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25+ Stencil Fonts for Creative Projects: Free and Paid

25+ Stencil Fonts for Creative Projects: Free and Paid main article image
Posted on February 6, 2023 by Christy Madokoro

Stencil fonts are a popular choice for designers due to their bold, graphic style and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a free option or are willing to invest in a premium font from Creative Fabrica, there are plenty of options available. In this article, we’ll highlight 25 of the best stencil fonts, including both free and paid options, to help you elevate your designs.

25 + Best Stencil Fonts for Design:  Free and Paid Options

Whether you’re designing a stencil to cut and transfer your design elsewhere or planning to cut out design elements in your creation, having a font that works well for cut-outs is a huge time-saver.  A font designed for stencil use eliminates the extra worked involved in prepping each letter for cutting.

What is a stencil font?

Two typefaces called “stencil” were released in 1937 to mimic the look of cut-out stencil letters. Stencil fonts are a type of typography that feature designs inspired by the process of creating stencils. These fonts are characterized by their clean, geometric shapes and straight lines, and are often used to convey a sense of simplicity and minimalism. Stencil fonts are commonly used in a variety of design projects, including branding, advertising, and packaging.

They can be especially effective when used to create eye-catching headlines or titles, as their bold, simple shapes are easy to read from a distance. Stencil fonts are also popular in the military and industrial sectors, as their simple and sturdy design can convey a sense of authority and reliability.

What are stencil fonts used for?

Today, stencil fonts are mainly used in industrial and architectural settings, as well as in other areas where a bold and legible typeface is needed. They are popular for use in creating signs, posters, and other promotional materials, as well as for labeling and branding purposes.

In addition to their practical uses, stencil fonts are also popular in the design world for their aesthetic appeal. They can add a bold and graphic look to a design and can be used to create a sense of industrial or military style. They are widely seen in street art, graffiti and urban art scene.

20+ Top Paid Stencil Fonts

When it comes to choosing a stencil font, there are many options available, ranging from traditional stencil fonts that closely resemble those used in military and industrial settings, to more modern, stylized stencil fonts that are perfect for use in design and advertising projects.

We’ve narrowed down a list of the best stencil fonts for your next project.

Modern and unique stencil fonts

1.Designer Font

Design Font by andikastudio $0.80

This simple and casual display font is a modern version of a stencil font.  Each letter can retain its shape and be identifiable when cut out.  Designer Font is a clean and elegant font that can be used in informal or formal designs.

2.Intergalactic Font

Intergalactic Font by alexatypefoundry $6.00

This font set includes glyphs that make unique stencil-style words.  This futuristic style has a sleek and clean look with just enough detail to create eye-catching artwork without overpowering the rest of the design.

3. Space Rave

Space Rave Font by Dadiomouse $20.00

Space Rave is a bold and futuristic display font.  It is a sci-fi inspired font that would be fitting for tech projects and designs.

4. Rock Space

Rock Space Font by Gus Grafis $30.00

Although not a typical stencil font, each letter of Rock Space can be cut and still maintain their shape and legibility.  It’s another eye-catching and futuristic font that can be used in tech or sci-fi displays and presentations.

5. Zero Master Font

Zero Master Font by RockboyStudio $9.50

This futuristic font is clean and modern.  It’s technological design would be great in sporting, gaming, and racing designs.

6. Cavqur Font

Cavqur Font by Minimalistartstudio $2.00

This minimalistic and modern font has a clean look that is easy to read and can be used in any variety of projects from video game designs to music covers.

7. Direkt Stencil Font

Direkt Stencil Font by Eva Barabasne Olasz $18.00

This handwritten script font is elegantly designed.  It can be cut out and retain the glyph shapes because of its stencil-style design.

8. Towards Font

Towards Font by almarkhatype $29.00

Towards is a minimalistic stencil font with a simplicity that adds elegance to signs and posters.  Definitely use this with projects where you want to have a clean and unique look.


DEBROSEE Font by CBRTEXT Studio $5.00

This usual stencil-style font has multilingual support.  The font style is meant for sports, adventuring, fitness, and other active lifestyle-focused projects.

10. Fountencil Font

Fountencil Font by letterhend $19.00

This blackletter font is a perfect addition to projects needing a gothic or Old English-style look.

11. Urban Tribe Font

Urban Tribe Font by Alphabet Agency $15.00

This font package comes with solid and distressed styles.  The curved design gives this a modern and bold look as compared to traditional stencil fonts.

12. Raceryouth Font

Raceryouth Font by Gumacreative $23.00

Raceryouth is a rough-textured font that may not be a good candidate for cut projects, but would fit right in with vintage posters and signs.

