How to Publish Low Content Books on KDP

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Posted on March 6, 2021 by Macario Hernandez

So many of us have the creative bug and are always looking for new and fun ways to create content and share it. One way to do that has really blown up in recent years: low content books!

Have you ever heard of low content books? Amazon is full of them and they are easy to create and publish. Examples of low-content books are journals, planners, activity books, guest books, composition books, coloring books, and quote books. The reason they are considered low content is that unlike fiction or nonfiction books, with 10,000 to 100,000 words, these books are typically graphic-heavy and word lite. So, you don’t have to slave over that fiction romance book you’ve been dying to write (well you can still do that but that’s another topic for another day). Low content books are easy to create and often can be finished in a short amount of time. And with a site like (cough) Creative Fabrica, it’s even easier and more fun than ever. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Notes about KDP

What is Amazon KDP?

All the millions of books available on Amazon didn’t just get there. Publishers and authors put them there. Many of the book creators have used Amazon KDP to put their creations on Amazon. Amazon allows you to publish your book on their platform as an eBook or a print book. They’ll even print it and send it to whoever buys it. This is all done for a cost. That cost is added to the cost of the book for the buyer. When books are bought you are given a percentage of the book sale. The amount you get depends on how much you choose to charge for the book minus the print cost and Amazon’s percentage. So long story short Amazon KDP allows you to sell your created books to the public using their search engine and they’ll even print it and send it. Sounds like a good deal right. You can tell people you have a book published on Amazon. This is a great way to share creative low-content books.


Coming up with a low content idea

Before you jump into your creative low content endeavor you probably want to do some research. Visit your local stores that have book sections. Sometimes you’ll see low content books there. You can also scan through Amazon.com and even Pinterest to get inspiration for your creations. The keyword is “inspiration”. You never want to just outright copy someone else’s work. This can lead to you being banned from publishing on Amazon KDP, sued for copyright infringement and it’s just a bad karma thing to do.

In your book research look for topics, and formatting ideas. What type of content is in the book? How is that content formatted? If you are looking at Amazon you will see that some books have a look inside section to see how it’s formatted. See what the book size is. Also, look at reviews. Reviews can tell you about missed opportunities that you can take advantage of and what people like about this type of book.

If you want to take your research to the next level you may consider software like Publisher Rocket which helps do research on books and categories. The data they provide are things like idea suggestions and how many people have searched Amazon for that topic. Once you’ve seen something that you like and would like to emulate. Publisher Rocket isn’t cheap for those just starting out doing this, so you may wait to do that until you have a few books under your belt.

Creating your book

Before starting your book you should decide what size book you are creating. For Amazon KDP publishing there are lots of different book sizes. Certain types of books do better at different sizes. It’s up to you to research what size works best for your category and book type. To see book size options go to Amazon KDP. You will also want to decide if your book will be in color or black and white. Color books cost more to print so you’ll have to charge more for the book to make up for it.

After doing some research and figuring what type of low-content type of book you want to create it’s time to look for design assets. You can design and create your own or find images and templates on Creative Fabrica. Creative Fabrica hosts various graphics and templates for almost every need. For example, if you are doing a journal for cat lovers, then just type in cat in the search bar and you’ll see all sorts of feline imagery. Are you looking to make a planner? Type “planner” in the search options and you’ll see many templates to choose from.

Once you have your assets you need to start placing them together in a program. Professionals building books may use a program like Adobe InDesign. A cheaper and more user-friendly alternative to this is Affinity Publisher. Many low-content publishers who aren’t comfortable with graphic layout software use Microsoft Publisher to create their book. Whatever you choose, make sure you select the dimensions and size of your book in the program’s settings before you start.

After placing your elements in the book you’ll export the book as a PDF.

Publishing your book

Now you are ready to publish your book. Before you do look through it for any mistakes. Spelling errors or cut-off images will make your book look unprofessional.

Create an account

To start you’ll first need to create an Amazon KDP account. When you create the account you’ll need to fill out profile info and billing and payment methods.

The Bookshelf

Once you have your profile filled out you can go to the Bookshelf link. The bookshelf is where you will add books to your account and see any past books you created. It’s a starting dashboard for your books on Amazon. This will include eBooks and print books. At the Bookshelf, you will see an option that reads Create a New Title. For this discussion, you will click the (+ paperback) option. This will open up the Paperback details section.

Paperback details on KDP

On this page, you’ll fill out the book title, author, description, and keywords. Think of keywords as words that people will use to search for your book. You also have the option to figure out what category your book belongs in. Fill out the content on this page and then do save and continue. This will lead to the next section.

Paperback content

In this section, you can get a free ISBN number. This is used to keep track of your books on Amazon. Here is also where you will select your book size, paper type and cover type. This is the section where you’ll upload your PDF. They also have a cover creator to help you design your book cover. After previewing your uploads you can save and continue to the next section.

Paperback rights & pricing

In this section, you’ll select the price of your book. It will show you how much profit you’ll make minus the book cost and Amazon cost.

Your book will be reviewed before it goes live

Once you fill out your book details you can publish and go live. They will review your book and get back to you if it’s approved or not. There are different reasons why a book may not pass review. Misspellings, copyright infringement, and bad formatting are just some of the reasons a book may not pass review. Once you go live you’ll be notified via email. Then it’s a good time to share your book links with friends and family.

So as you can see there are few steps to do this. But it gets easier and easier each time. And once you create one book you have the template and process to create the next one. Good luck with your low content creations!

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