How to Make a Macramé Wall Hanging

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Posted on July 25, 2021 by Julie Richards

Normally when there is a knot in something, it can be frustrating. With macramé, it can be beautiful. You can make a macramé wall hanging in just a couple of hours, depending on how big you want the project. I like two different sizes of macramé wall hangings; really small or very large.

Most macramé wall hangings are made with the most basic of macramé knots. Almost all of them start with a lark’s-head knot. Another thing they all have in common is that the number of cords can always be divided by four. It takes four cords to tie a knot in macramé.

Tips and tricks

When I am making a large piece, I have my cords hanging on a rod suspended over a doorway so I can simply wrap the cords up if I get interrupted. This way I just tie the loose cords back, like you would a curtain, and it is out of the way while I tend to other things.

When I make a small macramé wall hanging, I generally use a Styrofoam board that I keep my design pinned to until it is done. I can move the board around with me. This allows me to work on it while watching television or while outside watching the kids play in the yard. If the macramé wall hanging is small enough, I can even take it with me to the doctor’s office and work on it while I am waiting to be seen.

If you make several small macramé wall hangings using the same cord, you can actually combine them to create one larger hanging. You do not have to tie them together but simply hang them on the same rod or on a combination of rods hung at varying heights. The macramé grouping makes a rather dramatic impact in a room. This way of making a macramé wall hanging is great for someone like me who battles carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. I can make a collection of small hangings when my hands are feeling good. This way I do not have to commit to an entire macramé piece that may not get done for months due to cold weather or rain. (Getting older has its perks, but there are a few downsides too!)

Never let the art of making a macramé wall hanging intimidate you. I was very young when I started creating macramé items, like plant hangers and bracelets. It took me a long time to have the courage to tackle a macramé wall hanging because I thought it would be complicated. I quickly learned that it was the same knots I had been using for years! The difference was that they were connected at various points so the entire piece would lay flat instead of being three-dimensional. From then on, it was easy to make my own macramé wall hangings instead of just admiring everyone else’s work.

Basic knots

The macramé wall hanging knots you need to know as a beginner are the lark’s-head knot (as I stated earlier), the square knot, the half-square knot, and the clove-hitch knot. These are all basic macramé knots that, when used together can form amazing sections of the macramé wall hanging. The square knot is made up of four cords, but when you combine a row of square knots and then a row of alternating square knots, you have an entire piece that looks like it took hours and hours to create. Yet it is simply offsetting the next row of square knots together in a diagonal pattern.

I have to mention cord tangles when talking about making a macramé wall hanging. Some macramé wall hanging patterns require as many as 80 cords, depending on the width. These cords can quickly become tangled as you move from one end of the wall hanging to the other. This is especially true if there are changes between the filler knots and the working knots, which happens when doing a diagonal pattern of square knots. I find that the best way to combat frustration is looping each macramé cord to a manageable length and fasten it with a rubber band or twist tie. As you need more cord, you simply pull it out of the fastener.

One more important thing to know when you start making macramé wall hangings is the knots are designed to hold fast. You do not have to tie and pull so tightly that it takes a pair of muscle men to get the knot apart. You must keep the macramé knots snug but pulling too tightly when tying will result in problems. A snug macramé knot looks pleasing to the eye. A tight macramé knot can turn out crooked or mishappened. So remember a snug tug, not a tight pull when making your macramé knots for the wall hanging.

Finishing touches

Many people want to know about the bows, tassels, and fringe that are often used when making a macramé wall hanging. The bows and tassels are woven in and added after all the macramé knots are tied. A “G” size crochet hook is the best way I found to add the bows and tassels to my macramé wall hangings. The fringe is the rest of the untied macramé cords used to make the wall hanging. If you want the fringe to create that perfect “V” shape often seen at the bottom of the wall hangings, use masking tape. Yep! Masking tape. Attach the masking tape to the wall on one side of the macramé wall hanging and bring it down to a point in the middle of the cords. Attach another piece of masking tape to the wall on the other side of the wall hanging and bring the tape down to the end of the first piece of tape. Cut off the excess cords to create that perfect “V” at the bottom of your macramé wall hanging. Remove the tape and you are done!

Beads and metal rings are sometimes added for more interest when making a macramé wall hanging. This is not a necessary process and I have seen many macramé wall hangings that only use the knotted cords. They are just as stunning as some of the ones that have beads and other embellishments. Personally, the only time I used a metal ring and beads for a macramé wall hanging was when I made an owl. Some artists attach beads closer to the bottom of their wall hangings because it helps keep the longer cords of the finished product weighted slightly so they do not become tangled.

I hope this helps you make a beautiful macramé wall hanging for your home. I also hope this helps you get over some of the fears you may have at tackling something that is so very easy to create.

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How to Make a Macramé Wall Hanging

Fernanda Rafagnin

August 11, 2021

Macramé will always remind me of my late mom. She did some beautiful work, but I never tried making it myself. And you know what, now I just might, this makes it look simpler than I thought. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Richards's profile picture
Julie Richards

August 11, 2021


I am so happy to hear from you. It is a wonderful craft and very relaxing. Please give it a try. It is so easy to learn and you can make beautiful things with just a couple knots.

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