13. Markplane Font

Markplane Font by appligraphe $15.00

This stencil font would cut well with its clean, bold lines.  The letters are easy to read and it could easily find it’s home in many different types of projects.

14. Fighter Brick Font

Fighter Brick Font by LittleWind Studio $16.00

This robotic stencil font is another modern choice for your next project.  It’s definitely a unique approach compared to the military-style stencils we regularly see being used.

15. Organa Font

Organa Font by TypeFaithFonts $14.00

This font package comes with three styles.  Organa.02 is not classified as a stencil font, but the design of each letter preserves the inner letters should it be used in a cutting project.  The look is unique and can be used in logo design or another project where the words are a focus of the artwork.

16. Spotlight Font

Spotlight Font by Shaped Fonts $17.50

The Spotlight font pack comes with a light stencil version that preserves the centers of your letters when cut.  It is simple and casual-looking, giving a comfortable vibe to be used in informal settings.

17. Conveyance Font

Conveyance Font by AMost Store $3.50

This clean and simple stencil font comes with a solid and vintage version.

18. Yosemite Font

Yosemite Font by Hustle Supply Co. $15.00

Yosemite is a stencil font that has a script element to it.  This is a very versatile font that could be useful in many project types.

19. Zucchero Stencil Font

Zucchero Font by Deedeetype $3.00

This thick and bold design uses thin breaks to create each letter.  The breaks may be too thin to stay in place for cutting, but the font will make a big statement in any urban-themed project.

20. Softbox Font

Softbox Font by Green Adventure Studio $10.00

This font duo is a stencil font like neon lights.  Modern and sleek, it adds a futuristic look to signs and advertising.

Military and Traditional Style Stencils

There are so many similar varieties of these fonts.  We picked the ones that stand out the most for you to choose for your next project.

1. Recluta Font

Recluta Font be DonMarciano $14.00

This military-style stencil font is easy to read and would make a clean-cut stencil for spray painting projects or signs.

2. Vinstamp Font

Vinstamp Font by Typia Nesia $1.70

This clean, military style font is perfect for gaming posters, creating actual stencils, or adding a masculine touch to items you’re creating.

3. Explosion Font

Explosion Font by Masa Aska Sanurumi $9.00

This font is reminiscent of old warning signs on wooden crates.  Use it for projects that need a realistic stenciled letter look.

4. Off War Font

Off War Font by liszarinzani $16.00

Off War comes with three different font styles and military-style symbol and icons to help you make patterns and images to fit your theme.

5. Stencil Army Font

Stencil Army Font by WAP $15.00

Another military-inspired stencil font, Stencil Army features slim letters with clean edges.  These would work well with military-themed projects like t-shirts and signs.

6. Polygon Font

Polygon Font by Pasha Larin $15.00

This font family comes with 6 assorted styles.  It’s both strong and simple, making it a solid choice to use in a variety of projects.

7. Milan Font

Milan font by Vladimir Carrer $7.00

This display font’s bold, urban vibe would look great whether on signs or spray-painted labels on wooden crates.  The thickness of the letters and the size of the gaps between pieces makes it an ideal candidate for actual cut stencils.

8. Pinmold Font

Pinmold Font by letterhend $19.00

This rough, vintage-style font features thick letters that would look at home on t-shirts and record album covers.

9. Runammox Font

Runammox Font by Ntorial Studio $20.00

This incredibly bold font makes a strong candidate for advertisements for mud runs and iron man events.  As a stencil, it gives a modern look that can be applied to signs and displays.

10. Union Force Font

Union Force Font by almarkhatype $35.00

This stencil font has a military feel, but the break in the letters differs from traditional stencil fonts and gives it a clean and modernized look.

11. Slash Font

Slash Font by da_only_aan $10.00

The capital letters of this font style are stencil typeface.  It has a full set of numbers that have an elegant and simple look to them.  This would look great in advertising and book or movie cover designs.

Top Free Stencil Fonts found on Creative Fabrica

There are many top free stencil fonts available on Creative Fabrica for you to choose from. Each font has its own unique design, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a thin and delicate font or a bold and powerful one, you’re sure to find it on Creative Fabrica Freebies Library.

1. Kenyan Coffee Stencil Font

Kenyan Coffee Stencil Font by Typodermic

This semi-bold font is perfect for creating your own reusable stencils or for cut-outs in laser cutting or paper cutting projects.

2. Densmore Font

Densmore Font by Typodermic

This chunky art-deco style font is a unique take on stencil-style.  Use it for capturing attention in your artwork.

3. Boston Traffic Font

Boston Traffic Font by Creative Fabrica Freebies

Boston Traffic looks like a traditional stencil font, but it’s rough around the edges.  The rough edge may not make it ideal for cutting, but in engraving or artwork, it’s sure to make a strong statement.

