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5 Laser-Cut Gifts Teen Girls Will Love

5 Laser-Cut Gifts Teen Girls Will Love main article image
Posted on December 22, 2022 by Christy Madokoro

Finding the perfect gift is already a challenging task.  You want it to be unique and bring joy to the recipient.  When a teenage girl is on the receiving end, you might be at a loss as what gift would be well-received, especially when you are making the gifts yourself. You can explore the extensive gallery of laser cut bundles on Creative Fabrica

Here is a list of five laser cut gift ideas perfect for teenage girls:

Quirky Christmas tree earrings make an interesting gift for teen girls.

  1. Picture Holders
  2. Jewelry
  3. Journals
  4. Clocks
  5. Lamps

Picture Holders

Image by <a href="">Freepik</a>

Although many of us have moved away from printing photos, the recent comeback of Polaroid and other instant film cameras have increased in popularity among teens.  Having a unique way to display personal photos in a room, whether in a custom frame or a wall collage, will be a hit with your photo loving teen.

Some ideas to create with your laser that are sure to be enjoyed are:

  • Custom Cork Boards
  • Engraved frames with motivational quotes, favorite bands, or activities
  • Photo collage holder in fun shapes and styles like branches of a tree or surrounded by a beautiful mandala
  • Laser cut decorative hooks to hang “clothesline” to clip photos with mini clothes pins

Knowing the personality and likes of your teen will shape the design and style you choose, so the possibilities are endless.  To make a complete gift bundle, a custom photo holder would go well with a portable photo printer (and extra paper) that pairs with a smartphone, or an instant film camera. You can start with this simple Laser cut frame for your first project. 


Laser cut acrylic "finger heart" earrings for the K-Pop lover.

This is another category with endless options.  Is your teen light-hearted and quirky?  Try some three-dimensional styles in eye-catching shapes.  If they are an anime-lover, then win them over with earrings depicting their favorite characters or symbols.

3D Christmas tree dangles designed by @fellinaholedesignllc, shown in green glitter acrylic

Are they fashion-focused?  Large hoop or drop earrings are quite popular.  Celestial themes and zodiac signs are classics that can look stunning engraved or cut into wood.  Boho style and elegant or geometric patterns, along with simple shapes cut from wood or paired with acrylic or leather can match outfits for any occasion.  If their ears aren’t pierced, opt for clip-on backings rather than hooks or studs.  And don’t forget to pair it with a matching pendant! Here are more ideas for earrings on Creative Fabrica!

Engraved jellyfish earrings using "Layered Zentangle Jellyfish SVG" by tatiana.cociorva

If earrings are not their thing, then try creating charms for bracelets.  Make multiple types so that the bracelets can be stacked and worn together.  This can be as simple as cutting a charm with hole on either side to run craft chord through or as complex as creating a multi-braid leather bangle.  Even strips of leather can become custom bracelets by adding snaps or ties to the end.  Engrave a design directly to leather or create a stamp to emboss the band for another unique look.  If you have the time and a heat gun, try your hand at creating an acrylic cuff bracelet by dropping the cut acrylic over a shape and heating it until it slouches and takes that form.

A laser-cut jewelry holder that tooks less than 1 sheet of material and can hold multiple types of jewelry.

Already have an abundance of jewelry?  Using your laser to create jewelry storage, like holders or boxes, is another way to create a custom laser gift for a teen girl.  Consider the space and theme of the room where it will be used.  Jewelry holders and displays can be any size or shape you desire and can match the décor of the room on top of being useful.

Hair sticks can be made in many designs and colors

For those with long hair, laser cutting wood or acrylic is a fun way to make custom hair sticks.  Use leather and design a hair pin and barrette set as a stylish way to keep those long locks in place in lieu of hair ties and clips.

Not a jewelry fan at all?  Then try for keychains, backpack charms, pins, or zipper pulls.  Backpack charms and pins are extremely popular among high school students to express their interests and style.  And bag tags with their sport and basic information on it can help keep their bags from getting mixed up with teammates’.  Planning a trip?  Bag tags would also work as luggage tags to help identify a suitcase.  Luggage tags would need to be of sturdier or thicker wood and covered with a leather sleeve to help protect the tag and personal information.


Cutting and engraving a custom notebook cover, like the one shown here in cherry plywood, is a good way to customize store-bought notebooks for gifts

You don’t have to own a binding machine to make a custom journal or sketchpad.  Using a store-bought journal with a spiral or crimp binding allows you to remove the cover easily to add your own.  Simply measure the old cover and create a file that matches size and hole placement.  You can engrave designs and details to both the outer and inner covers (both front and back) for an extra special gift.  After the journal is full, these covers can be removed and reused on a new notebook.

When using a store-bought notebook, look for a generic size and buy an inexpensive and easily replaceable style.  A large portion of the cost on a store-bought journal is on the front cover design.  Since you’ll be removing it, just find a journal or sketchbook that has the type of paper you desire.

Finish off the gift by making it a set.  Pair it with new pens or drawing supplies and a custom bookmark (created by you, of course).


The perfect gift for an Elvis-loving teen. Black acrylic set against frosted acrylic to mimic a cut record. Label is a printed sticker with "album" information on it and clock movements from the craft store were used to finish the clock.

Whether or not a teen is punctual makes no difference when gifting them a laser-cut clock.  For the music lover, recreate their favorite album to adorn their wall as clock they’ll love to read.  A CO2 laser can never cut a vinyl record due to health and safety hazards.  But that doesn’t mean the look cannot be achieved with black acrylic.

Create the circle of the record, and even the grooves if you want.  Then cut a hole in the center for the clock movements, which can be bought at any craft store in their wood craft section.  If you have a craft cutter like a Silhouette or Cricut, use it to print the label for the center of the clock with your teen’s favorite album information.

For an extra special touch, cut out a favorite image, scene, or sheet music notes from the “record” to give it one-of-a-kind detail the teen will love.  Layering the record with clear or frosted acrylic will also give you more opportunities to customize the clock.  You can engrave details or messages or apply LED or bendable neon lights to add extra brightness on their wall.

Don’t want to make a record?  Engrave the teen’s favorite movie or motivational quote, or for a senior, make it a photo frame clock by adding a school picture from each school year at every hour.  Even if they find it too embarrassing to hang in their room, you can keep it on your own wall to recall those extra special memories. What do you think about this laser cut clock design?


Laser cut and engraved neon wall light designed by @PupYouUp_Designs

When talking about lamps, you might be thinking of the old floor lamps in your grandparent’s homes.  This is not what you would gift a teen girl, unless she really likes that vintage look.  What you’ll be looking for are edge-lit lamp bases.  These bases come in just a few styles, but they are equipped with a strip of LED lights that can be plugged into the wall or USB port.  If you have time, you can even design your own base so that it will be different than what is commercially available.

The bases have a slot for you to insert a piece of cut acrylic and an LED strip that is meant to touch the edge of the inserted acrylic base.  This sends light through the material and lights up any image you may have engraved.

By engraving a favorite picture, you can create a custom desk lamp or night light for them.  Try their favorite band’s logo or album cover, a picture of their favorite pet, or make them several acrylic inserts so they may change them as often as their moods dictates.

Edge-lit acrylic lamp with teen's favorite band logo engraved.

Whatever your plans for this holiday season, I hope this list helped alleviate just a tiny bit of that gifting stress.  Giving a handmade gift is always extra special because of the time and thought that went into making it for the recipient.  These gifts will be well-received and cherished for years to come, and the good news is, if anything breaks, you can skip the long return lines and make it again.

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