones that are best for you.

Ready to print

You can see here that we have all of our images on a letter (8.5×11 inch) page and ready to print. Load your sticker paper into your printer in the right orientation and send your image to print.  You can double-check that you are printing on the correct side of your sticker paper by peeling a small corner of the paper and using your finger to correctly position the sticky side for printing. Go ahead and print out your stickers and set them aside to dry for a minute to make sure there is no smearing.

Brother Scan N Cut

Next, save your image in the photo editing software to a folder or the desktop on your computer.  We will need to access it from the Brother Creative Workspace software later. Your file must be saved as a jpg, bmp, png, or gif file in order for it to be read in the brother software, but if you are saving as any of the latter three types, make sure you save with a white background, as they can sometimes be imported with a black background instead of making it harder to cut your sticker file.

Brother Creative Workspace

Import the image into the Brother Creative Workspace software using Image Tracing. This button looks like a leaf with a dot and line surrounding it. You should see the image tracing option pop up when clicking. Next, navigate to your file and click to open. Don’t worry about the tracing selecting some odd shapes or small pieces. We’re going to fix these before cutting the stickers.  Make sure the Paste Image on the Drawing Area is selected and Trace Outer Edge Only is highlighted for your tracing. Your image should import as the same size as it was printed without needing to resize. If it does not, make sure it measures the same size as your sticker sheet on the cutting mat preview. Just the outside borders should be cut for our stickers.

Making your own stickers in Scan N Cut

Simply the file for cutting

This next part is the part that will take the most time, so bear that in mind as you create your own stickers.

You’ll notice that there are lots of cutting lines that would cut in the wrong places or dissect your stickers. Start by ungrouping the cutting lines. For the emojis on the bottom of the page, a simple circle shape will be the best cut since we don’t need intricate details. We can delete any of these shapes that don’t match surrounding our image and replace them with our own simple shapes. For the pencils, notebooks, and crayons we can create the shape once, and then use the duplicate function to line up the others. You’ll notice as well that the chore chart icons all use the same cut width. This is because we want them to look as uniform as possible on our chart.

Making a sticker chart digital designs

Group the images for efficient cutting

We have also grouped the items so that they cut together rather than jumping multiple times across the page. For the fastest cut time, you can also rearrange your items into rows for optimal cutting patterns. In this particular case, the emojis are separated into four grouped rows. This will make more sense when we go to the machine. Once all your cuts are ready, export your file to your machine.

Now that your machine is up and loaded and the file has been transferred, load your printed sticker sheet onto your mat. You may want to load a little away from the edges of the mat to make sure you can move the cut file where you need it. After attaching your sticker sheet to the mat (We used the Low Tack Adhesive Mat since we are not cutting all the way through our sticker sheet.), load the mat into the machine.

Load your transfer file and bring up the edit menu. Next, scan the sticker sheet from your mat. (Note: Not ALL ScanNCut Machines have this capability. It’s important for sticker making that you are seeing exactly where your cuts are and since Brother does not currently offer a Print Function in their software, this is the closest we can get at this time.)

How to use a Brother ScanNCut

You will notice that the cut file and the scan do not match up exactly. This is because we have no way of knowing without scanning where exactly to line up our paper on the mat. But that’s okay! 

Tutorial Brother ScanNCut

Once you’ve scanned your paper on the mat, select the Arrow Cross in the middle-lower area of your screen to adjust where your cuts are. That’s why in the software we grouped these items. Otherwise, you would have to move each individual item or even the group as a whole and as you can see from this example, not all of the items need to be moved the same amounts.

Brother ScanNCut

Adjust positions

Once you select the arrow cross, it will bring up another menu to move your items, you can zoom in to see more clearly, but simply use the up, down, left, and right arrows to line up your cuts with the paper image on the screen.  You can use the left and right triangle arrows to select the next group to move and continue to adjust until they are all in the correct positions. Once all your pieces are aligned, click okay to return to the edit menu. Select okay again to back out to the cut menu. Select cut, and then the wrench tool to open the cut settings dialog.

Brother ScanNCut Crafts

Test cut the sticker sheet

Here we need to make sure that Half Cut is turned On. We will run a test cut on our sticker page to make sure that the blades are not cutting all the way through the page or not deep enough to cut the sticker top off the backing page.  Click okay to return to the cut menu and select Test. Make sure to move your test object to a position where it won’t overlap one of your stickers and click okay to test.

Once your test is complete, pull your test sticker off the mat. If it goes completely through the paper or doesn’t completely cut out your sticker, move your test shape and adjust your settings until there is a clean-cut around your test shape that does not go through the entire paper backing. Many times, you can use similar settings to vinyl for sticker sheets. Remember each machine is different and your settings might differ from material to material.

Make the final cut

Once your test comes out clean, run your sticker sheet. Depending on your number of stickers on a page, it should only take a few minutes to cut an entire sheet. Once all your stickers are cut, unload your mat and pull your sticker sheet off your mat. 

Make your own sticker sheet

ScanNCut crafting tutorial

Now you have adorable stickers you can use on your projects, journal, or even for your children. We used the chore chart images and some of the emojis to make this cute chore chart and even let the child it is for color in some of the stickers! With these techniques, you can make whatever shapes and designs you like for your crafting. Happy Crafting!

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Creating Stickers with Brother ScanNCutDX

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