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How to take care of your needle crafts

The best tips to make your crafts last.

How to take care of your needle crafts


As a crafter, you put a lot of work on your knit and crochet projects. The resulting work is valuable to you, and you want to make it last.

If you can relate to the previous lines, this post is for you! We have partnered up with Eucalan to bring you the best tips to preserve your garments.

Keep reading to learn how to take care of your precious crafts.


Learn how to block knit and crochet


Blocking your crochet and knit projects is crucial to preserve the quality of the crafts. This simple step can help you make your creations last longer. Let’s take a look at the process.


How to take care of your knitted crafts


  1. Fill a bowl with tap water. Use water that is slightly above room temperature.
  2. Place your knit or crocket items inside the blocking bath. Make sure they are completely submerged.
  3. Let the items soak for 20′-30′.
  4. Remove the items from the bowl. Delicately squeeze them and place them on a dry towel.
  5. Roll the garments inside the towel and carefully squeeze them again.
  6. Remove your project from the towel. Place it on a clean, dry surface.
  7. Define the edges of your project with rustproof pins. Pin your projects on the surface.
  8. Once your items are dry, remove them from the mat.


Check your garments for color fastness


This simple step will let you know how your crafts will react when submerged into water. If your clothes’ colors fade during the laundry process, dark items can ruin the lighter ones.


How to take care of your knitted crafts


To check color fastness in your garments:

  1. Take a white piece of cloth and wet it with water.
  2. Gently press this white cloth against the fabric that you want to test.
  3. Check the white cloth to see if the color came off. If the white fabric is dirty, you will have to wash the darker item on its own.


Learn how to remove pills from the fabric


Crochet and knit sweaters can quickly get small pills. Even if you’ve used premium materials to create them, daily use can slowly ruin your clothes. To stop this process, you’ll have to remove the pills from the fabric.


How to take care of your knitted crafts


There are three types of tools that you can use to remove pills:

  • A sweater shaver
  • Natural Pomez stone
  • An electric cloth shaver

You only have to rub the tool of your choice against the damaged area. Be careful, and keep it to the surface. Otherwise, you could cut the fibers.

According to the Eucalan team, the best practice is to remove the pills before washing the garment.


We hope you’ve found our advice insightful. Good luck taking care of your precious garments. Enjoy!

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