Create a cute Baby Bodysuit For Valentine’s Day

Create a cute Baby Bodysuit For Valentine’s Day main article image
Posted on January 7, 2020 by Linnea Holgersson

The most romantic season of the year is nearly here! Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and appreciation, and for crafters this especially means lots of lovely crafts! In this blog article crafter Katie will walk you though how to create a cute Valentine’s Day Bodysuit for someone who is celebrating their first Valentine’s Day!

Materials Needed

  • Valentine’s Day Design, in this tutorial the ‘My 1st Valentine’s Day’ was used from the Ultimate Quote Bundle
  • Cricut Cutting Machine or other Die-Cutting Machine
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 or an iron
  • Everyday Iron-On Mosaic
  • EasyPress mat or iron mat
  • Baby Bodysuit

How to create a personalized Baby Bodysuit as a Valentine’s Day Gift

Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I got my first Cricut about 3 years ago and instantly fell in love! Most of all I love creating, but I am also passionate about sharing and helping others love their Cricut machines as much as I do!

Today I want to show you how to make a bodysuit with Cricut mosaic iron-on and the Cricut EasyPress 2!

My friends granddaughter will be celebrating her first Valentine’s Day next month, so  I wanted to make her something adorable to wear to celebrate the occasion! I chose a design from the Valentine’s Day bundle included in the Ultimate Quote Bundle from Creative Fabrica, and got to work! In case you have never purchased, downloaded and uploaded before, I’ll walk you through these steps first. If you’re already familiar with these steps,  skip ahead that and see how to design and press!

After you have purchased the bundle, go to “My Account” at the top of the screen, then go to “Downloads & License Keys” on the left hand side to find your bundle , then click the green download button!

I use Firefox, so these steps may be slightly different for other browsers. After you hit download you will see a blue up arrow on your screen, click that and then on your download to open the compressed folder.

Once that folder opens, click “Extract All”  and then a new window will open, click ”extract” and your folder will open!


This particular bundle has zipped folders within the main folder so in order to get to the images right click on the folder you want, and choose ”extract all” which will extract your files so that they are ready for use!

Now, open Cricut Design Space and choose “Upload” from the left hand taskbar, then click “Upload Image”.

You can browse your computer or drag and drop the file from your computer like I do. Some files will state SVG as the extension, other times they show up like a browser extension like you see here. Just click that and drop it over to design space. Your screen will turn green like mine to let you know you’re doing it right!
Because you uploaded the svg file you won’t need to take any additional steps beyond tagging your image. I highly recommend adding as many tags as you can to make it easier to find at a later date. Now, save your image.
Because you just uploaded the image it will appear in your recent images. Click on it, and you will see a green surround indicating that it has been selected and then click “Insert Image” to add it to your canvas.

Currently all the elements of your image are grouped together, so select ungroup so you can make some edits.
This particular image was grouped into several sub-groups,  so go ahead and ungroup all colors and continue.
Now that everything is ungrouped, we can attach like colors together to make the process of layering multiple colors easier. You can do this by selecting one layer in the layers panel, holding the CTRL key down, and then selecting all layers of the same color. Once all the layers of one color have been selected attach them together.
Once you have all like colors attached, your layers panel should look like this with multiple “Attach” sections.
In order to make sure the design is the correct size this for your garment you want to regroup it. You can easily do this by clicking “Select All” at the top of your screen and then click “Group” at the top of your layers panel.
I always measure my garment and add a shape of that size to my canvas to make it easy to determine the size of my decal. I used a Carters brand 9-12 month bodysuit and made a design that is 7” wide, and 10” high.
Add a square to your canvas, click the lock button in your edit toolbar to unlock your dimensions and then change it to an appropriate size for your garment (mine is 7” wide and 10” high).
I wanted to make sure my design didn’t look too big on my garment so I sized it just a little smaller than my total width, in this case about 5.5”-5.6” wide. Now click ”make it”.
Make sure to mirror each mat because you are using iron-on, and then click continue.
Select your machine.
Browse materials.
You can make it easier to find your material by using the drop down menu to narrow it to iron-on.
Select “Everyday Iron-On Mosaic” (you can also favorite it while you’re there to make finding it even easier next time), and then click done.
Place your iron-on reflective side down on the mat, load your mat and cut each color out.
Now you’ll weed the excess iron-on. This mosaic iron-on is a little different and has a liner for you to peel away the excess iron-on off as seen here. Peel that off and get ready to press!
When using the Cricut EasyPress and Cricut iron-on, I always use the Cricut Heat Guide for instructions.
I chose EasyPress 2, every day iron-on for my heat-transfer material, and  100% cotton for my base material. Then I selected the EasyPress mat and clicked apply.
After I clicked apply, it let me know what temperature and time to set my press to. I went ahead and pre-heated my press to the recommended temperature, noting that I need light pressure and to peel my carrier sheet whilst warm.
I placed my bodysuit on the EasyPress mat. I’m using the 8 x 10  one because I think it’s perfect for bodysuits!
My press is preheated, as indicated by the green Cricut C on the right.
I pre-pressed my bodysuit for 5 seconds.
I always use a lint roller to ensure there is nothing on my bodysuits before I put my design down.
Because my design doesn’t overlap I was able to lay all 3 colors down at the same time, ready to be pressed in one go. Be VERY CAREFUL to make sure none of your carrier sheets are touching your iron-on, or your iron-on will stick to the carrier sheet and not your garment!
I pressed the front for 30 seconds using light pressure. Cricut says light pressure is about 5-10 lbs.
I flipped the bodysuit over and pressed the back for 15 seconds as indicated in the directions.
While the carrier sheet was still warm, but not hot, I peeled it away from all colors.
And now you have a perfect first Valentine’s Day bodysuit!
Happy Crafting!

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Create a cute Baby Bodysuit For Valentine’s Day

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