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The Top 5 Most Profitable Amazon KDP Niches for Low Content

The Top 5 Most Profitable Amazon KDP Niches for Low Content main article image
Posted on October 29, 2021 by Eric Antwi

 These niches have been profitable from the beginning of the year up to this time and have been forecasted to generate consistent sales right through to the end of 2021 and beyond. You can publish books in these niches and generate huge incomes via Amazon KDP.

Stop wasting time testing random niches when you can have the hottest selling ones right at your fingertips. In this game, those with the most knowledge win. These niches have been carefully selected based on actual selling journals and sales data.

The following criteria were applied in coming out with these profitable niches:

  1. Amazon Search Results  Amazon search results are 2500 at max for each KDP niche (most are below 2000)
  2. Average Best Seller Ranks – These niches have an average bestseller rank of below 300k
  3. Keyword Niche Score – Each niche has a keyword niche score of approximately 50 or above
  4. Google Search Volume (Optional) – Most of these niches do have a monthly search value in google as well

To make money with KDP, stop:

  • Choosing the wrong niche that is too saturated
  • Choosing wrong categories and keywords that are too competitive

The following High-Income Niches are recommended:

1. Homeschooling Planner

Most parents are now opting for the option of either assisting or homeschooling their children, and these numbers are growing by the day. With this rising number of people, homeschooling comes more demand for these planners and higher numbers of sales through KDP for low content books in this niche.

There are a lot of niches in this category, but you can niche further to find the best ones. Get to know what parents and students are looking for.

These can include:

  • Lesson planners
  • Homeschool planners for parents
  • Homework & assignment trackers
  • Homeschool planners for Kids
  • Undated organizers for distance learning homeschool parents
  • Attendance trackers and how many hours per day the student is learning

Keywords to look into:

• Homeschool planner 2021-2022
• Homeschool planner for one student
• Homeschool planner for multiple kids

You can download the following interiors, design your covers and upload them to KDP:

Homeschool Planner 2022

2022-2023 Monthly Planner

2. Visitor Guest Books

Have you ever been to an Airbnb where there was a visitor guest book to sign? These types of businesses are popping up all over the place and almost all of them have this type of book laying on the counter when you walk in.

The interiors usually include the names of the guests, when they visited, where they came from, why they were on a vacation, and highlights from their trips, and where they recommend future visitors go and check out.

Make the cover large and readable. You can also buy interiors at a small price at Creative Fabrica to upload.

You can niche down to any of the following (a guest book for a cabin, a guest book for a place in a big city, etc).

Keywords to look into:

  • Visitor guest book
  • Sign in logbook
  • Visitor logbook for business

Airbnb Guest Book

3. Wedding Guest Books

Wedding Planners/Budgeting Books for weddings are extremely expensive (but they don’t have to be!) Lots of people are paying close attention to their budget and with that comes a lot of planning work.

To break into this niche, the right interior is what will be the game-changer.

Get interiors from sites like Creative Fabrica at a small cost but professionally done. Design your cover if possible and upload. The more comprehensive you can get, the better your book will do.

Keywords to look into:

• Wedding planner checklist book
• Sarcastic wedding planner
• Wedding budget book
• Wedding on a budget planner

4. Coloring Books

Coloring Books are probably the most complicated type of “low content” book you can make, but these are a clear winner when it comes to sales.

To be successful with this niche, you need to niche down and look into running AMS ads if you are going into a larger niche with more than 1,000 results on Amazon. Since these books take longer to prepare, you must be good at designing to succeed in this niche. I will recommend you buy interiors for these types of books to make it in this wonderful niche. You can equally get lots of coloring books here.

Remember, these types of books are outlines of images where the customer will color inside of them. Because of this, make the books a larger size than 6X9!

Keywords to look into:
• Sloth coloring book for kids
• Whale coloring book for adults
• Rainforest coloring book

5. Birthday Books and Address Books

Remembering someone’s birthday and their addresses could be a challenge, if not impossible. This is why combining all of your contacts into a book is a great idea (and they sell well too!)

To break into this niche, pay special attention to your interior. Break it up by a page for name/address/email/different phone numbers and then calendar pages so that they never miss a birthday/anniversary. Keywords to look into:

• Address book for seniors
• Birthday reminder notebook
• Blank contact book 4: Job/Coworker Books
• Coworker gag gift book


It’s my firm belief, that getting the right niche and the right interiors including a good cover is the key to success in the KDP game and any print-on-demand business.

I wish you well in this exciting business!

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Mercy Mshai

April 11, 2023

Thank you! These are great ideas to start with on KDP. Are there any additional expenses to start? like software requirements to make this project a success? Kindly share or advise

Hafiz Shafiq's profile picture
Hafiz Shafiq

August 28, 2023

I don't think so

Michael Coleman Dare's profile picture
Michael Coleman Dare

November 14, 2023

Why did you say that? Just want to learn though

FLCreative Creator's profile picture

I personally use Canva to create my KDP interior and exterior. You can download your book cover for free from your Amazon KDP publishing account once you register online. I self-taught myself how to published my KDP books. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos on DIY KDP self publishing. I do have a Pro Account though. Best wishes on your KDP publishing journey.


Creativdesignz's profile picture

January 23, 2023


Great to read from you my friend. Indeed this is the right place, and all begins here. How can I help you. I am on stand by

Wow! This is really nice! And cozy!

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