DIY Wood Door Hanger With Embellishments

DIY Wood Door Hanger With Embellishments main article image
Posted on June 8, 2021 by Amie Morrow

There is nothing like a beautiful statement piece for your front door to welcome your guest and maybe even add some color to a bland old door. What better way to add that front door decoration than to make one yourself! My project for you this week is easy, and you can personalize it to your taste by using whatever colors of stain and embellishments fit your personality.

Gather Up What You’ll Need

Supplies List

  • 2ft x 2ft wood square (or if you can find a 20” precut wood round that will work and be quicker but will cost more)
  • Stain in color of your choice
  • Polyurethane
  • Wood Welcome cut out (or you can use your vinyl cutting machine and make your own)
  • Artificial flowers and greenery
  • Ribbon to make a bow (or buy a pre-made one)
  • Sandpaper 80 and 120 grit
  • Foam sponge brushes
  • Wire or Burlap rope to make your hanger on the back
  • Staples to attach your wire or rope
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Flower wire
  • Wood glue
  • Staples for staple or brad gun


  • Jigsaw
  • Sander (orbital or finishing, I use my Ryobi Corner Cat)
  • Drill
  • Brad/Staple Gun

Cutting And Preparing Your Wood

So now that you have made a run to your local hardware and craft stores to get everything you need for this project, it is time to cut and prepare your wood. First thing you’ll need to do is to draw a 20 to 22 inch circle on the 2ft x 2ft wood square you purchased. I can not draw a perfect circle to save my life, so I kept an old one I cut out a while back, and I use it to draw my circles on my squares, and it works like a charm every time. After you get your circle drawn whether it’s perfect or not, take your jigsaw and cut it out. If you don’t wear glasses like me, make sure to put on a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes. Next thing you will need to do is give your wood round a good sanding with 80 and 120 grit sandpaper. I use my Ryobi Corner Cat which is a finishing sander, and it works like a charm with just those 2 grades of sandpaper. Make sure to sand both sides and the edges of your wood round. Start with your 80 grit sandpaper and after a few minutes of sanding run your hand across the wood and when it feels smooth switch to your 120 grit and give it several passes over both sides.

Staining And Sealing Your Wood Round

Once your wood round is cut and sanded, take a clean cloth and get all the dust left behind from sanding cleared off your wood. Now it’s time to apply your stain. You should choose a color that will stand out and not blend in with your door. I used Varathane in Kona but as you can see from the photos I have attached to this article I have also used a weather gray on a different one I made for a customer, and it looked great too.

Take your foam brush and dip it into your color and give one side of your wood round and the edges a good coating of the stain. Wait about 5 minutes, longer if you want a deeper color, then take a clean cloth and wipe away any excess stain. You can keep wiping over your wood round until you have a shade of the stain that you like because the more of the stain you rub away the more of the wood grain will show.

Allow your stain to dry an hour before flipping it over to apply a coat to the other side. You will want to follow the same steps of rubbing the excess stain off as you did on the other side and will need to wait an hour of drying time before moving on to the next step.

Now that your stain is completely soaked into your wood and is dry, it’s time to seal your wood with a protective coat of polyurethane. Sealing any wood project is important, but especially one that could be exposed to the weather elements. I use the Varathane brand of polyurethane because of it’s one hour drying time.

You will apply a good coating on one side and the edges, then wait an hour before doing the same to the other side. After both sides have a good coat of the sealer on it, I like to give it overnight to fully dry and cure before attaching the embellishments.

Getting Embellishments Ready

Since you have some time to kill while waiting for your project to dry, this is the perfect time to assemble and get everything you will be adding to your door hanger ready. Let’s start with the Welcome add on, I went with a precut one because I love the 3D effect it gave the overall project. I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby on a half off sale which was a steal. I gave it a quick sanding and took some white glossy spray paint I had on hand and gave the whole thing a couple of coats, waiting about 15 to 2 minutes in between each one.

After finishing up the welcome add on, I moved on to making my bow. Now truth be told I am not the best bow maker, but YouTube helped me with that. I found several videos that showed me step by step how to make some very pretty ones and with some practice I’m feeling like a pro now. I went with 2 different kinds of ribbon, both of them were burlap, one was standard burlap and the other one was white burlap with gold polka dots. Again you choose the colors that you like and go with everything else you have chosen for this project. You can also choose to buy a premade bow if you like, it’s all up to you!  

Now that you have made your bow, set it off to the side and it’s time to choose the last of your embellishments. I went with artificial flowers and greenery but you can choose to use just one or the other. You can also add on other embellishments, it’s all about your style. 

You will need to make a bunch for each side of your bow and twist a little flower wire around each one. I started by laying a bunch of greenery out for each side then a few yellow flower stems and pushing them down through the greenery, moving both around each other until I liked the way it looked. Then I took a little bit of flower wire (about 6 inches) and wrapped it around each bunch. This will help hold them together and make it easier when you secure it to the door hanger.

Attaching Embellishments

After your wood round is completely dry it is time to add on all of your embellishments you made. The first one to start with is your welcome add on. Lay your bow and flower bunches down just so you can eyeball where you want the welcome to go. Once you have got the spot you will apply it and since I went with the precut kind I had to put a layer of wood glue on the back and press it down into place. I put a clamp on each end just to hold it into place so that it gave me the mobility to finish up the rest.

Next you will want to find the center of the top of your wood round where you want to place your bow. I took a tape measure and found the center point and made a dot with a black maker. Then I took my power drill and a small drill bit and made a hole all the way through the wood to attach my bow through. I like to attach my bows this way whether I make them myself or buy them because you can secure them better and it gives me the ability to take them off and attach a different one to change the look of the door hanger.

Once the hole is drilled push the wire off the back of your bow through the hole you drilled and use your staple gun to secure the bow. 

While you have your wood round flipped over to attach the bow it is a great time to go ahead and attach the wire or burlap rope to the back from which your door hanger will be hung from. 

Cut a 12 inch piece of thick portrait hanging wire or burlap rope and staple one side to the far left of your project and then measure straight across and staple the other side to the far left. This will give the movement to adjust the wire or rope to whatever point you need to get it straight on your door.

It’s time for the finishing touch, your flowers and greenery. You’ll need to heat up your glue gun while you are figuring out just where you want to attach the flower bunches. The placement of your bunches is totally up to you as soon as they are centered with one another.

I like for them to hang a little long so I place the stems even with the bottom of my bow on each side. Once I find the spot I put a good amount of hot glue on all the stems and push it down and hold for a couple of minutes. Then do the same for the other bunch on the opposite side.

Time To Hang It Up

Your beautiful wood round door hanger is now finished and you can display it for all your neighbors and passersby to see. You can make one for every season or holiday and by attaching the bow the way I have shown you, you can actually change it up with a new bow for a different look for a holiday and then switch it back.

I hope you really enjoy making this and definitely make it your own!

Happy Crafting!! 

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DIY Wood Door Hanger With Embellishments

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