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25+ Fonts for Laser Cutting Projects: Free and Paid

25+ Fonts for Laser Cutting Projects: Free and Paid main article image
Posted on February 18, 2023 by Christy Madokoro

Laser engraving and cutting are fun ways to bring in extra income or create personalized projects. Part of this creative process will involve finding fonts that suit your project needs. Here we have compiled a list of fonts that are excellent choices to work into your projects. And if you’re just getting started in laser cutting, be sure to check out 10 laser cutting tools for beginners.

How to choose the right font for laser cutting

Things to consider:

  • Cutting or engraving

Will your project require cutting or engraving and what is your time limit for each project? Cutting will require a thicker, simpler font larger enough for the laser to safely cut, while engraving will allow you to use fonts with more detail and flourish, even at a smaller size.

  • Time

If your project is one you plan to sell, your highest profit margin will be found by reducing the amount of time creating the actual object. For example, if you are engraving cutting boards, more time spent on one cutting board means overall you’ll have less time to make more cutting boards.  

  • Thickness of font

Depending on the design, we find the most time-saving solution would be to cut out or score words rather than engrave them. But cutting out words will require thicker solid font styles to prevent breakage and create a polished look. In this case, thin fonts will easily burn away or break after cutting.

  • Size of the font required

If a font is too thin, it’s possible that it will not engrave at a depth that would make it visible on your finished work. Especially when working with a smaller font size, you’ll need a thicker, simpler font for it to be clear against the background and not over burn. Small details will be lost the smaller you are trying to engrave or cut.

  • Materials

What materials are you cutting or engraving?  Many hardwoods, despite the name, break far more easily than plywood. Plywood has a core consisting of other materials, with hardwood veneer outer faces. The core is much more durable than thin hardwood. You’ll need to understand the durability of your material, especially if cutting intricate fonts or engraving deeply.

Here is a list of our top ten fonts for laser cutting

1. Dancing Font

Dancing Font by WDfont Creative

This swirly script font is the perfect thickness for cutting words on your laser.  There is not much to edit at all when using this font, just place your letters where you want them and union them together before cutting.  It would look wonderful as drink stirrers, wall signs, or place setting décor.

2. Almond Script Font 

Almond Script by Almeera Studio

This calligraphy-style font is thick, even in its flourishes. Minimal adjustments would be needed to use this font for wall signs or table décor.

3. Dad Collections Font

Dad Collections by Nobu Collections

This font duo features a sans serif and script font. The sans serif font included, Dads Collection 2, would easily cut out for signs due to its uniform thickness and clean edges. The script font included, Dads Collection 1, would pair well as an engraving.

4. Berson Dream Font

Berson Dream by BlackCatsMedia

This collection is a trio of a script, sans serif, and a collection of extra images. The script is thick enough to create word cutouts for wall decorations, signs, and ornaments. The collection of images is a nice bonus to engrave extra special details into your project.

5. Bitter Rockhide Font

Bitter Rockhide by Typefar

This uniformly thick font is a strong choice for those wanting to cut letters with less feminine flair. It is a brush-style font but without all the details of the brush that would make it difficult to cut, making it a very quick and clean choice for those looking at this style.

Decorative Fonts for Laser Cutting

With so many decorative typefaces available, narrowing down the best one for your project will depend on your unique needs. Here are a few favorites that work well with laser cutting.

6. Bistern Font

Bistern by letterhend

This Victorian-style font has decorative elements that are thick enough to remain intact when cut out.

7. Mercy Christole Font

Mercy Christole by HansCo

This highly decorative font is perfect for cutting and embellishments for ornaments and signs. It’s fun and cheerful and can be used year-round on a variety of cutting projects.

8. Gifters Font

 Gifters by Dansdesign

Stencil Fonts for Laser Cutting

For those looking for negative space cut-outs from materials rather than cutting out whole letters, then look no further than these recommended stencil fonts for laser cutting.

9. Cellga Font

Cellga by Alit Design

This elegant stencil font is perfect for cutting out letters from your material. With bridges large enough to keep the inner parts of letters attached, it would require little editing to use this font. It would be perfect for projects like tealight holders or other shadow lanterns.

10. Belmore Font

Belmore by letterlogy

This rounded stencil font gives a softer look than traditional military-style stencil fonts. It would be perfect to use in creating actual stencils, or other laser projects like shadow lanterns and cardmaking.

11. Recluta Font

Recluta by DonMarciano

This military-style stencil font is easy to read and would make a clean-cut stencil for spray painting projects or signs. Because of the clean edges, it will cut back on node editing and cutting times since the laser will be making straight-line cuts. Use this for creating stencils or making military-themed projects.

