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Advanced Stitches to Amp Up Your Knitting

Advanced Stitches to Amp Up Your Knitting main article image
Posted on June 21, 2022 by Lyndsey Drooby

When you’ve been knitting using knit and purl stitches, you can use them to expand beyond your repertoire of stitches to create different patterns and styles. Mixing knit and purl stitches can make rib patterns and textured knitted fabric. Add a few other elements like a yarn over or slipped stitches and you can make a lace pattern. 

Let’s take a look at some stitches.

Reverse Stockinette

Reverse stockinette stitch looks like a garter stitch on the right side of the knitted item and looks different on the back. That is exactly what reverse stockinette stitch is, using the wrong side of the garter stitch as the right side. 

Sometimes a pattern will call for reverse stockinette if the look of garter stitch is needed to go against stockinette stitch. You may have seen this in a sweater where there are different textures made using stockinette and reverse stockinette. 

See the reverse stockinette stitch in action

Basketweave Stitch

To take knitting and purling up a notch, trying out the basketweave stitch which consists of alternating squares or rectangles made out of knit and purl stitches. The overall result will look like a woven basket. 

See the basketweave stitch in action

Diagonal Basketweave

Similar to the basketweave stitch, but made on the diagonal. When working this type of stitch, the pattern you are working with will let you know when to start your knit and purl stitches to get the desired outcome. 

See the diagonal basketweave stitch in action

Tiles Stitch

Tiles stitch is similar to basketweave stitch in that it alternates the squares of knit and purl stitches to create a textured fabric. What makes it different is that the squares aren’t right next to each other and it looks more like a tile pattern and less like a basketweave pattern. 

See the tiles stitch in action

Seed Stitch

Seed stitch is a textured stitch, alternating single knit stitches and single purl stitches. The knitted fabric lies flat and looks like a diagonal garter stitch. This stitch works great for scarves as you don’t have to do any blocking, pressing or steaming to prevent any curling. 

See the seed stitch in action

Moss Stitch

Similar to seed stitch and also known as Irish moss stitch, this stitch is alternated every two rows instead of every row. The final effect is totally different. 

See the moss stitch in action

Purl Ridge Stitch

The purl ridge can be considered a simple intermediate stitch. This stitch alternates rows of stockinette stitch with rows of purl stitches. 

See the purl ridge stitch in action

Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch

Also known as a false rib stitch, the cartridge belt rib stitch looks like a rib stitch but does not require purl stitches to make it. It is reversible which it will look the same on both sides. The only addition here is that this stitch requires dropping stitches, making it a bit more complex than the regular rib stitch. 

See the cartridge belt rib stitch in action

Herringbone Stitch

The herringbone stitch literally looks like rows of herringbones and ends up looking like a woven piece of fabric. It is made by dropping stitches and knitting together with other stitches when mentioned in a pattern. 

See the herringbone stitch in action

Herringbone Lace Rib Stitch

The combination of herringbone stitch and rib stitch creates a tighter and not-so-complex lace pattern. Consider it a delicate and intricate version of the traditional rib stitch. 

See the herringbone lace rib stitch in action

Lace Stitch

Just what the name means, the fabric looks like lace, complete with holes and all. Consisting of yarn overs and slipped stitches, the final fabric is loose and able to drape. Consider shawls or loose scarves made with a lace stitch. 

See the lace stitch in action

Linen Stitch

Linen stitch has a woven look and involves slipping and wrapping stitches. The final result is a dense fabric that works well for household-designated items like dishcloths. Since this stitch can make a durable fabric, you can make long-stand clothing like a stable sweater or jacket. 

See the linen stitch in action

Bamboo Stitch

Another stitch that carries a woven look, the bamboo stitch has vertical and horizontal through lines that are not in the linen stitch. It looks like it could be complex to make, but it is actually not as difficult as it appears to be. 

See the bamboo stitch in action

Netted Stitch

The netted stitch is made by knitting one stitch and then wrapping the thread around the needle, then knitting two stitches together. This is repeated along the length of all the stitches. 

See the netted stitch in action

Chinese Wave Stitch

The knit and garter stitch with dropped stitches included is known as the Chinese wave stitch. As there are no purl stitches involved, the fabric does not curl at all. 

See the Chinese wave stitch in action

Raspberry Stitch

Raspberry stitch, blackberry stitch or trinity stitch carries those names over the little bunches of stitches that look like berries. The fabric is heavily textured and the bunches can vary in size depending on the overall effect and look you are going for. 

See the raspberry stitch in action

Diamond Honeycomb Stitch

Combining knit, purl and dropped stitches make up the diamond honeycomb stitch. Visually, it looks like a layer of stockinette’s stitch behind a knitted diamond-shaped honeycomb pattern over it. You can make this all in one color for an interesting use of texture or change colors for a whole different look. 

See the diamond honeycomb stitch in action

Go beyond the knit and purl with a few new stitches that will create a whole different style of fabric for you and your future projects. Below are a few more ideas to start working on to break in your advanced experience and improve your knitter status. With enough practice and in due time, you’ll be growing as a seasoned knitter in no time! 

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Advanced Stitches to Amp Up Your Knitting

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