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How to Buy an Embroidery and Quilting Machine

How to Buy an Embroidery and Quilting Machine main article image
Posted on September 10, 2021 by Sherry Smith

If you are new to embroidery and quilting, it will be your first thought how to buy your machines. It can be scary picking your first machine because you never knew about it before and even don’t know what to ask about it.  You definitely need a machine for your embroidery task. Whether you are new or doing it earlier you need a machine that is quick, time saver, and perfect for making designs. The best embroidery and quilting machine is that it can handle daily tasks without creating problems and which is easy to use. Choosing a machine of your choice can be sometimes tricky and difficult. The majority of us also do not want to spend a lot of budget on embroidery and quilting machines. It is better to take some time searching in your local area and it will be best if you get a chance to try your embroidery machines before you purchase them.

Choosing the right embroidery machine if you are unaware of the machine specs is really a difficult task. So here we will make it easy by guiding you on how to buy the best embroidery and quilting machines. What are the pros and cons, and how to look for the different specs of machines? So here we go.

Types of sewing quilting and embroidery machines

There are two types of sewing machines that do quilting and embroidery.

1. Standard sewing machine

If you want to do simple embroidery or appliqueing with satin stitch all simple sewing machines can do it. There is no computerized component attached with a standard machine so you cannot import any design from your computer on the fabric. So you have to guide your machine for embroidery designs through the stitches.

2. Computerized combo embroidery machine

A computerized embroidery machine not only sews but also can import designs from the machine to your fabric with little input. All you have to do is hoop your fabric, stabilize it, Press the button and see the results.

How can an embroidery machine help a quilter out?

There are really cool things you can enjoy if you purchase an embroidery machine that also quilts.

1. In the hoop quilt block piecing

You can create your own quilt block by using embroidery designs. All you have to do is place the fabric in the hoop and create a straight stitch line. Then turn the fabric press it and repeat the process. Do it until you achieve the beautiful quilt design. 

2. Personalized quilt label

If you want to create customized designs such as stitching your name or words on the quilt, an embroidery machine is best for this. You can import your desired font in the embroidery machine or you can use the built-in font.

3. Embroidery blocks

If you want to create embroidery blocks on a quilt or an applique design, an embroidery machine can perfectly do it.

4. Replicating long arm quilting

You can embroider swirls, shapes, and any other design to your quilting fabric with the help of an embroidery machine. All you have to do is line up your quilt perfectly in the hoop and it will produce awesome results.

Helpful features of a good quilting and embroidery machine

If you are a beginner there are some key features you should look for. There are so many options available in the market. The following features will help to make a good purchase.

  • Select a wide table for your sewing machine so that you have much space to place your materials on it.
  • There should be customization options of changing embroidery designs, changing fonts, importing unique and customized designs, and the ability to sew more than 2 pieces together.
  • As Quilting involves more quick-changing thread so you have to choose a machine that makes it able to stitch quickly and easily. Some machines can change the thread in the middle of the stitch without breaking the flow of your task.
  • You need a machine that has strong thread tension, in which you stitch up to four layers of material at once without breaking the needle or burning out the motor in the middle of work.

The best sewing embroidery machine is the one that manages to perform everyday average tasks. So your heart desire will be that you buy a machine that fulfills your daily requirements, manages your task and along with that do your special project such as quilting.

Buying guide for best embroidery and quilting machines

Buying the best quilting, embroidery sewing machine is not an easy thing to do especially when you don’t know the specific features to look at and have no idea of purchase. You may spend hours and hours searching for your required machine but have no idea how to do it. It might be confusing considering the right machines when you have so many options available. But don’t worry, here we will guide you on how to make a perfect purchase by keeping several things in mind.

1. Invest in the right machine

The quilting and embroidery machines are much more costly as compared to simple sewing machines. So while purchasing your machine should watch the features carefully. As buying machines are only for one time and you can’t invest in the machine again and again. You should look for a machine that serves you yearly and can perform and manage all your daily tasks.

2. Working area

The embroidery and quilting area should be of a wider range. Some machines can embroider and quilt in smaller spaces and some can embroidery in 4 inches square fields. Embroidery hooping plate and hop should be kept in mind while selecting the working area. Different machines come in different and multi hoop sizes. It is advisable to buy such a machine which comes with a wide range of hooping plates.

3. Frames

Look for the machines that come with a wide range of frames. If you search on the market you will come to know that so many products come with a variety of frames so you don’t have to work with the same frame every time.

4. Designs importing feature

Many machines come with different styles and designs fed in them but that can be old-fashioned and may not be fulfilling your design demands. It is recommended to buy those machines in which you can import your customized design or which have unlimited designs fed in it. If the machine has less memory of keeping more designs you can download them on a disc and can import them on your fabric.

5. LCD

LCD makes work easier and more visible. The best embroidery and quilting machines come with large LCDs which makes the work easier and your design more visible. The machines have bright led which helps to work even on dark shades of cloth.

6. Preview function

Preview functions help to review your designs and help in adjusting colors before you commit to embroidery or quilting. This can make your work more perfect and flawless.

7. Automatic needle threading

When you are purchasing embroidery and quilting machines, you should keep in mind that it has automatic needle threading features. Automatic needle threading reduces frustration and discomfort during work. It also avoids backache and saves time. Through automatic needle threading, you don’t need to put the thread in the needle’s eye. It is done with just one button press.

8. Automatic thread trimming

Thread trimming through the mouth or with a scissor is really time taking and also tiring if you do it manually. It also distracts your attention from the main project and there is a lot of time wastage. So automatic thread trimming makes your work easy by trimming the tread and saves your time and energy and you can focus on your main project.

9. Wide variety of fonts and letters

You can make your project more beautiful and unique by adding letters and fonts. Thus while purchasing machines look for this feature to make your work classy.

10. Integrated speed controller

Most of the machines come with speed control features. You can adjust the speed from slow to fast according to the needs of your project. This helps you to finish your work in time.

11. Knee lifter

 A knee lifter helps you to do your work freely and you can easily use a foot presser. The knee lifter helps you to place your hand on the project.

12. Built-in stitches

 As the embroidery and quilt machine is comparably expensive so it should offer you more sewing options. The best products available in the market offer you plenty of built-in stitches. These machines offer you more possibilities so you can stitch with more flair.

13. Per-minute stitches?

This is the more important feature of embroidery and quilting machines. There should be at least 700 stitches per minute. Some products even offer more stitches than 700 but they are a bit more expensive.

Pros and Cons

  • Everything has its positive and darker side too but investing in embroidery and quilting sewing machines is more fruitful than its darker side. You can run your own business, make elegant and unique designs within a very limited time. You can customize your design, use letters and fonts, make different patterns on quilt fabric thus making your design highly demandable in the market.
  • The only con is these machines are not budget-friendly.


Investing in embroidery and quilting machines is not only best for earning money and running your own business but also you can create all designs you are dreaming of. You can create high-quality, durable, and unique designs by purchasing the right product. 

Frequently asked questions

Can you embroider with a quilting machine?

Yes, you can, it is as simple as doing it with a simple sewing machine.

Can any simple machine do embroidery?

Yes, any simple standard machine can do embroidery.

Should you quilt over embroidery?

Yes, stitching over embroidery is sometimes a good option. Especially if the fabric needs to be stabilized.

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August 4, 2022



August 4, 2022

A computerized embroidery machine not only sews but also can import designs from the machine to your fabric with little input.

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