12. Vinstamp Font

Vinstamp by Typia Nesia

This clean military-style font is perfect for laser-cutting designs with a masculine or public service theme. With wider bridges than the previously mentioned Recluta Font, it makes a solid choice for sturdy stencil cuts.

13. Designer Font

Desinger by andikastudio

This simple and elegant display font is a modern version of a stencil font. Each letter can retain its shape and be identifiable when cut out. Designer Font is a clean and ready-to-cut font that would look amazing as a back-lit sign or spray paint stencil.

14. The King Of Romance

The King of Romance by creativework69

True to its name, this elegant and romantic font is perfect for engraving. Add it to a special gift for a loved one or to personalize a beautiful laser-engraved valentine.

15. Black Books Victorian Font

Black Books by NoviSouldado

This Victorian-style font has embellishments that are more suitable for engraving than cutting. Use it to add an antique feel to your work.

16. Abuget Font

Abuget by Khurasan

Abuget is one of my all-time favorite fonts to engrave on gifts. It has a handwritten, brushstroke look that is perfect when you’re looking for a script font for all genders. Best of all? It’s free through Creative Fabrica’s free fonts page.

17. Framerly Font

Framerly by Kelik - 7NTypes

This lovely dingbat font comes with frames that would add an elegant touch to any design. The dingbat font can be scaled up and would give a very clean engrave, or scored for a quick, but bold look.

18. Shellia Monogram Font

Shellia Monogram by George Studio

This beautiful monogram font comes with three different styles. This would add an elegant and personal touch to items such as journal covers, leather wallets, cutting boards, etc.

19. My Sweet Inspiration Font

My Sweet Inspiration by Creative Fabrica Fonts

This all-capitals font has an overall even thickness throughout. It lacks the flourishes found in serif fonts so there are no small parts that could snag or break off easily. This would be ideal in ornaments or door hangers.

Free Fonts Perfect for Laser Cutting

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to try out new items, Creative Fabrica’s free font section is home to thousands of unique and stylish fonts for your projects. Here are five bonus free fonts to add to your collection.

20. Highbright Font

Highbright by Mercurial

This is a casual script font with no narrow parts that would make it problematic when cutting. Use it in cutting projects that require a highly legible and playful font.

21. Euphorigenic Font

Euphorigenic by Typodermic

This slab serif font is one of my personal favorites. It not only cuts well but looks impressive engraved, especially on clear acrylic ornaments and signs.

22. Dream Orphans Font

Dream Orphans by Typodermic

This sans serif font is another excellent choice for cutting or engraving. By choosing the “bold” options, you can add thickness to the letters being cut to help adjust for kerf. It’s a solid choice to add names to your monogram door hangers.

23. Bebas Font

Bebas by Dharma Type

This sans serif font is another all-capitals typeface in which all the letters are the same height. This makes joining them by joining them to frames very simple. Another good choice for ornament cut-outs and door hangers and for adding simple words to laser cut picture frames.

24. Stentiga Font

Stentiga by Typodermic

This is a very unique and clean typeface, which makes it great for cutting projects with modern and sleek designs.

25. Kenyan Coffee Stencil

Kenyan Coffee Stencil by Typodermic

This free stencil font is perfect for negative space cuts. Use it to make actual stencils and signage. It would keep the integrity of the letters if used for tealight holders.

Additional Inspiration with Our Favorite Fonts for Laser Engraving

Laser engraving typefaces have a much looser requirement to be successful. As long as you have the time and patience, any of your favorite fonts could be suitable for engraving.  

Creative Fabrica’s font library is so vast that you merely need to run a search and you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. For impressive monograms and decorative fonts please check out the decorative fonts page where you can find themed fonts perfect for engraving and typefaces that add decorative characters for every interest (like this adorable dinosaur-themed font that would be perfect for a child’s room or nursery).

Dinosaur by HansCo

Another section to check out, for those who need access to themed images that are easily converted to vector files, check out Creative Fabrica’s extensive dingbat font collection. By converting the text to an object (in Inkscape it is Path>Object to Path), you will be able to convert the dingbats to vectors that can be easily sized up or down and are perfect for engraving.

This floral divider dingbat set font contains decorative floral pieces that can be engraved into wall hangings and signs to add a vintage farmhouse feel to your work.

Floral Dividers Dingbat Set by Creative Fabrica Fonts

And for animal lovers, there are numerous pet-themed sets, like this adorable cat-themed dingbat set that is perfect for engraving.

Cats Lover by onoborgol

Ultimately, the best font for your laser cutting or engraving project will depend on your specific needs and the materials you’re working with. Experiment with different options to find the one that works best for you. Looking for ideas for your next laser cutting project? Take a look at these fabulous laser-cutting designs available.

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