4. Wordan Font

Wordan Font by Muksal Creative

This font is not your typical stencil, but with the letters having natural bridges, it makes a great font to use with laser cutting projects.  Its modern style is bold, yet elegant, and can be used in a variety of settings, from art displays to fashion magazine covers.

5. Sandbox Steel Font

Sandbox Steel Font by Fox7

Another atypical font that could be used as a stencil is Sandbox Steel.  This font would do well in a laser-cut project or used in logo design.

6. Arc Font

Arc Font by

This font is a very busy yet simplistic design.  Though the thin lines may not be suitable for craft cutters, as a laser-cut project, Arc would definitely be a unique addition.  While the letters and numbers would work well in those projects, some of the glyphs are not bridged in the same style, so you may lose some inner pieces there.

7. Gunplay Font

Gunplay by Typodermic

This crisp font is a true stencil font.  It will work well in your design elements, but also as a cut-out for an actual stencil.

8. Rafika Font

Rafika Font by Typodermic

This font was designed to look like it’s been painted using a stencil.  The edges are rough, but it gives it a softer look, like paint bleed from creeping under a stencil as it’s lifted.

9. Ventus Font

Ventus font by Freebies

Another modern typeface that would make a great stencil, Ventus would also be great for product labels and other projects needing a sleek unisex look.

10. Nyamomobile Font

Nyamomobile by Freebies

This italicized display font looks like it belongs on mobile phone advertisements.  The clean and bold look would make a good laser-cut font.

11. Octin Fonts

Octin Font by Freebies

Octin Prison by Freebies

Octin Spraypaint by Freebies

There are three separate Octin fonts that fall under the stencil typeface category.  Octin Spraypaint Font is a messy stencil-type font that is perfect for use in themes involving police, sports, prison, construction, school, or military themes.  Octin Prison font is a thicker, clean-edged stencil font that can be used for cutting physical stencils.  Octin font is a clean-edged version of Octin Spraypaint.

12. Iron Shark Font

Iron Shark by Freebies

This futuristic free font is designed in a way that would make it a good cut stencil candidate.  Use this for your next future-focused cutting or 3D printing project.

13. Former Airline Font

Former Airline Font by Freebies

This font takes a different approach to retaining its letter shapes.  Instead of a traditional font cutting out large chunks of letters with small bridges to retain the inner shapes, this font cuts out small rectangles to form shapes of letters.  It would definitely give a unique look to your next project compared to traditional stencil fonts.

14. Tinsnips Font

Tinsnip Font by Freebies

This font is in a metal stencil form.  Cutting as is would produce a full letter stencil, or engrave to make interesting stamps.

15. Squarific Stencilicious Font

Squarific Stencilicious Font by Freebies

This free font uses blocky, geometric shapes to create letters, making this another good choice for laser cutting projects that require words to be cut out.

16. De Stencil Font

De Stencil Font by Freebies

Another free font using blocky, geometric shapes, De Stencil Font offers a simpler approach to letters than Squarific Stencilicious.  Use this futuristic stencil font to bring character to your next sci-fi themed project.

17. Horizon Stencil Font

Horizon Stencil Font by Freebies

This free stencil font uses a single, well-placed horizonal line to create the stencil effect for it’s letters.  This gives designs a clean, unified look.

18. Dirty Baker’s Dozen Font

Dirty Baker's Dozen Font by Freebies

This font package comes with three distinctive style glyphs.  The style is based on worn out stencils, giving you next project a realistic, worn effect.

19. President Gas Font

President Gas Font by Freebies

This blocky and narrow stencil font has so much character in its simplistic style.  Use it for a bold look on t-shirts, posters, bags, and even your laser cut projects.

20. Blackmore Font

Blackmore Font by Freebies

Blackmore Font is another futuristic-style display font that doubles as a good stencil font.  Use this on displays, posters, game advertisements, t-shirts, laser-cutting projects, and much more.

This list is by no means all-inclusive.  There were so many great fonts available on Creative Fabrica’s font webpage that it was hard to narrow all the choices down into one list.  For more free fonts that come with full commercial rights, check out the free font section of Creative Fabrica.  If you’re looking for just stencil fonts, whether paid or free, most can be found under the tag “stencil fonts,” though some modern display fonts can be used as stencils even though they are not tagged as such.

When it comes to choosing a stencil font, there are many options available, ranging from traditional stencil fonts that closely resemble those used in military and industrial settings, to more modern, stylized stencil fonts that are perfect for use in design and advertising projects.

Overall stencil fonts are a great option for creating a bold, modern look in headlines, titles and other design projects. They are also useful in labeling equipment, vehicles and other items in industrial and military settings. With a wide range of options available, stencil fonts can be used in a variety of ways to add a unique and interesting touch to any project.

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