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How To Throw a Craft-themed Party for Kids

How To Throw a Craft-themed Party for Kids main article image
Posted on April 29, 2022 by Zeldi Smulders

Are you looking for a fun idea for a kid’s party activity that involves less running and more doing something on the creative side? Then a craft-themed party is the way to go! Why throw a craft-themed party for kids? It is a great way to keep kids of different ages engaged (so both older and younger siblings and friends can join in), parents will love the works of art the party guests take home, and with a few tips and tricks here and there it is fun and easy to arrange a party like this. The all-popular arts and crafts session should not be overlooked when it comes to creating gleeful party memories!

Now, it might sound like a difficult thing to take on at first, but follow along as this feat is broken up into easy-to-follow steps with some extra tips in between!

Step 1: Brainstorm and plan

Even if a plan can change during the course of the process you are following, it is so important to have something to use as a guide. This is also where the creative o+ideas can start flowing! Think about factors like the setting, the starting time, the duration of the party, the interests of the guests, the party budget, etc. Weather and the time of day, for example, can play a big part as kids can get sunburn or the wind can blow things away, so be sure to check the weather report if you opt for an outdoor party. Remember to get some input from your child or the children who will be involved as they are the ones to keep happy at the end of the day! Try to have more than one craft option or choose a craft that you can do a lot with. Still, keep the options to a minimum so as to not overwhelm the children and to limit the supplies you need to get.

Step 2: Gather supplies

Compile a list of craft and party supplies and go through it afterwards to make sure you have everything you need. Remember to stick to the party budget! It’s even better if you can plan ahead and get some bargains after keeping an eye out for discounts and markdowns. When you get to this step you will be able to see if you need to adjust your initial plans if, let’s say, you can’t find a specific item or it turns out that it is too expensive for your allocated budget. Keep in mind that you can save the day by thinking thrifty and using craft or household items you have at home. You can also find loads of affordable digital products in the kids crafts section of Creative Fabrica’s offerings.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Step 3: Test it out

If there is something that is not working or is too hard to understand, it can turn into a disaster. By testing a craft out for yourself, it is easier to spot if the instructions are complete or if you need to add a few side notes for clarity. Also, if you have limited time to make a craft, you can find more efficient ways to do certain tasks beforehand. When you get to this step you can determine if there is an extra tool or ingredient that’s missing. If you are unsure where to find a simple craft resource that’ll work, get yourself a foolproof template or print by searching for what you need in Creative Fabrica’s collection of crafts.

A container with used crayons of different colours

Photo by shraga kopstein on Unsplash

Step 4: Make preparations

Take on some of the manual work like cutting out shapes and sorting embellishments according to type prior to the craft session. Have it all ready for guests to use to avoid having to send the children home with unfinished projects because they had to do all of the steps themselves. If it is your child’s birthday party, it can be very special to do some of the preparation tasks together and allow them to be a part of the process! 

Step 5: Set it up

To keep things orderly, you can supply each party guest with their own supplies and set up their own working space. If there are items that they need to share, make sure it is accessible to all. For example, if you have a lot of party guests and a long table with only a few stamps that they need to share, divide the stamps into a few piles placed in the middle of the table. You can also consider adding extra tables that serve specific purposes like holding all the paint and paint brushes or one that displays all the different types of paper available for their use.

Some rules to follow:

  1. Keep it safe

Make sure supplies like glue are non-toxic in case someone tries to taste it! Always have someone supervise the smaller kids and avoid using sharp items or have someone that can assist with using it. If you are dealing with a large group of kids, ask someone to assist you with small tasks in between like keeping an eye out for hazards and dealing with them. Above all else, make sure the number of kids attending is manageable so that they can all be accounted for. 

  1. Keep it clean

A small mess can quickly turn into a big one! Kids can be very clumsy, so avoid arranging items in the danger zone of little arms and elbows. Cover the table and the surrounding floor area with wrapping paper or newspaper that can be disposed of later. Ask guardians to dress the children in clothes that can get a little bit dirty or supply them with aprons. Have a broom and cloth or paper towel on hand in case something spills or breaks so as to avoid little feet stepping on something that can hurt them or that can make a mess. Be aware that some craft supplies will probably make a mess no matter how hard you try to avoid it. If this is a big problem for you, avoid items like glitter and small sequins!

A small child with paint on his or her hands

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

  1. Keep it fun

If you plan on entertaining kids with crafts, it is important to allow them to embrace their creativity and stray from the beaten path a little bit. Keep in mind that some kids might finish earlier than others or decide that they are no longer enjoying it after giving their best shot. Make sure there are extra activities to keep them entertained, like good old colouring pages!

Other party notes

Drinks and snacks

The ideal would be that the kids keep their crafting time and eating time separate but in case this is not possible and you have some hungry children on your hands, make sure the snacks are not too sticky or have colours that can transfer to the crafts. If there isn’t a washbasin close by, supply some wet wipes for the kids to clean their hands before they continue working on their projects. If you can, supply spill-proof containers and drinks in pouches. As a fun extra, the kids can also DIY their own food, like decorating pizzas and cupcakes!


Decorations can also be DIY to fit in with the theme and there are a lot of options to explore. The children that are hosting the party can join in and make decorations like signs and banners for the party beforehand. Also, if you want to make the working stations look nice, the craft supplies can be arranged in shapes, or they can be placed in cute containers or baskets. Avoid adding extra items to the table like ornaments and flowers as they will only get in the way.   
Colourful pencils arranged in a circle with the sharp points facing inwards

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

What else?

As you approach the end of the party planning process, take some time to think of the smaller details. Do you need a space for the guardians where they can wait for their kids and enjoy the festivities? Luckily there is no need for extra party favours as they are making their own to take home! If you still want to give something, you can always gift something craft-related, like stickers, decorative tape and ribbons. Are there any allergies or special requirements for any of the party guests? Make a list of all the extra details that need your attention before and during the party!

As mentioned before, children of different ages can enjoy a craft-themed party, although the type of craft may differ according to their interests and capabilities. What type of activities can work well for your party? 

Ideas for party crafts:

– Scrapbooking
Ask the guardian to pack a photo the child can use on their project or have some extra magazines to cut out pictures in case someone forgot their photo!
– Cardmaking
This is a fantastic craft activity because the card can be gifted to the birthday boy or girl or taken home to a loved one.
– Painting
This can be done on paper, canvas or clay and with brushes or fingers! Older kids might also enjoy painting ceramic figurines or vases. 
Smaller kids will love playing with modelling clay and cookie cutters, while the older kids might enjoy making some figurines.
Kids can decorate an existing item with ribbons, jewels, fabric pieces and more! Choose items like masks, finger puppets, crowns, frames, or friendship bracelets and make sure you have enough glue and embellishments for the job.

And there are so many more options to choose from! Find inspiration in the kids crafts section of The Artistry.

Little girl with painted face painting a clay figurine

Photo by Ekaterina Novitskaya on Unsplash

The DIY fun for a craft-themed party can start with the invitations and continue all the way to the toppers for the birthday cake. When the next event comes up, why not arrange a craft-themed party for the kids? You will probably enjoy it just as much as they will! Create special memories, help them have loads of fun, and develop their creative side so that they can learn to love all things crafty while celebrating a special day!

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How To Throw a Craft-themed Party for Kids

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