How Make and Package Festive Wine Charms

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Posted on August 30, 2021 by Libby Trostle

I have found a way to combine my passion for crafting with my other love – sipping wine!  Wine charms help you and your guests differentiate one glass of wine from another to avoid mixing up drinks. Aside from their practical use, wine charms are fun and dress-up stemware, making them great for dinner parties and holiday get-togethers. Wine charms make great gifts, and often people will buy multiple sets. This article will share how to create and package decorative wine charms using your Glowforge and Cricut.

Wine Charms Are Great Sellers  

I make and sell many earrings. It’s a craft that I can easily take on the road with me as my husband and I travel across the United States in our Airstream. Using my Glowforge, I cut various earring blanks in advance, then assemble and package them while at our campsite. Because of that, I started to think about other things I could make with the earring designs. Some earring styles worked well as keychains and pendants, so I added them to my product mix but they just didn’t sell that well for me. Then I discovered that many laser-cut earring styles could also work as wine charms. And from there, my obsession grew. I started to fashion Little Happy Camper wine charms, Tropical Wine Charms, and even Christmas wine charms!  They quickly became best sellers for me – and they can for you too! 

Little Happy Camper Wine Charms

How to Make Wine Charms

Let’s take a look at how I make wine charms and package them. I start by cutting the blanks in my laser. I fabricate my charms out of 1/8″ acrylic because it comes in many color options and it is waterproof.  You can also use painted or finished hardwood. I select SVG (vector) designs which are similar in size – or resize larger designs to be uniform. I have found that designs that are no more than 1.25″ inches tall work best. They complement the wine stem without overpowering it or getting in the way.

You can use any designs that you’d like – even a single design cut in multiple colors will work. For example, my Little Happy Camper wine charms are all the same camper shape, but I cut them from six different coordinating colors. Or, you can mix different designs to create a themed set as I did with my tropical wine charms. I included a conch shell, sea turtle, anchor, tropical leaf, sand dollar, and dolphin in this set. You can resize any number of great earring designs to make wine charms. I use a mix of purchased designs and my own creations. You can browse and buy some great SVG designs right here on the Creative Fabrica site. Once you have several basic designs cut, you can mix and match them to produce a variety of sets.

Next, you’ll need to either purchase or make the hardware. Wine glass charm rings can be purchased from Amazon or other online stores. You will also need 6mm or 7mm jump rings, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a jump ring opener. 

To assemble, open the jump ring using the pliers and jump ring opener, slide the ring through the hole in the charm, and close the ring. Be careful not to bend the jump ring during this process. There are a ton of videos online with tips and tricks on earring assembly. If you aren’t experienced in this area, I recommend that you watch a few. Next, slip the wine charm’s jump ring onto the wine charm ring. Ensure all your designs are hanging in the same direction on the ring so they lay neatly in the package. 

Packaging Wine Charms

My wine charm sets include six different designs, which is the average.  A quick scan of Etsy shows that most sellers include between 6 and 10.  Once you’ve assembled a set, you are ready to package them.  I thought long and hard about how to package my wine charms for a professional presentation. One easy option is to cut cards that hold multiple designs and then place them in a cellophane bag. This method works, but since wine charms are reusable, I felt the packaging should also be. I wanted to design packaging that would allow a host to quickly pack up and store the charms for the next dinner party. After much research, I selected rectangular hinged window tins from Specialty Bottle. They hold up to six wine charms and work perfectly.

Next, I designed a card to hold the charms. I created an SVG file with six semi-circles that had a 1/8″ hole in the middle – and a scoreline at the opening of the semi-circle to make a tab that would neatly fold back. I cut and scored the cards out of thick cardstock with my Cricut Maker. I suggest using sturdy material, such as poster board. I was able to repurpose a bunch of cardboard that I had leftover from Cricut sublimation shirts. It worked great and allowed me to recycle. Once the cards were cut, I carefully secured the wine charms.   

Supplies for Packaging Wine Charms

When I placed the card with the charms into the tin, I realized it needed something else to bring them closer to the window and keep them from rattling around. Since the container is shallow, I needed filler material that was less than one-half inch to place behind the card.  After much trial and error with two different types of upholstery foam, which ended up being too thick, I discovered that thick craft foam did the trick!  I purchased a craft foam in 10 mm thickness from Amazon and used my paper cutter to cut it to size. 

Branding Your Wine Charms

For the finishing touch, I designed and printed branded clear labels to apply to the back of the tin. I recommend that you brand everything you sell with your logo and, if possible, your website URL. You never know who will end up with one of your creations, so be sure to take the credit and also let everyone know how to buy more. 

Christmas Wine Charms

Go Ahead, Have Some Fun (and some wine!)

Making wine charms is easy, and they can be a lucrative product line for your crafting business. There is no limit to the designs you can create. If you do not have a Glowforge or other laser cutter, you can purchase ready-to-use charms or colored beads instead. Have fun with it, and when you are done, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine with one of your creations dangling on the stem of your glass.   

Libby Trostle is an artisan, children’s book author, and commercial drone pilot. Visit her website at

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